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Lotion Tub (Original) - OMH

Lotion Tub (Original) - OMH
Lotion Tub (Original) - OMH
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OMH Lotion Tub (Original)
This tub holds 4 oz of solid lotion in the original (red) formula. This lotion is scented with our most popular Oatmeal, Milk & Honey scent. It is a clean, strong, honey scent. It is also available in a small stick and large stick.

Solid lotion is not creamy or "liquidy", but is similar to the consistency of lip balm. We have two solid lotion formulas available (what's the difference?) so that people with allergies still have a choice. The original (red) formula has a higher melting point, and does not soften as quickly as the mango butter (orange) formula.

To use, scrape off some lotion with the included scoop. Rub it onto your hands and smooth it onto your dry skin areas. When applying to the face, rub lotion onto clean hands and then apply to face with your hands. Allow the lotion to sink into your skin and leave it feeling smooth and soft. Be careful not to use too much - these are not diluted with water the way liquid lotions are. If it is not fully absorbed (your skin should not feel greasy) in two minutes, you are applying too much.

Ingredients Soybean oil; Beeswax; Sunflower oil; Cocoa butter; Shea butter; Fragrance; Vitamin E.
Where's the Goat Milk?
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Debbie Cooper
Sep 26, 2016
This customer purchased the item at our site.
I love the lotion tubs but this scent OMH is Way Too Strong and Overpowering. I tried it because of all the great reviews. But I wasted my money on this one because I cannot use it. Are all the scented lotions this strong ?
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Another genius product from PJ! I bought the OMH scent and it's just delicious and wonderfully moisturizing. I live in a tropical country but the lotion doesn't leave a greasy feeling. With the right amount (I think the spatula is very clever!), it will leave your skin with a powdery soft finish that's so unique I've never experienced anything quite like it. I think it's because of the unique blend of soybean oil, sunflower oil, the delicious theobroma cacao / cocoa butter, shea butter, vitamin E and the skin brightening sunflower oil. PJ, please continue making these genius products and we'll continue buying! :)
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My boyfriend works in a factory and his hands get really dry and crack - especially in the winter. For years he had used a variety of over-the-counter lotions but none of them seemed to work. He eventually went to the doctor who wrote him a prescription for some medicated lotion but that did not work either. I bought this for him a couple weeks ago and the results have been amazing! His hands are healing up and he says they feel better than they have in years. He can bend his fingers now without any pain plus he loves this scent. Thank you GMS!
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I bought this in Black Raspberry and it is perfect. It's a tad bit stronger than the soap but hey thats what you want when you buy these lotions. You get used to using hard lotion but it's worth it in my opinion. It absorbs into your skin so fast and makes it soft and you smell good all day. I put it on before bed and I smell it in the morning when I wake up. Big giant plus, I've been using mine for a while and the jar is still full. It's like magic. Keeps my skin moisturized all day and I have super dry skin. I recommend this for everybody who wants a good rich, creamy lotion.
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Received my order yesterday! The box smelled divine! I smell even better today since I am now wearing the OMH lotion!
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Jodi DerMinasian
I really enjoy this lotion stick! I bought the large deodorant stick which I mainly use on my hands and feet. The scent is nice and the lotion softens my skin. Good for dry cuticles and rough skin on heels.
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I use the tub in the winter for my dry, cracked fingers. It really works for me and the smell is wonderful too.
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Kenny Bolin
Just love this lotion, working on our second 4 oz tube. My wife is a diabetic and she uses it on her feet to keep them from blistering. Her feet are now like a twenty something year old and believe me we are far from that age, hope she doesn't read this. My hands use to get so dry and rough but since I started using this my wife now loves for me to hold her hand. Best lotion on the market hands down or hands soft.
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Heather N
My daughter is adopted (she is Mozambican) and has extremely dry skin to begin with. We live in Mozambique and during our cold dry season her skin is soooo dry it crazy! I've tried medical strength creams from Canada, that have helped for sure, but I decided to try the OMH lotion for her about a month ago. NOTHING else has made such a drastic improvment in her skin. It lasts for a full day even if she is playing in the dirt! Last night just to check i switched back to our old cream and this morning her skin is dry again. I'm convinced. We will be using Goat Milk Stuff, OMH Lotion (and others) from now on!!
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I bought the oatmeal, milk and honey and just loved the scent! I work in a medical facility so I wash my hands a lot and this lotion stays on well. Especially in winter when my skin gets so rough and dry. I highly recommend this lotion!
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