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Liquid Soap Refill - OMH

Liquid Soap Refill - OMH
Liquid Soap Refill - OMH
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OMH Goat Milk Liquid Soap
This is 16 oz of OMH liquid soap packaged in a plastic refill bottle. It is scented with our most popular scent of oatmeal, milk & honey. This liquid soap is smooth, creamy and gentle on your skin. Shake if separation occurs.

The liquid soap is designed to be used with a foamer bottle that is available for purchase. Because we do not chemically thicken the liquid soap, it may splatter when it hits your hands if a pump top is used. This liquid soap is not concentrated, so you do not need to dilute it. Just add it to the foamer bottle as is.

*** Please note that we have reformulated the liquid soap and need to get new labels. The soap will come with a label, but will not have the ingredients listed on the label. ***

International Shipping: We apologize, but liquid soaps are not available for international shipping.

Ingredients Filtered water; Saponified olive and castor oil; Raw goat milk.
Allergy Warning: People with skin allergies should test the soap on a small spot of skin first and stop using if irritation occurs.
Our price: $22.00
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Connie Jackson
Feb 9, 2015
I ordered the trial bottle of Oatmeal, Milk and Honey Liquid Soap and the foamer bottle. The bottle works great, so a little liquid goes a long way. However, our family has found the OMH to be way too strong a scent, with the honey being overpowering. This may just be our family, and I don't want anyone not to try it because of us. We have decided since the liquid soap is used far more often than other of your soaps we will buy the unscented so all of us can enjoy the wonderfully softening effects of the liquid soap. Thanks for offering it in the unscented.
PJ adds: You can also get the unscented and then add some OMH a little bit at a time so that it isn't as strong.
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Kari B
My husband's hands had started getting dry, flacky and even painfully cracked earlier this year. When even GMS hand cream didn't clear it up, I began to wonder if he was having a reaction to over-the-counter liquid soap he prefers to use at the sink. I decided to give the Liquid Soap a try. The improvement was not only dramatic, it was nearly immediate! Within a week his hands were healing and after several weeks, he hasn't had any drying or cracking. The Liquid Soap is pricey, but one pump is generally all you need to clean your hands so it lasts a very long time. We love the OMH scent and how it lingers long after using. I couldn't recommend it any higher - I'm ordering more!
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Jan 13, 2016
The OMH scent on the bar soap is nicer than the OMH liquid soap.
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loving the hand soap. It keeps my hands from drying out and smells good too.
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Carolyn Claverie
Jun 1, 2015
This customer purchased the item at our site.
This smells soooo yummy--I almost LICKED my hands the first time I used it. It's like putting pure honey on, without the stickiness.
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PJ, I wanted you to know my order arrived on Wednesday. My new favorite thing is the Lip Balm! It lasts even after I have eaten, so I know it will be wonderful for the cold blustery winter. I have tried one of the soap samples, Iím not sure which one it was because they all look the same, but I really like it, so I guess Iíll be ordering one of each to figure out which one it is. I have used it (unscented lotion) at night on my face, and it doesnít make my face feel oily when I wake up. The soap foamer is very nice, I have used it to wash my face at night, instead of my usual facial cleanser. With the other facial soap, I felt I had to hurry and put on lotion because my skin felt dry and wrinkly, but with the foamer, my face is clean but doesnít feel dried out which is important to me since Iím 61 and need all the help I can get for the wrinkles! Keep up the great work! Thank you,
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About the liquid hand soap. We love it in this household! Our favorite is the oatmeal honey. Love how our hands feel after wards, clean and soft, and especially love knowing that it's natural and not full of harmful chemicals.
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I love the soap. It really makes my skin feel soft. I am hoping it will help the psoriasis on my elbows, and my allergy to nickel. I will let you know. The liquid soap really helps my hands not to dry out so much. Thanks for the great products!
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Jennifer T
Love GMS soap - makes my hands feel so clean and soft. OMH scent is different then the lotion stick of the same scent. The lotion stick has a yummy honey smell but the liquid soap almost smells like baby powder. Still great but I definitely prefer the OMH scent of the lotion stick better.
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