Happy 8th Birthday Jade!

I can’t believe my little fire cracker is 8!
happy 8th birthday colter_blog

Since Jade’s birthday is the 4th of July we had lots of family visiting, which meant lots of breakfast birthday cake! Looking back at the last few years, you can really see how she has grown.

Jade’s 7th Birthday (2014):

happy birthday jade_blog

Jade’s 6th Birthday (2013):

happy birthday jade_blog

Keeping our tradition, Jade did her birthday hugs:

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happy 8th birthday colter_blog_2

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happy 8th birthday colter_blog_4

happy 8th birthday colter_blog_5

happy 8th birthday colter_blog_6

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happy 8th birthday colter_blog_8

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Happy Birthday Jade!




Colter: “You should have joined me working out at 5am.”
Brett: “Forgive us for not being super-human.”
Colter: “I’m not super-human. I’m diligent.”

Hewitt: “Why is everyone drinking Gatorade?”
PJ: “I worked too long in the garden and got dehydrated. So I took it out because I needed the electrolytes. ”
Hewitt (who can’t drink Gatorade because he is allergic to the dye in it): “It’s torturing me.”

Goat Milk Caramel Candies

Our Goat Milk Caramel Candies are now available on the website! They are available in 3 flavors; Chocolate, Cinnamon, and Sea Salt. We also have assorted variety packs.

goat milk caramels_blog_1

They are available in several different quantities including 5 pieces, 10 pieces, 25 pieces, and a 20 piece gift box.

goat milk caramels_blog

Everyone in the Jonas family absolutely loves them. Here’s what people who have tried them are saying:

“The chocolate is divine, oh my gosh!” – Jesse

“It was like a dance party in my mouth!” -Jon

“This is better than Hershey’s, man!” – Jared

We are very excited to bring Goat Milk Caramels! Be sure and let us know what you think of them.





Our kittens (John Boy and Mary Ellen) are having fun in the hay loft this afternoon. They have been quite popular among the family; when you can’t find someone good chance they’re playing with the kittens!

Brett: “If Kingsman wasn’t rated R, the children would love it.”
Indigo: “What is Kingsman?”
Fletcher: “It’s a movie about gentlemen who are super spies and have the names of King Arthur’s knights – like Sir Lancelot and Sir Gilbert.”
Brett: “Gilbert? Like Gilbert Blythe?”
Fletcher: “Yeah, Sir Gilbert.”
Brett: “You mean Galahad.”
Fletcher: “No, Gilbert.”
Brett: “Gilbert is the hero in Anne of Green Gables. Galahad is the knight.”
Fletcher: “Are you sure?”
Brett, Colter, Emery, and PJ (in unison): “Yep.”