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Alpine Goats For Sale

Alpine Goats For Sale
Baby goats are being born. We will post here once most of them are born and we decide who is for sale and who is being retained. In the meantime, you can keep an eye on the Kidding Schedule.

Bucks - For Sale

Indiana alpine dairy goat
Kickapoo Valley SFJE Challenge
available $400
Indiana alpine dairy goat
Iron-Rod R Substantial
available $400



Doelings - For Sale

We will have doelings available starting in February 2016.



Bucklings (or Wethers see price below) for Sale

I'm sorry, we have no more bucklings available for 2015. We are accepting deposits on 2016 bucklings (see below)



Milkers For Sale

We currently do not have any milkers available. Contact us if you wish to be placed on the waiting list (there is no charge to be added to the list).


Wether Pricing

Wether pricing depends on the age you pick them up.
$25 - picked up before 2 weeks of age
$50 - picked up before 3 weeks of age
$75 - picked up before 4 weeks of age
$100 - after 4 weeks old

All of our bucks/bucklings are from Dams that are structurally correct with well attached udders. The dams are easy to hand milk and produce a large quantity of milk without any high protein dairy feed. If you are looking for something in particular, please ask. You can check our Kidding Schedule for what is available. We do not wether bucklings until you pick them up, so if you are interested, please contact us with how many you want.



Senior Doe Pedigrees
Junior Doe Pedigrees
Buck Pedigrees


Terms of Sale

A deposit of $50 will reserve an unborn kid from a specific breeding.  All sales are on a first deposit, first served basis. If the kid of your choice is not born, or is not offered for sale, your deposit will be refunded or transferred to another kid of your choice. To avoid disappointment, please make a second choice if possible. While the majority of our kid crop will be offered for sale, we reserve the right to retain any kid as a herd replacement, and we will not sell any kid with a structural deformity.

A deposit of $100 will hold a kid that is already born, or an adult, for 14 days, unless we have made private pickup arrangements with the purchaser. The balance of your purchase must be paid in full in cash before the animal leaves our farm.

Kid prices do not include shipping. We will make every effort to keep these costs as low as possible. You are welcome and encouraged to pick up your animal at the farm. We would love to show you our farm and goats!

Kids must be picked up by 2 weeks of age unless we have made other private arrangements.  If animals are being held for longer than 2 weeks, there will be a $1 per day boarding fee up to 1 month old and a $2 per day boarding fee up to 2 months old. If not picked up by 2 months (unless special arrangements have been made), your deposit will be forfeit.

To keep herd numbers down, we may also have a few milking does available each spring. If you are interested in a particular doe do not hesitate to inquire, and we will inform you of prices and availability once those decisions have been made. We do have a waiting list for milkers, so if you are interested, please let us know and we will add you to the list.

Please make checks out to Goat Milk Stuff and mail them to:
76 South Lake Road North
Scottsburg, IN 47170

Please contact us if you have any questions concerning the purchase of an animal.