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Goat Milk Soap FAQ

Goat Milk Soap FAQ
Goat Milk Stuff Shipping


United States Shipping

Most United States internet orders will ship USPS priority mail and arrive in 2-3 business days. Small orders will ship first class and may take a day or two longer. You will receive an email from us when your package ships. This will contain your delivery confirmation number. The USPS does not always update this tracking until after your package has been delivered.  Most orders are mailed within 24 hours of placing your order. Shipping fees are based on the volume of your order and not the weight. The different items you can order, are all assigned a volume value. A full bar of soap is 1 and everything else is compared to a bar of soap.

Shipping Rates:
    Volume 0 - 1 ships First Class:
        $3.50 - all states
    Volume 1 - 1.5 ships First Class:
        $4.00 - all states
    Volume 1.5 - 2 ships First Class:
        $4.50 - all states
    Volume 2 - 2.5 ships First Class:
        $4.75 - all states
    Volume 2.5 - 4 ships Priority:
        $6.50 - all states
    Volume 4 - 10 ships Priority:
        $7.25 - all states
    Volume 10 - 20 (including up to 3 logs) ships Priority:
        $8.50 - IN, KY, OH
        $9.00 - AL, AR, DE, DC, GA, IL, IA, MD, MI, MS, MO, NC, PA, SC, TN, VA, WV
        $10.50 - CT, FL, KS, LA, ME, MA, MN, NE, NH, NJ, NY, OK, RI, SD, VT, WI
        $11.00 - CO, NM, ND, UT, WY
        $11.50 - AZ, ID, MT, TX, Virgin Islands
        $12.50 - AK, CA, HI, NV, OR, WA, Guam, APO, APE
    Volume 20 - 39 (including up to 6 logs) ships Priority:
        $14.00 - all states
    Volume 39 - 63 ships Priority:
        $19.00 - all states


Canada Shipping

Canada orders are shipped USPS. Most orders are shipped within 48 hours of placing your order. Shipping fees are based on the volume of your order and not the weight. The different items you can order, are all assigned a volume value. A full bar of soap is 1 and everything else is compared to a bar of soap.

Shipping Rates:
    Volume 0 - .5:
        $9.00 First Class
    Volume .5 - 1:
        $10.00 First Class
    Volume 1 - 1.5:
        $11.00 First Class
    Volume 1.5 - 2:
        $12.00 First Class
    Volume 2 - 10:
        $22 Priority International
    Volume 10 - 39 (including up to 6 logs):
        $45 Priority International


International Shipping

International orders are shipped USPS. Most orders are shipped within 48 hours of placing your order. Shipping fees are based on the volume of your order and not the weight. The different items you can order, are all assigned a volume value. A full bar of soap is 1 and everything else is compared to a bar of soap.

Shipping Rates:
    Volume 0 - .5:
        $11.00 First Class
    Volume .5 - 1:
        $12.00 First Class
    Volume 1 - 1.5:
        $15.00 First Class
    Volume 1.5 - 10:
        $27 Priority International
    Volume 10 - 39 (including up to 6 logs):
        $65 Priority International
    Volume 39 - 54:
        $83 Priority International


Shipping to a Different Address

There are several ways to ship to a different address. Watch the video for a tutorial:


Farm Tours

We now have farm tours available. Click here to read the policy: Visit the Farm.


Skin Conditions

We canít promise to cure your skin condition, but many, many people have found their skin issues (eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, etc.) disappear when using our soap. There are four different soaps that produce the best results. We have put these soaps into a Problem Skin Pack for your convenience. There are two sizes available or you may order the bars individually. The included bars are purity, tea tree, organic castile, and calendula.

We recommend the following soaps for poison ivy or acne:
  Poison Ivy - jewelweed
  Acne - tea tree, purity

Dry Skin - All of our soaps are great for dry skin because they all have the same amount of goat milk. Just choose the scent you prefer the most.


Customer Reward Points

We have a customer loyalty program for website orders. You just need to be a registered user of our website and you are automatically entered into the reward program. Points are earned from internet orders, not phone orders. For every 1 dollar you spend with Goat Milk Stuff (excluding shipping, gift certificates, and coupon values), you earn 1 point. Every 20 points you earn is worth $1 to you. The website calculates these points; we do not change what the website calculates.

