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The whole reason I started making soap for our family was because I finally noticed the ingredients on the back of the baby wash that I had always used. I was shocked to find that it was made with petroleum based chemicals and other chemicals I couldn't pronounce. I decided then and there to make my own natural soap that would be good for my children's skin.

I used the Organic Castile on my babies until they were about 2 months old. Then I switched them to the Purity until the were about 6 months. My children didn't have any skin issues, so after 6 months they used whatever soap their older siblings were using in the tub. I used the soap on their hair as well as on their skin.

Some babies, depending on their skin, need to stick with the unscented (purity) soap. Some babies are able to use scented soaps. You should always test the soap on a small part of your baby's or child's skin (especially if they have skin sensitivities) to see how they react.

"Dear Jonas Family, Thank you so much for making such wonderful products for my sweet baby boy. He suffered from excema and dry scalp and we tried several products before finally finding you. Once we started using the Purity soap and the goat milk shampoo bar all that vanished. That was about a year ago and we're still using your products and he's still excema free! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Many blessings, "
- Patti

"Once again GMS saves the day! Purity worked wonders with my son's sensitive baby skin and now I have a new one month old daughter with similar skin. We're dealing with some baby acne right now and after two days of using purity soap it's almost cleared up. Thank you Jonas family!!!"
- Lezlie

"Totally Blown AWAY by the quality of this stuff...it is awesome!! Shipping is fast...2 day...and I love the fact that Brett writes Enjoy...on the packing slip, in pink ink...she is too cute! Customer service is beyond awesome, I emailed with a issue about check out and it was resolved above and beyond my expectations!!! My baby's skin issues are quickly going away, after one use. I will be a life long customer!!! OH and the lotion tubs are the B.O.M.B. Thanks for the great service and products!!"
- Johanna 11/26/13

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