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Oatmeal Milk & Honey

Oatmeal Milk & Honey
Oatmeal Milk & Honey

OMH Goat Milk Soap Full Bar
Packaged in a cotton drawstring bag, this full bar weighs 4.5 - 5.5 oz. Oatmeal, Milk & Honey is our most popular scent and is warm and comforting with the clean scent of honey. It is also available as a half bar or travel bar.

This same scent is offered with rolled oats added as our OMH Scrub full bar, half bar, or travel bar.

"It's a Saturday afternoon and you've just come in from playing outside. You open the door and you smell something special in the air. Mom's been baking again! You run to the kitchen and see the evidence of her labors. There lined up on the kitchen counter are cooling racks filled with dozens of fresh baked cookies. Your mouth starts to water. Mom turns around from the refrigerator and hands you a glass of ice cold milk. As you carry it to the table, she brings you a plate piled high with cookies. You turn around and are smothered in a great, big, mom hug. You squeeze back as hard as you can, and then turn around to your feast. As comforting as those cookies and hugs, our top selling soap surrounds you with warm scents and a touch of sweetness."

Ingredients Raw goat milk; Saponified natural fats, coconut oil, organic soybean oil; Fragrance.
Allergy Warning: People with skin allergies should test the soap on a small spot of skin first and stop using if irritation occurs.
Our price: $6.00
Customer feedback

