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Shaving Soap - Cedarwood Vanilla

Shaving Soap - Cedarwood Vanilla
Shaving Soap - Cedarwood Vanilla
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Cedarwood Vanilla Goat Milk Shaving Soap
Packaged in a cotton drawstring bag, this round shaving soap weighs 3 - 3.5 oz. and has a 3" diameter. This is an amazing shaving soap with a full, thick lather and scented with a sexy, masculine blend of cedarwood and vanilla.

The first time Jim used the soap on his face, I could instantly feel a huge difference. His skin was soft and smooth, and there were fewer nicks and bumps. Here is Jim's testimony about using the soap:

"My beard grows in a bunch of different directions so it can be a real pain to get a clean shave. Usually I would either miss a few spots (which Indigo WILL find and chide me for) or I irritate the skin in a few places since I go over them repeatedly. Even 'sensitive skin' shaving creams were ineffective in preventing the razor burn. Now that I'm using our shaving soap, I find the irritation has not been a problem and if I miss a spot, it's because I'm in a hurry- not because I'm avoiding the chafe. Not to worry, Indigo still catches it and I can go back and fix it. It's also kind of nice not to have a palm full of foam while I'm shaving. When I get an itch on my nose, I can scratch it without getting covered in shaving cream or putting down my razor. Finally, there's no sting from the alcohol that they usually have in shaving products. That's nice, too. Overall, shaving has become a much smaller "pain in my neck". :)"~ Jim

We also have shaving accessories available, and a video on how to use the shaving soap.

Available Goat Milk Shaving Soaps:
Single Cedarwood Vanilla Shaving Soap $8.00
Single OMH Shaving Soap $8.00
Single Unscented Shaving Soap $8.00

Bulk (5) Cedarwood Vanilla Shaving Soaps $36.80 (8% discount)
Bulk (5) OMH Shaving Soaps $36.80 (8% discount)
Bulk (5) Unscented Shaving Soaps $36.80 (8% discount)

Bulk (10) Cedarwood Vanilla Shaving Soaps $72.00
Bulk (10) OMH Shaving Soaps $72.00
Bulk (10) Unscented Shaving Soaps $72.00

Ingredients Raw goat milk; Saponified sweet almond oil, castor oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, palm oil, shea butter; Aloe; Clay; Vitamin E; Essential and Fragrance oils.
Warning: If you have skin allergies, test the soap & stop using if irritation occurs
Our price: $8.00
Customer feedback
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(18 reviews)  

10 Most useful customer reviews (see all reviews):
This soap is amazing! No more razor bumps on my neck! Even with several days worth of growth it still leaves my face soft and irritation free. Plus the Cedarwood scent is great! It's far better than any other shaving soap, cream, gel, foam, or oil that I have ever tried.

The only thing I wish this shaving soap has that it doesn't is a regular bar soap in the same scent.
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Lynda West
Ok...so my husband and I have been loving the shaving kit/soap for a while now. The other week my husband was showering and didn't have the soap and brush in the shower so he just decided to use the shaving gel in a can that he used prior to getting the kit from GMS. Well, he kept saying how much it hurt to shave that time and wasn't shaving smoothly. He stopped shaving and decided to finish when he got out of the shower. He finished shaving with the GMS kit and it was back to smooth skin. He didn't change the blade or anything so we know it was the shaving gel he was using! Thanks for such a great product! :)
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MacKenzie Ziaja
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shaving kit/soap. I have struggled with razor burn/ bumps everytime I shaved. My legs are now silky smooth and I don't have bumps! Paired with my OMH lotion tub my legs are SO smooth and amazing!

Thank you so much for this amazing product! I am a loyal GMS customer and I love ALL your products! Thank you so much Jonas family!
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Kara F
My husband uses this on his face and I use this one my legs and it ROCKS!!! We both love it! No more razor burn!
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Tania Kurth
I fell in love with the shaving soap the first time I used it! No razor burn, smooth legs, and a closer shave than with gel from a can! I've also turned a couple guys onto the shaving
soap after making them try it one time! Wonderful product!
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FYI, I've been using the shaving soap now for about three weeks. At first, I was leaving too much water in my shaving brush and the lather was disappearing off my face before I could complete my shave. (The previous soap I was using took more water to make a lather.) So, after I figured that out, the soap certainly meets my expectations. It provides a rich lather, has a good fragrance, and the cake seems to last as long as any other soap I've used. I'll not be buying any more $20.00 shaving soap. Good work!
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Stephanie S
I've been using the unscented shaving soap for a few months now. I feel like I get a much closer shave with it, fewer nicks/scrapes, and WOW do my legs feel wonderfully smooth! Love it!
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Jessica Almany
The hair on my legs is so thick and grows in all different directions, so I have just gotten used to having to reshave my legs over and over in all directions and always end up with razor burn and all sorts of irritation. I have tried EVERYTHING. Nair doesn't work because my hair is too thick, and just gel with a razor always irritates my skin. I gave this soap a try, and I have no idea what it has that is so different but my legs have never been so smooth and irritation free. I SWEAR by this soap. I don't have to go over the same spot nearly as much, and I am convinced my shave actually lasts longer. I will use this product as long as it is available.
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I got some of the shaving soap for my husband, and he loves it! He keeps grabbing my hand and rubbing his cheeks with it, saying, "Feel! Fell this!" And indeed his cheeks are soft and smooth as they can be. Un-nicked, too. I'm using the soap, and my skin is softer and smoother too. This is GREAT stuff, thanks!
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Sharon Splett
Aug 6, 2015
Got the shaving soap in Cedarwood Vanilla for my husband who hates shaving because of his sensitive skin. He absolutely loves it! He has much less sensitivity and likes that there is not a lot of lather. It softens the hair and makes it easy to see to shave. He is a convert!
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