Points will be available with your next purchase. You can not use points you earned with a purchase to pay for that purchase. You may redeem your points at checkout. You may use all your points at once or just a portion of them at a time. The minimum increment available to redeem is 20 points. When you're asked to choose your payment method at checkout, just choose "customer reward points" as your payment option. On the next screen the computer will tell you how many points you have and ask you how many points you want to redeem. The website will apply your points to your order and adjust your balance and then you can pay any remaining balance as you normally would.

To determine how many reward points you have, just log in to your account and click on the "My Account" link on the top right of the website. Your points total will be listed there. Points are only earned from internet orders, they are not applied to phone orders. If you're having trouble with your reward points, check out this troubleshooting page.


Free Samples

It is with much regret that I am announcing that we are discontinuing our free sample program. This program was designed to give you an idea of what a scent smelled like before actually purchasing it. We loved the program because people often found new favorite scents. Unfortunately, because of allergy and liability issues, we can no longer add any free samples unless they have been previously purchased, which defeats the intent of the program.

If you would like to try a scent before committing to a full bar, we have smaller travel bars available. We also have an entire sample pack if you would like a sampling of most of our regular soaps.

And don't forget to sign up to receive our monthly newsletter which always contains a free item, discount, or free shipping coupon.


Finding Goat Milk Stuff Products in Person

The only place where all of our products are available is on this website. There are a few local stores and distributors that carry a selection of our products, but we cannot guarantee that they have them in stock.


Redeeming Coupon Codes

You must redeem coupon codes at the time you place your order. If you have trouble using the coupon code, please first look at this trouble shooting page. If you still have difficulty, contact us before you place your order. Once your order has been placed, we can only credit your account with reward points. We can not refund any payments you made.


Goat Milk Soap Benefits

One of the first questions we're always asked is, "Why goat milk?"

When making soap, you need a liquid.  Some soapmakers use water, some use fruit juice, vegetable juice, or even beer.  We choose to use goat milk.  The cream and the proteins that are present in the goat milk add a moisturizing effect to soap that is above and beyond what water can achieve.

Jim used to work outside year round.  Because his skin was so dried out and chapped, I had to buy lotion in bulk to get him through the winter.  When he started regularly using our goat milk soap, his fingers stopped cracking and splitting.  That was enough to convince me of the benefits of goat milk soap. But if you want more, checkout our article on Goat Milk Soap Benefits.


Natural Soaps

Our goat milk soaps are all natural. We use different oils to scent some of these natural soaps. Essential Oils are derived exclusively from plant material. Fragrance oils contain a synthetic component to mimic scents that can not be derived from nature. Most of our soaps contain a blend of essential and fragrance oils. Our Exclusively Essentials soaps are made with just essential oils. The fragrance oils that we use are phthalate and paraben free.


Cutting Bars

Yes, it is safe to cut your bars. We offer several bar sizes to meet different needs, but you can cut your bars into whatever shape you wish. You can use a kitchen knife to cut them. We use a putty knife in a mitre box. Whichever way is easier - just be careful!


Custom Soap Orders

We will make a custom scented 36 oz batch of our soap (30 oz for castile) for $60. This covers all costs including US shipping and equates to about 7 bars of soap. The soap is a slightly different shape than our normal bars but will still have a textured top. We do not add any color to custom batches.

We will ship your soap to you within a couple of days of being made. You will need to cure it at your place (we recommend a 6 week curing time, but you can use it after 4 weeks if you wish). It will take 2-4 weeks for us to get your fragrance in and make your custom batch. You will be notified when it is ready to ship. There are no returns accepted on custom orders. Click to order your custom batch.


Making Soap

Early in 2006, I (PJ) was bathing the children one day, when I looked at the back of the baby wash I had always used. I was appalled at the chemical based ingredients. I decided right then and there that I could do better and set out to learn soapmaking. I developed a soap that was everything I wanted - a long lasting, gentle bar, that moisturized and lathered well. This formula is the basis for our Goat Milk Stuff soaps.

Jim is now the chief soapmaker at Goat Milk Stuff. Soap is made by mixing fats and oils with lye. A chemical reaction (called saponification) occurs which produces soap and glycerin. He uses the cold process method of soapmaking where no extra heat is added to the raw soap to speed up the saponification process. This process produces the gentlest soap.

