Brett (in the middle of doing a yoga video with Jim and PJ): “I smell bacon.”
PJ: “Good thing that’s not distracting.”
Jim: “Breathe in. Breathe in again.”

Gaston and Gepetto

We were never sure if Galaxy was even pregnant until the last week before she kidded. She stayed rather under the radar and was very active during her pregnancy. Notoriously, Galaxy is a strange goat. She is never hanging around a certain goat crowd, or sleeping next to her siblings, or really doing anything that is consistent with our other goats behaviors. It was great to see her start bagging up as her babies were wanting to come out.

Our two year old first fresheners had done so well up to this point and we had hardly any problems with their births. Galaxy, as usual, did not fit our pattern! She was tight. She didn’t want to push. She wouldn’t stay still. All things that make our job more difficult! We should have expected this from Galaxy. Gaston came out first after Emery coaxed her into pushing and helping him. He was very tangled up but Emery always does a good job at straightening out the babies before the births become too complicated and can put the momma does at risk.

Gepetto was second out and he was so tangled up and wrongly positioned that we pulled him out breech (backwards of normal position). Galaxy was extremely happy to have her babies out. This was a tough one, but her two boys were happy and healthy. Good job Galaxy!

Ga and Ge_blog_1

Gaston and Gepetto

2015 kid count: 31 doelings, 32 bucklings
2015 doe status (33 total): 28 does kidded, 5 left to go
2 set of quads, 8 sets of triplets, 13 set of twins, 5 singles


Signature Greyden




Everyone in our family absolutely LOVES musicals.  While we were visiting New York City, we had the opportunity to see three broadway musicals, including Newsies. My siblings and I absolutely love the Newsies movie*, so we couldn’t pass up the chance to see the play. It was absolutely amazing, and we couldn’t stop talking about it.

Well, a few months ago, it came to Louisville – so of course we went to see it again!


Indigo was trying to pose like the guy on the poster. LOL



After the show, we went around to the back of the theater hoping to meet the cast – and we were able to get pictures with some of them! This is Angela Grovey, who plays Medda Larkin.


The girls and I were very excited to see Stephanie Styles, who plays Katherine,


and the boys loved getting to meet the star of the show, Dan DeLuca, who plays Jack Kelly!


We were able to give several of the cast copies of our catalog, which got its name from Newsies! We named the catalog “The Banner” so that we could be “Carrying The Banner” – which is one of our favorite Newsies songs!

It was a great night! So great that the little girls got in the car to go home and promptly fell asleep. LOL


Have you ever heard of Newsies? If not, look it up! It’s amazing, and it’s a Jonas Family Favorite!




PJ (speaking to all the children): “We have to take the baby goats to the nursing home today. Who is going to be on cleanup duty when they pee on the floor?”