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Why I Podcast

Hi PJ,

I am glad your back! I nurse my son so I'm on your website, podcast, twitter, and Facebook accounts multiple times a day. I know you don't know me, but you have forever impacted my life. I wish you could see my house and the major release of clutter, you have directly been a part of. I am so thankful for your loving heart. Your hope and desire to help women is coming to fruition.

To be released from the bondage of a lie, that we as a society have put ourselves under.

You are the key I needed to unlock and release the build up of stuff I felt imprisoned by.

My parents, my husband, inlaws, and friends, have teased me and made statements like, "you don't need that!" Usually I wanted to be done with the item, yet fear or guilt held me captive. Before your podcast, I had never heard anyone speak as clearly thought out, and impacting on this subject..... and in such a short amount of time! I am so thankful for you being in my life. I wish I could just pour blessing over your head, over your children, and over your marriage, the way you have just poured over mine. I feel so light and look at projects in a whole new way.... I think am actually becoming addicted to de-cluttering, which has always felt impossible. I even told my husband he might come home to an empty house soon! ;)

About the same time you started your podcast I was literally on my bedroom floor crying facedown, doors shut, and asking for help. I was exhausted once again, and feeling hopeless. I was not enjoying my life, or the very thing I had dreamed of being my whole life...... A mom! I get to stay at home and teach my four children, I have been given the privilege to watch them learn and grow each and every day! But I was feeling burnt out, despair, and intense anxiety. With nursing my one year old it was becoming more and more difficult to organize my clutter, and clean my house in the perfectionist manner that I have always strained for...... and repeatedly fallen short of.

I wish that I could relay the rest, assurance, inspiration, comfort, hope, and freedom, you have given me by the sharing your life and time through your podcast. You truly have been such a Godsend........ PJ, you will never know the lives you have changed; and even though you don't know me, I consider you such a great friend and I pray for you and your family all the time. I pray for your success, for protection for your family as a whole.

If you can track how many times a podcast is listened to you may notice a high volume for the episode de-clutter part 2. I listen to it at least 5-6 (probably more) times a week since I found you. I love your approach to any subject you have discussed. You are incredibly thorough and to the point! I look forward to listening to future episodes; I am amazed when I listen to past episodes and learn even more the second, or third, or forth, or ect. time around. You pack so much practical information into them, I learn more every time I listen to them! I have to say it again..... You cover so much in such a short time.

I am so thankful for you and your family, my children watch all of your videos over and over again! We love them! Thank you Jonas family for all you have invested into ours we are so thankful! Oh! I do have a question to about chores! How do you handle chores in your household? I never realized that my kids could do dishes until my boys showed me your video on house rules, AND started asking to DO dishes!

We used to have, no joke 50+ stuffed animals, and now everyone has 2-4! We have eliminated so much crud it is shocking! I was always picking up the toy room.

I have ALWAYS looked down on myself for not being a better mom, wife, daughter, sister, teacher, homemaker, ect. My thoughts were so scattered, as was any space assigned to me. I was especially humiliated when ever my in-laws came to visit. My husband is from a family of four, his sister has two boys. Both his mother and sister have well dusted, thoroughly cleaned homes, in which they regularly entertain company. You know it's bad when you ask your children to clean, and they ask who's coming over?

I have always tried to teach my children to clean and work hard, but I was always bribing with rewards. I began noticing not a work ethic, but a, "What will you give me if I do?" attitude. Thankfully my children are still young, my oldest is 8, and my youngest turned one this last March.

So basically I want you to know how much you have blessed me. I think I have ridden my family of, SO FAR, seven or eight truck loads of clutter. AND I have already three more loads ready to go! Yea! Yea! Yay! When ever I have needed confidence I remembered something you said, or have heard your voice blasting high volume on my iPad. At one point I felt like I was throwing away my babies childhood..... And then I realized. No. I am clearing out so I can be a part of it! I hope you do not feel anything but happiness from this email, as I was saving toooooooo many things. Oh, PJ, I was going through boxes and BOXES my husband's mom gave us of thing he played with from his childhood. Wow! I was doing the same thing for my kids! Awful! My brother and mom were helping my clear out when we opened up one of these boxes and my adult brother said, " It smells like spiders." It did! I laughed so hard.

One more thing I wanted to tell you.... I am recovering from shingles. I had allowed myself to basically freak out from listening to politics-your blog on what you focus on, and your circle of influence, was so timely for me, and confirming. So freaking out..... On home education, and the fact that I could barely keep my head above water, let alone make any progress on keeping the house clean.

Can I thank you again? Things are so much better around here, my kids are picking up on it, and I think if they don't already see the value in it, they soon will.


P.S. A sweet friend of mine recently called for advice, she was is a similar state I was in, face down crying for help. I forwarded her onto your podcast after sharing with her my heart and the hope that lives in it! Thank you for reminding me to focus on what I want most in life, my family, not organized lol, or unorganized clutter.

P.P.S. IT'S SPREADING!!!!! My neighbor is now de-cluttering! I keep passing out travel sized soap and your cards to my friends. Love you all, God's blessing on you P.J.