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Lavender Goat Milk Soap Full Bar
Packaged in a cotton drawstring bag, this full bar weighs 4.5 - 5.5 oz.

Each soap contains lavender essential oil which is a relaxing scent that is both familiar and a favorite to many.

"Your shoulder and neck muscles are tight with the stress of your day. Breathing in and out ten times helps a little, but still the tension won't dissipate and you choose a hot shower since you don't have a personal masseuse. As the bathroom fills with steam, you forget all the bad decisions you made throughout the day as you make your best decision yet - you reach for your lavender soap. The fragrance mingles with the steam and you breathe in deeply of that heavenly lavender smell. Your shoulders relax and your neck muscles begin to loosen. As the calming and soothing lavender scent helps you start to unwind, you look forward to the rest of your evening and a peaceful night's sleep."

Available Lavender Goat Milk Soap Sizes:
Full bar $6.50
Half bar $3.95
Travel bar $2.15
Bulk 5 $30 (8% discount)
Bulk 10 $58.50 (10% discount)
Uncured Log $30 (12% discount)

Ingredients Raw goat milk; Saponified natural fats, coconut oil, sunflower oil; Essential oil; Natural color.
Warning: People with allergies should test the soap on small area of skin & stop using irritation occurs.
Our price: $6.50
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(23 reviews)  

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I have a passion for everything that smells like Lavender. I got this as a sample and at first thought that it was going to smell like Lavender incense and I was surprised. Its so true to real lavender and it's not heavy like some lavender scents can be. It's just the perfect amount of scent and it smells so good. It makes you feel girly and pretty and I wish this was a perfume. Love this. I recommend it for all those who love flower scents or who used to shop at stores buying scented lotions and bath products. These products put those to shame and dont have the chemicals, a major plus!
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Jonie M.
In the past, I haven't been a real big fan of lavender scents, but find that is changing for me. In my quest to use more natural products, I've grown to somewhat like lavender essential oil. Still, I've only found a few lavender products that really stand out for me, and this GMS soap is one of them. To my nose, it's such a clean, french lavender type scent.... and so relaxing! This one is definitely wonderful to use before snuggling in for a good night's sleep. :)
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Cynthia Booth
I have suffered with extremely dry skin all of my life. I visited a friend who had a bar of your soap; it was the first time in my life that I didn't have to use lotion after a shower! I immediately ordered some for myself and I've not used any other soap since. The lavender has been my favorite so far but I'm trying some new scents today. Lavender will be my staple though! I highly recommend your soap to everyone I meet! Thank you to you and your family!
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Elizabeth Nicholas
I just got a sample of this and had to come back and order a full bar. This is a very clean, fresh scent of lavender. It's so refreshing for summertime! Like all your soaps, it makes my skin feel great. I've loved all your soaps, but this is my favorite so far.
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Amanda C.
Feb 2, 2015
This customer purchased the item at our site.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this soap! I love the smell and how well it works. I live in Arizona where we have really dry winters and when I use this soap I never have to use extra lotion, it keeps my skin from getting itchy, which is a huge plus! Thank you so much for all of your wonderful products!
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Hi PJ! I just ordered a bunch of soap. Your lavendar soap is the best soap I have ever used in my life and I can't get enough of it. My husband is hooked on using the lotion stick to prevent razor burn, he says it is incredible. I also ordered him the Nautical soap to see if he likes it as well. I can't imagine using any other soap ever again, ESPECIALLY in the Fall/Winter when my eczema usually acts up because of my skin getting dry due to the cold weather. No signs of it this year since a co-worker got me hooked on your soap. =)
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wow...super fast shipping. I ordered bar soap and laundry soap just hrs after the doctors show aired on friday, and received the order this afternoon. My husband is raving about the oatmeal, milk & honey soap as well as the lavender...we both love how soft our hands are.....with the cold of the midwest this time of the year...i always have super dry hands....so far, i think i may have found a solution!
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Got this as a sample and omgoodness this smell sooo awesome and makes my room smell so great! I love lavender essential oil and I often do aromatherapy with lavender in my room. With this bar, I don't even need to light up a candle! i came back and order a bar :)
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This smells AMAZING after a long day at work! Its nice relaxing and smells great!! I recommend this for everyone!!!!!
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My skin is no longer dry! I used to use a moisturizing soap but still had to lather with lotion. After I was diagnosed with diabetes but skin was even more dry. Now it feels like silk. Today I was asked by a stranger what perfume I was wearing and I just told her "soap"! Ordered some for my 93 year old mother.
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