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Lotion Tub (Mango Butter) - Unscented

Lotion Tub (Mango Butter) - Unscented
Lotion Tub (Mango Butter) - Unscented
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Unscented Lotion Tub
This tub holds 4 oz of solid lotion in the mango butter (orange) formula. The lotion itself has a hint of scent from the beeswax and cocoa butter it contains, but there is no added fragrance. It is also available in the mango butter (orange) formula in a small stick and a large stick.

Solid lotion is not creamy or "liquidy", but is similar to the consistency of lip balm. We have two solid lotion formulas available (what's the difference?) so that people with allergies still have a choice. The original (red) formula has a higher melting point, so at any given temperature, the mango butter (orange) formula will be softer and glide more smoothly.

To use, scrape off some lotion with the included scoop. Rub it onto your hands and smooth it onto your dry skin areas. When applying to the face, rub lotion onto clean hands and then apply to face with your hands. Allow the lotion to sink into your skin and leave it feeling smooth and soft. Be careful not to use too much - these are not diluted with water the way liquid lotions are. If it is not fully absorbed (your skin should not feel greasy) in two minutes, you are applying too much.

Ingredients Sweet almond oil; Coconut oil; Beeswax; Avocado oil; Cocoa Butter; Mango Butter.
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May 20, 2016
We have been using the Purity soap, the Castile soap and then I began using the Unscented Mango Butter Lotion sticks (both small and large). I tried a tub awhile back but found, however, that the scent was different than the sticks. A bit stronger, not as pleasant. I know the sticks are unscented as is the tub, and that they have a slight scent of the butters used, but the tub had a scent I didn't care for.

I'm back to the sticks which work fine.
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Samantha Haltom
Dec 30, 2016
This customer purchased the item at our site.
This is definitely worth the price for the value. I use badger salve a lot but the GMS tub is creamy, light and not sticky in comparison. A little goes a long way. I'm very sensitive to smells and I didn't detect an overpowering scent that was offensive. Our family will definitely be ordering more when we run out. We were also very touched that their daughter wrote a personal note on the invoice.
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