(Hewitt got 4 stitches in his finger the other day.)
Hewitt: “I’m very very sad because milking is the best part of my day and I couldn’t even go to the barn!”

The hay is all cut and will be ready to bail in a few days_blog

Looks like it’s time to make hay again! The farmer is cutting it today. This makes 2 cuttings this year, which should fill our hay loft. That gives us lots of healthy hay for the goats!

Jade: “I really hope that file will work.”
Brett: “I don’t think it will. It would be like trying to open a spreadsheet in Word.”
Jade: “Ohhhhh.”
Jade: “You’re right… that wouldn’t work.”

Happy 11th Birthday Hewitt!

I can’t believe that my baby brother just turned ELEVEN.

happy 11th birthday hewitt_blog

While we usually have breakfast birthday cake, occasionally we are too busy to make it. Sometimes the birthday person insists that they want breakfast birthday cake, and we’ll do it, but most of the time the birthday kid will let us substitute birthday donuts instead. (Remember when Fletcher had them last year?) Since we had to leave to be on TV in Cleveland that day, Hewitt said that he was more than happy with breakfast donuts – as long as he got to pick his first.

happy 11th birthday hewitt_blog_1

After our breakfast birthday donuts, we did pictures. Ignore Jade’s stained shirt. 😉happy 11th birthday hewitt_blog_2

happy 11th birthday hewitt_blog_3

happy 11th birthday hewitt_blog_4

happy 11th birthday hewitt_blog_5

happy 11th birthday hewitt_blog_6

happy 11th birthday hewitt_blog_7

happy 11th birthday hewitt_blog_8

happy 11th birthday hewitt_blog_9

happy 11th birthday hewitt_blog_10

Hewitt has become such a smart, talented young man. I’m so proud of how he’s growing up and can’t wait to watch him continue to grow!

Happy Birthday, Hewitt!



Fletcher: “Thanks, Mom, for making me eat foods that I thought were disgusting when I was younger. I like so many foods now. Could you imagine if all I ever wanted to eat was cheeseburgers?”

Farm Children

Since we live on a farm where the children run through fields, woods, work with goats and chickens, (and of course play hard) they tend to be hard on clothes and shoes. Especially the boys. After getting them new shoes, it seems like no time at all, and they come to me like this:

hewitts shoes falling apart_blog

I think the time Hewitt came to me with his shoes falling apart was my favorite:

hewitt's shoe falling apart 2_blog

hewitt's shoe falling apart 3_blog

How did he actually use them like that?

But then the other day Indigo came to me saying she needed new ones as well:

indigo shoes falling apart_blog

I guess going through shoes fast is just part of living on a farm!