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Shaving Soap (Cedarwood Vanilla) - Bulk 10

Shaving Soap (Cedarwood Vanilla) - Bulk 10
Shaving Soap (Cedarwood Vanilla) - Bulk 10
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10 Cedarwood Vanilla Shaving Goat Milk Soap Full Bars
Packaged in cotton drawstring (untied) bags, each round shaving soap weighs 3 - 3.5 oz. and has a 3" diameter. You will receive ten total. This is an amazing shaving soap with a full, thick lather and scented with a sexy, masculine blend of cedarwood and vanilla.

The first time Jim used the soap on his face, I could instantly feel a huge difference. His skin was soft and smooth, and there were fewer nicks and bumps. Here is Jim's testimony about using the soap:

"My beard grows in a bunch of different directions so it can be a real pain to get a clean shave. Usually I would either miss a few spots (which Indigo WILL find and chide me for) or I irritate the skin in a few places since I go over them repeatedly. Even 'sensitive skin' shaving creams were ineffective in preventing the razor burn. Now that I'm using our shaving soap, I find the irritation has not been a problem and if I miss a spot, it's because I'm in a hurry- not because I'm avoiding the chafe. Not to worry, Indigo still catches it and I can go back and fix it. It's also kind of nice not to have a palm full of foam while I'm shaving. When I get an itch on my nose, I can scratch it without getting covered in shaving cream or putting down my razor. Finally, there's no sting from the alcohol that they usually have in shaving products. That's nice, too. Overall, shaving has become a much smaller "pain in my neck". :)"~ Jim

We also have shaving accessories available, and a video on how to use the shaving soap.

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Ingredients Raw goat milk; Saponified sweet almond oil, castor oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, palm oil, shea butter; Aloe; Clay; Vitamin E; Essential and Fragrance oils.
Warning: If you have skin allergies, test the soap & stop using if irritation occurs
Market price: $80.00
Our price: $72.00
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