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Goat Milk Soap Article

Goat Milk Soap Article

Homemade Goat Milk Soap

A Review of the Bar Soaps from GoatMilkStuff.Com

My husband is a farmer and works with his hands everyday. He gets very dirty, and his hands get very dry. Especially in the winter, when the temperatures are often well below zero degrees Fahrenheit! He is always in need of a very moisturizing soap that is able to really get his hands clean.

From the time my son was born in 2007, he has also had incredibly dry skin. It's not really eczema, just dry and rough, all the time. Even the supposedly gentle, moisturizing baby soaps and shampoos that we tried were too hard on his delicate skin, adding to his dryness problem.

One day, after doing an on line search, I found www.goatmilkstuff.com. This is the website of a family with several home schooled children that has a goat farm and makes homemade, all-natural products with goat milk. On the website, they claimed that their soaps were very moisturizing, more so than other products on the market. They also had a huge selection of scents for their soaps. I was interested immediately.

This family sells their soap by the bar, and a fairly large bar at that. This also interested me, because it seems that most soap these days has gone to the liquid form that you pump out of a bottle. To me, there is just something nice about holding an actual bar of soap and scrubbing it in between your hands that is more satisfying and seems to get you more clean. I really liked the idea of the large bars of soap.

The seemingly endless selection of scents was nice too! They all sounded so wonderful, in fact, that choosing a scent to try was rather difficult. Here is their current scent selection for their bars of goat milk soap: black cherry, black raspberry, chardonnay, cider press, clean cotton, coconut, cool citrus basil, cranberry spice, cucumber melon, evergreen, Fiji island, honeysuckle, kool koala, lilac, lavender, lime, luv spell, nautical, oatmeal milk and honey, ocean, oatmeal milk and honey scrub, patchouli, peppermint, pink sugary, purity, purity scrub, rosemary mint, sandalwood, and tea tree. Whew! That's a lot of scents, not to mention some specialty and limited edition scents you can also find on the website.

My family has personally tried black raspberry, honeysuckle, cider press, luv spell, cool citrus basil, and oatmeal milk and honey. We have found them all to be delightful and very moisturizing! My favorite so far is the oatmeal milk and honey. It really smells so good that it makes you want to eat it! It is just so creamy and soft and silky!

My second favorite is the black raspberry for two reasons. First, it has a mild, sweet, berry scent that anyone would find to be lovely. Second, it is so pretty to look at! It has a nice swirled look of raspberry and cream. We have had a bar of this in our bathroom, and it has lasted for seven months so far, and still has a ways to go.

These bars definitely will last a long time. They are large, and can be cut if desired. We cut our oatmeal milk and honey bar, that we use in the shower, very easily with a kitchen knife. Cutting the bars into smaller sizes will help them to last even longer.

Each bar costs five dollars, and I find the price to be very fair and reasonable. Both my husband's and my son's skin have improved since we have been using these soaps. We have also purchased several bars to give as gifts, and everyone we know who has tried them seems to be just as enthusiastic about them as we are.

In conclusion, I highly recommend homemade goat milk soap for anyone who has dry skin. Or, even if you don't have dry skin, everyone can benefit from the moisturizing properties of these soaps. They smell wonderful, and leave your skin clean and feeling silky soft.

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