After Jim mixes the soap, he pours it into molds. The soap then sits in the molds for 24 hours. Once it is unmolded and cut into bars, it is placed on curing racks. The curing process makes your soap harder (so it lasts longer) and more gentle. We cure our soaps for a minimum of six weeks in a non-humid place out of direct sunlight. This produces a mild and gentle bar that lasts for a very long time.

Most of our soaps are made with some combination of Raw Goat Milk, Natural fats, Coconut oil, Sunflower Oil, Soybean Oil, Olive Oil, Fragrance or Essential Oil, Natural Color, and lye. The individual soap pages list the exact ingredients for each soap. Lye starts the saponification process. There is no lye left in the finished soap Ė just soap and the naturally occurring glycerin. We do not add any extra glycerin to our soaps and we do not strip it away like many store bought soaps. We only use raw milk from our own dairy goats in our soap. This way we know that the milk is antibiotic and hormone free. We will never use powdered milk or canned milk from Walmart or any other supplier.

Our handmade soap is carefully crafted to produce a hard, long lasting bar of soap that lathers beautifully - a nice bubbly and creamy lather. It will not leave any film in your tub/shower or on your skin. Our soap will not get mushy, but will remain a solid piece. How long the soap lasts depends on how often you wash and your bathing habits. It should last longer than the soap you are using now. Any soap will last longer if you let it dry out between uses. We strongly recommend the use of a soap dish or soap saver to extend the life of your soap.


Baby Soap

I used the organic castile soap on our newborns. At about 6 weeks old I switched them to the purity. Once they were sitting up in the tub and bathing with their older siblings, they were switched to whatever scented soaps the other kids were using.


Milk Allergies

Someone who is allergic to drinking milk, may or may not be able to use our soap. Test it on a small patch of skin inside your elbow to see. Most (but not all) people find they are just fine to use it on their skin, but proceed with caution.


Using Soap as Shampoo

Many people use the soap as shampoo - particularly men. Women may find they need to give their hair time to get used to soap instead of store bought shampoo. We do have a solid shampoo bar that is also available and many love.


Age of the Soap

Soap gets better as it ages. You may find that the scent starts to fade after a year. If you need to store the soap, store it in a non-humid location out of direct heat or sunlight.


Melting Soap

The soap will not melt in your purse, pocket, or car.


Face Soap

Yes, the soap is safe to use on your face, hands, and body. If you are extremely sensitive, you may want to use the organic castile or purity.


Number of Goats

When we did this video, we were milking 7 alpine dairy goats - Victoria, Veanna, Misha, Persephone, Dayton, Ivy, and Zuzu.

Although Victoria, Veanna and Misha have gone to be milked at other family farms, since making this video we have added 6 more milkers to the herd - Payton, Hummingbird, Red Bird, Myna Bird, Fashion, and Charm. We'll be working on a video to introduce them. We are also now milking some of the next generation: Thalia, Vera, Valley, Zephyr & Pegasus, and we'll need to include them as well! So all told, we're milking 15 does.


Who Does the Milking

The boys milk the goats twice a day. Colter and Emery usually do it, but Fletcher and Greyden fill in pretty regularly. Goats like routine, so we try to keep it stable.



Each large bar of soap weighs between 4.5 and 5.5 ounces, and costs between $6 and $6.50. The prices are dependent upon the cost to produce each individual soap and are listed on the individual soap pages. Some of the specialty soaps cost $8.00. Half bars are available from $3.70 - $3.95. Because many people who use our soap discover that they do not need to use lotion as often (if they need it at all), our goat milk soap can save you money over store bought soaps.


Using Multiple Coupon Codes

You may only use one coupon code with each order.


Satisfaction Guarantee

Our products are used daily by our family and we're confident of their quality. We'd like to offer a 100% money back guarantee to our internet customers if there is a problem with the quality of our soaps and other stuff. This refund is on the cost of the product and not the shipping. To receive your refund, please return the product within 2 weeks of receiving it and we will promptly refund the cost of the product 100%. If you purchased our soap from a distributor or wholesaler, please contact them first and let us know if you have trouble reaching them.

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