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Jewelweed for Poison Ivy

Jewelweed for Poison Ivy
Jewelweed for Poison Ivy
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Jewelweed Goat Milk Soap Full Bar
Packaged in a cotton drawstring bag, this full bar weighs 4.5 - 5.5 oz.

Jewelweed is a plant that is often used by herbalists to relieve poison ivy symptoms. We take fresh jewelweed and infuse it in oils and then use those to make this soap. This soap is safe to use before and after trips into poison ivy infested areas, as well as on poison ivy rashes. We do not add any scent to the soap.

Greyden had a swollen poison ivy rash near his eye; he applied the jewelweed salve once a day, and washed with the jewelweed soap 3 times a day. Within 5 days the swelling was completely gone, as was most of the red. You can see the before and after below.

Before and after with jewelweed salve

Available Jewelweed Goat Milk Soap Sizes:
Full bar $8.00
Half bar $5.00
Travel bar $2.75
Bulk 5 $36.80 (8% discount)
Bulk 10 $72.00 (10% discount)

Ingredients Raw goat milk; Saponified natural fats, coconut oil, sunflower oil; jewelweed.
Allergy Warning: People with skin allergies should test the soap on a small spot of skin first and stop using if irritation occurs.
Our price: $8.00
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I bought your jewelweed soap at the end of April, and have just had the chance to truly test it out...thought I'd let you know how it went.

I live and work at an outdoor center in central Indiana, and am pretty allergic to poison ivy. In the past four years here, I have needed to go on steroids once a year to get rid of it (once it gets in your eyes and ears, there's just not much of a choice), though my preference is always to locate some nearby jewelweed to rub into it a few times a day. And let me tell you, I get poison ivy a lot.
Last weekend, I got a call to check on a fawn that was thought to perhaps be abandoned. Unsurprisingly, I had to make my way through A LOT of poison ivy to get close to the little one. Being my day off, I was a bit unprepared, and went through the stuff in a sundress and sandals...we're talking poison ivy brushing against my feet, legs, arms...it was everywhere.
As soon as I got home, I jumped in a cold shower with my jewelweed soap (and is it bad that I was a little excited to try it out?) and scrubbed away. I'm happy to report that not only did mom return for the fawn that afternoon, but I never saw a spot from the poison ivy! Couldn't believe how well it worked! I've cut a few pieces off my bar to carry in my first aid kit, keep in the office, etc.

I love your soaps in general and am absolutely thrilled with the jewelweed. Here's hoping I can stay away from the steroids this summer! :)

Thank you,
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I want to say Thank you! I am HIGHLY allergic to poison ivy and oak. We purchased a property in the recent months and are trying to get it cleaned up for homesteading. Well it is covered in the lovely stuff green poisonous stuff and I think its trying to kill me. No kidding. I have been covered in blisters and rashes just from looking at the stuff. I ordered a travel size of you jewelweed soap as a recommendation from my Mom. It has saved me! I scrub thoroughly with it (even my hair) after working outside and have yet to have a reaction like before. I may get a hit or miss spot but nothing that can compare to the agony that has been bestowed upon me in the past several months! Ordering a bar this time and will probably do so each month until I can afford a truck load of the stuff! Again tremendous thanks for a wonderful product! PS.. You have a wonderful family :)
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I bought this after my daughter got poison ivy on her leg & foot after going in the woods during a weekend with her dad. I wish I had gotten this for a "just in case" situation because she was completely MISERABLE when her rash was still fresh. Prior to getting this in the mail, I used a homeopathic poison ivy scrub that washes off the oil which causes the rash - which she screamed every time I used it because she said it made her rash itch since it is a scrub. The Jewelweed soap she doesn't mind at all, she actually asks me "which one are you using - the bumpy one or the goat milk soap?" =) Thank goodness her rash in now dried out and soon she'll only have the scars of the poison ivy rash left. I will def keep this in stock from now on...I never know what she'll get into when she's not with me.
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WE love your jewelweed soap. My daughter and her husband bought an old farm the year before they got married. It had been vacant and was very overgrown. My daughter got into poisonivy---a severe case. I found your soap and now after they work in a new area they wash with it to be safe and have never had another case of poison ivy.
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Elyse Silver
Holy cow, this stuff is AMAZING! I purchased it on a lark, to be frank, and didn't expect it to sooth rashes or prevent poison ivy. I was 100% wrong! After working in the yard pulling up the awful stuff, I wash with this and have been reaction-free, even when I know that I've come into direct contact with it. This is now my "summer soap"--I won't wash with anything else after being in my yard!
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looked up the videos....good thing you have your new soap room....cuz you folks are going to be "BUSY".....also wanted to tell you that I have had poison ivy every summer for as long as I can remember.....used the jewelweed soap I got from you last spring...NO poison Ivy this past summer.....WHOO HOO
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Lauralee Cashman
I love this soap. I am extremely allergic to poison ivy and it really helps take care of the itchies! Also makes you feel better after an evening in the garden and lots of mosquito bites.
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Love the Jewelweed soap!!! I haven't had poison ivy all summer and I usually get it 2 or 3 times a year. Thank you
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Peggy Patrick
Sep 25, 2016
I am highly allergic to poison ivy and get it on my arms and hands from my horse and cat. They roam in wooded areas where there is lots of it. I haven't had an episode with breakouts since using Jewelweed soap after touching them....which is every day. Thank you so much. My husband also baths with it after mowing etc. He is allergic too and has not had one breakout. I can't thank you enough. I will be ordering more today.
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Sarah Peterson
Jul 13, 2016
This customer purchased the item at our site.
We ordered the jewelweed soap after my husband was suffering with poison ivy rash all over his body. Within a day of using the soap, his itching stopped and within three days the red welts were gone (he also used the jewelweed salve from GMS). In the past, he has suffered with the rash for weeks! He now insists that we keep a stock of this on hand and that we keep one in the shower all summer for use any time we've worked in the yard. With this soap, we haven't had another outbreak of poison ivy rash, which is amazing because our property is a shady haven for the wretched plant.
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