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Shampoo Rosemary Mint

Shampoo Rosemary Mint
Shampoo Rosemary Mint

Rosemary Mint Shampoo Full Bar
Packaged in a cotton drawstring bag, this full bar weighs 4.5 - 5.5 oz.
We've infused rosemary and nettles into olive oil to make this shampoo bar. We've then scented it with rosemary and peppermint essential oils. If you've never used a shampoo bar, it may take your hair a while to get used to it. It is also available as a half bar or travel bar, scented with tea tree, or unscented.

People use the soap differently, some people prefer to rub it right on their hair while others prefer to lather it in their hands first. So experiment to see which you prefer. I wrote a blog post on how to use the shampoo bar if you'd like more information.

Note: If you have color treated hair, you need to test the shampoo. We have customers who have used it successfully on their color treated hair, while other customers find it removes the color.

Ingredients Raw goat milk; Saponified rosemary and nettle infused olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, castor oil, jojoba oil; Essential oils.
Our price: $8.00
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Joan
    Just a note on the shampoo bar-I have tried every shampoo on the market and nothing compares to how your bar makes my scalp and hair look and feel. Ditto for the soap. Thanks to you and family, Joan
  • Author: Judy
    Hello to the Jonas Family! Just a quick note to tell you how much I love the Rosemary Mint Shampoo Bar... its really great. It lathers quickly and rinses soooo squeeky clean. I can't remember any shampoo I've ever used that has been as impressive as this. I have good body, no weighting down, and its not drying at all. My hair is not colored, but it is permed. I'll never use anything else!
  • Author: Heidi Morris
    After using store bought and prescription dandruff shampoo, i finally tried this on my daughters hair. All it took was a single wash and it was cleared up!
  • Author: Crissy Borton
    Love, love, love this shampoo bar. Using a bar instead of liquid to a little getting used to but once we did we fell in love. SO much better then chemical shampoo!
  • Author: Barbara
    I have waist length curly hair & I'm in my 70's, so I've tried a lot of shampoos & conditioners. The Goat Milk Stuff Shampoo Bar, (Rosemary/Mint) is the BEST! It rinses clean & I can comb my hair wet without a conditioner. Love It!!
  • Author: Karen Ramos
    My hair is soooo soft. I love this stuff.
  • Author: Andrea
    I usually have to use gel or mouse in my hair after washing it because it would get 'poofy' but since I've been using your shampoo bar I haven't had to use anything in my hair after washing it.... not even hair spray! It's great!!!
  • Author: Holly Cart
    We try and use everything natural in our family. We LOVE Goat Milk Stuff soap. The children and my hubby never had much problems with "natural" shampoos, but for me, every shampoo that wasn't the storebought stuff wreaked havoc on my hair. All homemade, and chemical free shampoos made my hair coarse, dry, and brittle. It would feel gummy, heavy to the touch, and basically felt like I had a dirty, greasy, horse tail on my head. Using GMS soap made it a bit better, but it still felt a little weird. So I gave the GMS shampoo bar a try.... I was expecting (but not hoping for!) the same yucky results as all the other natural shampoos on my hair. As I lathered it up, I could feel the difference right away...my hair was smooth and felt CLEAN. When it was dry, it actually looked almost normal. Within a few weeks, my hair adjusted to the swap, and now it feels and look perfect...no difference from the storebought "junk", and made with the all natural goodness of goat milk stuff!
  • Author: Alicia Field
    I have been using the shampoo bar for a few weeks now, and I really like it. I always have to use conditioner with my hair, and the bar shampoo has not changed that. But, BIG but, the shampoo is so amazing, it gets my hair so clean, squeaky clean, and that is not easy with my hair. I was afraid it would tangle badly when I scrub it, but it doesn't. I usually have to wash my hair daily, but I can go up to three days without washing it with this bar. Can't say enough good things about it!
  • Author: Marlene
    I have tried other "natural" shampoos and my hair didn't feel clean - perhaps because they did not have much of a "lathering" effect. I gave up on them because my hair was left dull and flat. With that said: I love this shampoo bar! It lathers nicely and best of all the first time I used it, my hair looked shiney and full (I did not follow up w/ conditioner). I purchased the Rosemary Mint scent and it is just lovely. I will continue to buy this product. Thank you!
