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Lotion Tub (Original) - Tea Tree

Lotion Tub (Original) - Tea Tree
Lotion Tub (Original) - Tea Tree
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Tea Tree Lotion Tub (Original)
This tub holds 4 oz of solid lotion in the original (red) formula. This lotion is made with pure tea tree essential oil, which is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal. It is particularly helpful for bug bites, stings, scrapes, burns and cuts - the things Jonas family life seems to be made of. It is also available in a small stick and large stick.

Solid lotion is not creamy or "liquidy", but is similar to the consistency of lip balm. We have two solid lotion formulas available (what's the difference?) so that people with allergies still have a choice. The original (red) formula has a higher melting point, and does not soften as quickly as the mango butter (orange) formula.

To use, scrape off some lotion with the included scoop. Rub it onto your hands and smooth it onto your dry skin areas. When applying to the face, rub lotion onto clean hands and then apply to face with your hands. Allow the lotion to sink into your skin and leave it feeling smooth and soft. Be careful not to use too much - these are not diluted with water the way liquid lotions are. If it is not fully absorbed (your skin should not feel greasy) in two minutes, you are applying too much.

Ingredients Sweet almond oil; Coconut oil; Beeswax; Avocado oil; Cocoa Butter; Mango Butter; tea tree essential oil.
Where's the Goat Milk?
Keep away from pets.
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Kurt Smith
Mar 29, 2016
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I suffer from pretty aggressive plaque psoriasis. The original formula lotion and original with tea tree oil both provide for me long-term a huge relief (up to a few hours) from the itching and irritation. They also help clear up (or, excuse me, slough off) a lot of the scaling. It doesn't clear up the psoriasis - the red still remains and the scaling will come back - but I didn't expect it to. But it works much better than any off-the-shelf lotion that I have tried. And I've tried a lot.
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Angela Davis
Oct 27, 2015
I love the tea tree lotion. My son and I have very dry skin. This is the only thing that has worked completely on me and I have tried everything. Love all of your products.
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Jenna Desrochers
I have this lotion stick & use it on my hands all the time. Works right away & doubles as a sanitizer!!
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Crista Rickert
My husband "pushes papers" for a living and was constantly getting dry knuckles and hangnails. He *hates* the feeling of lotion, but I got him this stick anyways to keep in his desk. After using it for a couple of weeks, his knuckles are really soft and he is hangnail-free! He loves that he can target just the areas that need attention. As an added bonus, the tea tree is also good for healing paper cuts so they don't get infected.
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Kenny Bolin
Just love this lotion, working on our second 4 oz tube. My wife is a diabetic and she uses it on her feet to keep them from blistering. Her feet are now like a twenty something year old and believe me we are far from that age, hope she doesn't read this. My hands use to get so dry and rough but since I started using this my wife now loves for me to hold her hand. Best lotion on the market hands down or hands soft.
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ok, this one is a must have. we do love the smell. and we love the medicinal properties. we took it with us to haiti for the mosquito bites and/or any cuts. and since i can't leave a review for the lotion sticks yet, i'm going to plug the tea tree lotion stick here as well. that thing was GREAT in the field! i carried it with me everywhere. whenever i got a bite, i'd put it on right away. the itch was gone for a LONG time! great product.
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Jul 28, 2017
In May I was diagnosed with breast cancer. 2 surgeries, healing completed & starting 16 radiation treatments on Aug 7. I was talking with the doctor & he was reviewing options for creams during treatment. I mentioned what I had been using. Then, when he examined my incisions (under arm lymph & 2x in same breast incision) he said, "You've healed exceptionally well! " I looked @ my daughter & grinned. The ONLY thing I've used on my incisions is your tea tree lotion starting after the normal 3 wk healing period. On my lymph incision, I had a raised ridge that ran the whole 3" & felt weird - - no other way to describe. After applying the tea tree lotion, that ridge was flat in a week. The other incision has also benefitted. Even though my skin isn't reacting anymore, I keep applying your lotion after every shower & will be using it through radiation. I'm going to show him the jar at my next visit.

I was excited & wanted you to know, in case other women might benefit. But then, knowing your expertise, you probably aren't surprised at all.
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Joan Barrett
Feb 23, 2017
Love this company and their products. Just be aware that if your pet gets hold of this product - it can be deadly. Tea Tree oil is toxic to pets/ dogs. I wish they would add this to their product description to add to the safety of pets. I thought it was natural - so no problem. Wrong.
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Denise Bates
I just got my "Luv Spell" lotion & I'm loving it. The new scoop is a nice touch PJ.
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Carrie Zamorano
I don't go anywhere without my tea tree lotion! It is great to use on skin irritations, itches and bug bites, as well as, as a moisturizer and sanitizer.
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