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Large Lotion Stick (Original) - OMH

Large Lotion Stick (Original) - OMH
Large Lotion Stick (Original) - OMH

OMH Lotion Stick (Original)
This round tube holds 2 oz of solid lotion in the original (red) formula. This lotion is scented with our most popular Oatmeal, Milk & Honey scent. It is a clean, strong, honey scent. It is also available in a small stick, deodorant style tube, and tub.

Solid lotion is not creamy or "liquidy", but is similar to the consistency of lip balm. We have two solid lotion formulas available so that people with allergies still have a choice. The original (red) formula has a higher melting point, and does not soften as quickly as the mango butter (orange) formula.

To use the stick lotion, apply to your skin and rub in. When applying to the face, rub lotion onto clean hands and then apply to face with your hands. Allow the lotion to sink into your skin and leave it feeling smooth and soft. Be careful not to use too much - these are not diluted with water the way liquid lotions are. If it is not fully absorbed (your skin should not feel greasy) in two minutes, you are applying too much.

Ingredients Soybean oil; Beeswax; Sunflower oil; Cocoa butter; Shea butter; Fragrance; Vitamin E.
Where's the Goat Milk?
Our price: $14.00
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Jodi DerMinasian
    I really enjoy this lotion stick! I bought the large deodorant stick which I mainly use on my hands and feet. The scent is nice and the lotion softens my skin. Good for dry cuticles and rough skin on heels.
  • Author: Beth
    Received my order yesterday! The box smelled divine! I smell even better today since I am now wearing the OMH lotion!
  • Author: Amber Gonyea Gilligan
    Have had the worst time over the years trying to find something that would "fix" my cracked feet (sorry if that's gross). I decided to try the Oatmeal, Milk and Honey Lotion stick and guess what, I am NEVER going to stop using it!!! I love it so much I am ordering more for myself and one for my mom too. Also want to try the Pink Sugary one. I am getting nervous though that I will run out of the one I have before I get to order more. Thanks for making such Great Stuff!
  • Author: Maureen Underdahl
    I cant say enough about this lotion!!!! I had used meds and creams that the doctor gave me due to hard water where i live and when i got the order i used the lotion right away and felt the softness right away!!!!! I cant say enough.... You are a blessing!!!!! God bless you for what you are doing!!!!
  • Author: Denise
    I absolutely LOVE their lotion in any form. Winter is not very kind to my skin and GMS truly helps with itching and dryness.
  • Author: Amber
    I would recommend the lotion stick to everyone! I have never liked using creams because of the greasy feeling, and the moment your hands touch water, you have to reapply. The lotion stick does neither! Its kind of like chap stick for your hands. It never gives you a greasy feeling afterwards, it absorbs well into my skin, and I don't feel like I need to reapply it every time I wash my hands. Plus its size is easy to travel with, and no worries of exploded lotion containers!
  • Author: Anjeanette
    I just received the lotion stick in OMH scent, it smells so good! At first I thought this was going to be difficult to use and/or greasy, but it is not greasy at all. It absorbs quickly, yet leaves my very dry skin moisturized- no stickiness! A little goes a long way, and I think I can learn to get used to the stick, great product!
  • Author: Heather N
    My daughter is adopted (she is Mozambican) and has extremely dry skin to begin with. We live in Mozambique and during our cold dry season her skin is soooo dry it crazy! I've tried medical strength creams from Canada, that have helped for sure, but I decided to try the OMH lotion for her about a month ago. NOTHING else has made such a drastic improvment in her skin. It lasts for a full day even if she is playing in the dirt! Last night just to check i switched back to our old cream and this morning her skin is dry again. I'm convinced. We will be using Goat Milk Stuff, OMH Lotion (and others) from now on!!
  • Author: KiKi
    The dry winter has been so hard on my hands and heels of my feet. This is the best stuff ever! And I love it comes in a tube.
  • Author: Jenni Pruitt
    My husband's job causes his knuckles to be very dry, crack and sometimes bleed. I have bought so many products in hopes of helping his hands, but none of them worked. After reading about GMS, I knew we had to give the lotion a try. He has been applying it once a day and all I can say is WOW!! I can't remember the last time his hands and knuckles were so soft and it began working immediately. Thanks for such a wonderful product!
  • Author: Audrey
    I bought the oatmeal, milk and honey and just loved the scent! I work in a medical facility so I wash my hands a lot and this lotion stays on well. Especially in winter when my skin gets so rough and dry. I highly recommend this lotion!
  • Author: Kristin
    I am absolutely LOVING my lotion stick – AWESOME! YOU GUYS ROCK! Loves! Hugs! & kisses all around!
  • Author: Katie
    I really loved the idea of a lotion stick, especially since it's less likely than regular lotion to make a mess in my purse. I've already tried out both sticks, they smell delish!
  • Author: Tracie B
    I love these! I recently purchased pink sugary, smells so delightful! A keeper in my book. I also just purchased OMH - can't wait to get it and use it. I love GMS products! It brightens my day and enjoy hearing people say I smell good, sweet. :-)
  • Author: Christina
    This is THE best lotion you will ever find!! And the THE best smelling!!
  • Author: Cindy
    My nearly 5-year-old son can't resist the smell of your OMH lotion. To the point that he grabbed the unopened tube on the counter that was waiting to go into a teacher's Christmas present. Thank goodness you all are so quick to ship off orders! Emergency replacement, plus some extras, are on their way to my house. Thanks for making such great products and giving such great service!
  • Author: April
    I have always been a lotion addict and have tried MANY different kinds. This BY FAR my favorite. I will never use another lotion again - there is no need to! This lotion is not greasy, super moisturizing, and feels great. I find I actually need less lotion now than I used to when I used other lotions. Honestly can't say enough good things about this stuff!
  • Author: Chris
    Just placed my order yesterday and can't wait to try the laundry soap sample I ordered. I also learned that your lotion sticks are GREAT for my feet which get dry and cracked so I ordered the large stick this time :)
  • Author: Anne
    Just ordered the lotion stick for the first time - oatmeal, milk & honey (of course). The only problem is that I constantly sniff my arms all day because I can't get enough of the wonderful scent!
  • Author: Kristen
    I also wanted to tell you that my OMH lotion stick saved me the past couple of days. I was traveling back from Armenia and I caught a terrible cold. I was blowing my nose so much that it was red and raw so I started putting the lotion stick on the end of my nose after every blow and sniff! It helped SOOO much. I know you guys are all international and stuff already but just so you know, your products have now been used in Armenia and Poland too! I only wish I'd had the cold relief lotion and kool koala soap on hand the past couple of days! Thanks for everything!
  • Author: Terry Brubaker
    I put some OMH lotion stick on at work, then went to make a copy in another office, and the woman asked what smells like "pipe tobacco"? I said, well I just put some "stuff" on my hands, it is this? I put my hand out for her to smell and she said, "Yes, but I like the smell of pipe tobacco." To me it smells like Play-Doh, so I really don't enjoy the smell of this lotion stick.
    I do have Ocean in the tub, and I like the smell of it.
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