  • Author: Anne Conover
    Wow, I can't believe how nice this product is. I was skeptical at first but my hair is soft and shiny on first use!! I have short hair so I don't know the ease of a bar on longer hair. I rubbed it right on my head and also tried lathering in hands first. Both worked great! Nice lather either way. I can honestly say my hair has never felt so squeaky clean. You have to use it to know what I mean :)
  • Author: Brenda Cowan
    I really like this shampoo bar. It leaves my hair clean, soft and easy to comb out and that is not usually easy with my long naturally curly hair. Thank you so much for an affordable natural shampoo that works and rinses out easily.
  • Author: Chris
    We love our goats milk soap. Every single one. The shampoo bar is great.
  • Author: Rebecca Thomas
    This shampoo bar has been a GODSEND. My hair and scalp are always so dry, itchy and flaky in the winter unless I used super expensive salon products and put tons of gross chemicals in my hair.
  • Author: J
    I've used your shampoo bar for 2-3 years and love it. Normally my hair is dry but with shampoo bar it comes out soft and not needing any conditioners. Thanks so much.
  • Author: Misty
    I LOVE this bar!!! I'm trying to get chemicals out of our home and had been using a shampoo bar from a local health food store but that one seemed to just leave my hair oil coated. This one does not and I'm so glad I found it and love it.
  • Author: Sandra
    I tried many types of natural shampoos from the health food store, only to be disappointed. They left my hair feeling coated and it got oily within a short time. I purchased the GMS shampoo bar and I LOVE IT! My hair is soft and I don't need to use a conditioner. It stays nice for several days. I have finally found a natural product that works. I am getting all chemical products out of my house for good since I found GMS.
  • Author: Susan
    I am extremely happy with this shampoo soap. It lathers well, does not strip the plant based dye from my hair and leaves my straight as an arrow hair feeling clean with great volume. I do not need to use any conditioner or volumizer. Would love to see more variety of fragrances with these, but overall I am extremely pleased.
  • Author: Jessica Charania
    I am trying to eliminate using commercial non-natural products & was so pleased with the soaps I thought I'd give this a shot. I was not disappointed! I have boy-short hair so I can't vouch how it would work on longer hair (I'll experiment on my daughter & get back to you) but it lathered beautifully & my hair feels like it usually does, even after just one use. I'm sold on GMS!! Now that I've been using your shampoo soap, my hair is softer than ever and I don't have to condition or put any chemical products in it for it to work. My husband loves the way my hair smells and how soft it is!
  • Author: Sandy
    I just started using the shampoo bar and I love it. My hair is fine and beginning to thin, so I lather the bar on my hands, then wash with the lather.
  • Author: Crissy
    We have been using your shampoo bar for about a month now and we love it! Also bought soap savers that they too are great. Thanks again!!
  • Author: J
    My first tries at using the soap left my hair VERY sticky and impossible to comb out without using conditioner. Then, it occurred to me (and my daughter later confirmed) that I might need to LATHER the soap bar in my hands first, and apply the lather to my hair, rather than rubbing the bar directly on my hair. BIG DIFFERENCE! Now I am REALLY liking the softness of my hair and how long I can go between washings...no more frizz in my fine, curly hair! I'll be buying more bars in the future.
  • Author: Betz
    So it has been 3 nights that I have used the tea tree shampoo bar on my daughter and it is amazing! She has alopecia which causes hair loss from time to time. She is 11 and at that age where she cares about what she looks like. She used to get to so embarrassed from her thin hair and to top it off she has a dry scalp. Head and shoulders is what she used which dried out her strands and caused breakage. The first night I used the shampoo bar I applied a leave in conditioner. Her scalp shed some, but not as bad as when it did when we took a break from Head and Shoulders. Last night, I used a leave in just to be on the safe side. Less dandruff and her hair appeared a bit thicker and shiny. Used it again tonight and no leave in conditioner was needed. A tiny bit of dandruff but over all her hair is looking much better! She also said her scalp does not hurt like usual (typical of the disease). Thought I would give you an update and as soon as the dandruff is gone I will take pictures :) you can't even tell she has alopecia :)