Customer Reviews

  • Author: KrisK
    Far and away my all-time favorite scent. It's so homey smelling without being overwhelming sweet. Just lovely. And it makes the entire bathroom smell amazing!
  • Author: Janice Hills
    Absolutely my favorite scent! My friend, Robin gave me a bar of OMH as a gift and now I am hooked on all GMS has to offer!! I in turn gave another friend, Candace a bar of OMH and she is hooked on GMS!
  • Author: Deb E
    This was the first bar of goat milk soap I ever used and I was hooked at once. This is still my favorite scent, so comforting and 'homey' as someone already mentioned.
  • Author: Tracie Brackins
    OMH Smells AMAZING and is very soft,smooth and moisturizing I Love It. I had to get more and share it.
  • Author: Mary Kauffman
    This soap is the best quality goat milk soap I have ever used! I started using a goatmilk soap after manyyears of suffering from psoriasis. The soap compliments my current treatment regiment. I no longer have to take expensive shots to relieve my symptoms.
  • Author: Brianne Wolf
    The perfect word to describe this scent is delectable... it is so homey smelling.. rich with honey, not too sweet, but so warm. It's amazing.
  • Author: Jessica Lee
    One of the best soaps ever! The smell is amazing- I'm finding more and more excuses to go use it! Amazinggg :)
  • Author: Melanie Peterson
    Love, love, love. Once you try this soap you will never want to go back to buying soap in the store. This scent is heavenly. I have seen a difference in my skin. I had extremely dry skin and now it looks and feels great. I'm so glad I have found this product. My only regret is that I didn't find it sooner.
  • Author: MacKenzie Ziaja
    I cannot say enough good things about this soap! My husband even loves it! I get super excited to use it because of the wonderful scent! Thanks for making such great products!!! I will be coming back for more! I love GMS!!!
  • Author: Beverly Atkins
    I agree with all the other comments..this is THE soap for me. It smells so good and I just plain love GMS too!!!!!
  • Author: Wendy
    GMS' Signature Soap Scent! :) OMH is one of my favorites. Its always a staple with every order. It smells so warm, and yummy!
  • Author: Julianne
    Smells like vanilla cream...baked sugary goodness!
  • Author: Crystal Woods
    I just recently ordered/recieved the OMH bar. Once I started using it, I could IMMEDIATELY tell a difference in my skin!! I LOVE the smell and the way it makes my skin feel!!! I will MOST DEFINITELY be ordering more of this scent and others!!!
  • Author: Shoua Lor
    I am not a very big fan of oatmeal porridge or care much for honey, but WOW this soap smell extremely good. This is one of my favorite soap from my first GMS order. I ran out already and will definitely need to order more!
  • Author: marilyn woods
    I Love The Scent Of This Soap! My Towels & Bathroom Smells Wonderful!!! I'm Addicted To This One For Life! Can't Wait To Order More!!
  • Author: Kristina Gutierrez
    You will never go wrong with this scent. I have this scent in the soap, liquid foam soap, lotion and lip balm. What can i say i love it lol.
  • Author: April Gallardo
    I love love love this soap!!! This is my favorite so far. The smell is soooo Amazing and yummy. It stays on the skin and leaves the most amazing soft scent that lingers for quite some time!
    This soap worked for my husbands psoriasis-he loves it so much he told me to order it in bulk!
  • Author: Revka Stearns
    This is, so far, my favorite scent for shower use. I love scents that remind me of baked goods, and this sweet and warm scent is perfect.
  • Author: Angela Wiest
    I ran out of goat milk soap OMH and didnt order any for a month or so. I went back to using my old soap in the mean time. I finally got around to ordering more goat milk soap. Well let me tell you my skin is so happy now!! I didnt realize how much I hate my old soap until I used goat milk soap again!! It makes you skin feel amazing!!
  • Author: Sarah
    I just got a sample of this and used it on my baby boy last night. I kept smelling him all night! I used it in his hair as well and he just smells so yummy! I'm going to have to get a bar of this one.
  • Author: marilyn woods
    OMG! I'm Already In Love! This Soap Smells Divine!!, This Definately! Will Be One Of My "Favorite" Scents! I "Love" Anything With Oatmeal In It!. I Just Received Your Wonderful Soaps "Yesterday". I Was Very! "Impressed" Of Your Quick Shipping! And Can Hardly Wait! To Try This "Delicious Smelling" "OMH" Soap!
  • Author: Bethany
    I think this is my favorite so far! I love that it's not too strong or artificial-smelling.
  • Author: Jen
    Definitely one of my favorites! I make sure to include Oatmeal/Milk & Honey bars in each order. They smell and lather wonderfully. Traditional soaps are so drying, and once I started using Goat Milk Soaps, my skin is much smoother, softer, and smells great. Be sure to include this soap in your order. You will not be disappointed!
  • Author: Krista Wilbur
    The reviews before me speak for themselves, but this is another one of my favorites. Just the name of it makes me think of a soap that's gentle on my skin, and this one really is (although all GMS soaps are gentle!). The smell is so soothing and it cleans so well!
  • Author: Ursula
    This is my most favorite soap. I love the clean smell. Since I began using OMH I never use regular store bought soap. Love the customer service. The shipping is seriously reasonable. Keep making this soap.
  • Author: camille gude
    An overall nice, soothing soap, great for washing your hands or your whole body!
  • Author: Brenda Moser
    Love this scent.....I keep a bar in the tub, shower and at the sink. Very relaxing and comforting aroma!!
  • Author: Desiree
    I bought this soap as my very first purchase. I bought it in attempts to clear up my son's excema and it worked!!! Best part is he smells fresh and clean and not like some strong medicinal product!
  • Author: Tee
    A friend of mine gifted me several Goat Milk products as an early birthday present and this is the first one I tried. I have such incredibly sensitive skin and have a lot of trouble finding soap that won't break my face out. The Oatmeal, Milk and Honey bar soap works wonderfully on my face! The scent is very gentle, not overwhelming, which was very important to me. I cut the bar into thirds and it seems to last for a long time. Love it!
  • Author: Tabitha Smith
    This is BY FAR my 2nd FAVORITE scent from GMS. Its soooo perfect! Its also nice to pair with the Pink Sugary scent too in one of their soap savors. Just a little chunk of both makes a delicious scent.
  • Author: Jenni Pruitt
    I have long been a fan of oatmeal soap and have tried many over the years, but this, by far, is my favorite! The scent is incredible, it lathers so well and washes away leaving my skin feeling so clean and soft. Can't wait to order more!!
  • Author: Jonie M.
    My husband chose the OMH as his first GMS soap bar and he loves it. It's very good on his somewhat sensitive skin, and makes our bathroom smell nice, as well!
  • Author: Ashley Maynard
    I have been using this soap for my daughter since she was born. She smells so good--even if it has been a couple days since her last bath. She also gets a lot of compliments on how soft her skin is! The soap smells great, lasts forever, and is all natural!
  • Author: Lauren Marshall
    This is my preschool daughter's favorite soap, she asks for it every time she takes a bath, I love the smell and so does she!
  • Author: Nicole Therese Guerzon
    My friend gave me a travel size of this soap and I took a leap of faith to use it on my face. I wanted to make sure to use it for a full month before posting a review here. I have rosacea due to sensitive skin and I've tried several products - from the affordable (Ponds) to the expensive ones (like Pevonia Botanica). I even tried natural soaps, like the African Black soap ABS). To cut the long story short, this is the ONLY SOAP that has not given me a harsh reaction to the face. The ABS soap does dry out pimples, but it left my skin super dry and red. I never used the ABS soap after it dried out my pimples and since then, it's been there sitting on my sink (lol). For the OMH, it's been over a month already and I've never experienced any bad reaction from this soap. I also must say that the scent of this soap is DIVIIIIIIINE! I'll try the Purity soap for my face and will review how it works out. But so far, this soap is awesome for my face.
  • Author: Penny
    Your OMH soap makes the entire bathroom smell wonderful!
  • Author: denise bates
    This is another favorite - love the smell. The liquid soap in this scent is fabulous too (good luck getting that when it is available). All the soaps I have tried have been so good for my skin. I get extremely dry skin in the winter and these soaps and lotions do the trick for me. Helps keep my fingers from cracking and bleeding. I have been a fan for several years and won't use anything else for the winter.
  • Author: Donna Titus
    I am sold. I love this soap. I could tell a huge difference in just a couple of days. I won't be using "store bought" soaps ever again. I love the subtle fragrance. I can tell a difference in my feet also. Working on concrete floors for up to 12 hours a day, my feet are cracked and in horrible condition, but improving.
  • Author: Teresa
    This soap is happiness in a bar! I absolutely adore how creamy, warm, homey and sweet smelling it is! Everything about this soap evokes happy, cheery things.
  • Author: Jamey Hickson
    I just received my first order this week and it included a bar of this soap. The fragrance is soft and my skin feels amazing! I will be ordering more....
  • Author: Angie
    This is my favorite scent so far. I love how soft this soap leaves my skin!
  • Author: Susan
    One of my favorites! Love the way it leaves my skin so soft.
  • Author: Holly
    Love the Oatmeal Milk and Honey Soap that I purchased recently in the MIS group order - awesome stuff!
  • Author: Becky
    wow...super fast shipping. I ordered bar soap and laundry soap just hrs after the doctors show aired on Friday, and received the order this afternoon. My husband is raving about the oatmeal, milk & honey soap as well as the lavender...we both love how soft our hands are.....with the cold of the midwest this time of the year...i always have super dry hands....so far, i think i may have found a solution!
  • Author: Kimberly
    Your soaps are the best products. Every guest I have comments about the beautiful smell of the hand soaps and how they can feel the softness to their hands. The OMH bar is my favorite for a facial soap.
  • Author: Christine Ward
    This is just wonderful. My skin has not been itchy nor has it cracked open and bleed as of this point this winter. This is a first for me. Between the soap and the lotion I have finally found something that helps my dry,dry skin. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Never stop making this.
  • Author: marie smith
    Very homey! The scent is great and doesn't leave a bad residue like other soaps do.
  • Author: Gary H
    Received a Newsletter Special half bar of OMH soap with my last order. Although I didn't think the scent would appeal to me, I was absolutely shocked as to how much I like it. Definitely NOT a scent just for women. I will be ordering more.
  • Author: Ann
    The smell of the OMH soap is great, and it leaves my skin hydrated.
  • Author: Lisa Joyner
    Saw the family on my local news and thought I need to try this and read all the reviews and I can attest they were not wrong I think I have found the only soap I will ever use. The ordering is easy love the thank you video you get after ordering. Super fast shipping and I love the personal note on my invoice thanking me for my order. The soap smells amazing I love everything I got and just ordered more. Order now you will not be disappointed at all. Thank you
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