  • Author: Alicia
    I tried the shampoo bar two days ago, and was very impressed. My hair is straight and fairly thick. I *have* to use conditioner on it, no matter what soap I use, after washing, it is very squeaky (I can not think of any other word to use) clean. So I used a dab of Pantene conditioner and it is almost 48 hours later and it is still really clean. Generally I have to wash my hair daily or it gets oily, and my hair today is just starting to maybe need to be washed, although I will not do it till tomorrow. So I give it a big thumbs up -and it still smells great today- for the way it feels and looks, maybe a 4 out of 5 for the fact that I needed conditioner. That may just be my hair, though. I like using bar shampoos, and yours lathered super well, which I really like.
  • Author: Jessica
    I used it for the very first time this week and it by far surpassed any other shampoo bar I've used! it's still a little squeaky in my hair, but I know it takes my hair getting used to! I love it so far!
  • Author: Kimberly
    My hairdresser loves how silky my hair has become. The gray hairs that used to stand nearly straight up now behave themselves. Even my son, who has major sensory issues loves this soap and shampoo bar.
  • Author: Christine
    My first time use of the shampoo was a doozey. I was a little , just a little bummed at the look of my hair after i used it. Well I did go back and use my suave but I noticed something I hadn't seen in years. I had a shine, and so I thought and laughed, because I knew darn well the suave didn't do it. So I went right back to the shampoo bar, gave it another good lather and rinse, no conditioner needed, my hair was slick with the comb and I am so impressed with the shine. I have been using a spray on shine forever, now I got it naturally and honestly know it is "cleaner". and not stripping of hair color, whew!
  • Author: Alisha
    Okay, i have nothing to compare it to, other than liquid/bottle shampoo-- but i LOOOOOVE your bar shampoo! i tried it on a whim, never having used bar shampoo before. i love it. i don't wash my hair every single day (i hope no one is gasping) but i washed my hair two days in a row, just bc i loved the first experience of the bar shampoo so much! love your stuff.
  • Author: Beth
    I love the shampoo bar! I bought a half size first, just to try. I like it and I have oily hair. So now I need the large one. Thanks!
  • Author: Wanda
    I have been using the shampoo that we ordered, and my hair actually squeaks, it's so clean. Just a clean scent, and no over powering perfume smell.
  • Author: Wendy
    I love this soap for shampoo as well, what a BIG money saver it is for me. I normally had to use LOTS of conditioner on my long tangled hair, now I must say no conditioner...long curls with no frizz now and a lot of SHINE I am now getting away from All commercial products and going natural for myself as well as my family !!
  • Author: Judy
    I usually don't write testimonials or reviews about books or items I've purchased but I had to write this about the shampoo bar. I have fine thin naturally curly hair and for years I have spent hundreds of dollars on hair products to give my hair volumne and texture. I am amazed at what this bar has done for my hair. I shampoo towel blot and dry my hair then style as usual using no conditioners or styling products. I use only a little hairspray. Even humidity doesn't "melt" my hair making it frizzy. It is truly miracleous. I would encourage anyone with naturally curly hair to try this shampoo bar.
  • Author: Karen
    I cannot believe the change in my fine, curly hair since using this stuff. I've used other shampoo bars, and they've left my hair tangled and waxy. After using this one for a couple of weeks, my hair is fuller, much less dry, shiny, and crazy curly. :-) My issue now? A bathroom full of pricey hair products that I'll never use again! Hats off (literally) to GMS for creating this superb product!
  • Author: Ann
    I don't know why it is not working for me, but I'm not very positive about the shampoo bar.
    It leaves my hair looking very fat, and it feels like that also.

    I watched the blog, and I wash my hair exactly the way they advice .
    I rub the bar between my hands, and wash my hair with the foam.
    Then I rinse my hair very well.

    I brush my hair, and after drying, my long fine hair feels and looks like there is a fat coat on it.
    The only positive thing that I can say, is that I finally have volume in my hair.
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