Hewitt: “You know, it’s kinda crazy doing a family puzzle because everyone wants to do the edges and no one wants to do the middle pieces.”
Fletcher: “That’s not true! I like the middle pieces.”
Hewitt: “Well you’re the only one.”


Brett: “I just hope we don’t have thirty babies born in one day this year.”
Emery: “I don’t know, if we did that five days in a row, we’d be done with kidding season. It might be worth it.”


Jade: “Bringing wood in for the fire is always interesting because some of the pieces that look light are heavier than me, and some of the pieces that look heavy I can lift with two fingers.”


Colter: “Hey Indigo, I need you to fix my shirt again.”
Indigo: “I’ve sewed up that armpit hole three times already. I don’t think it’s going to work any better this time.”


PJ: “Why does it smell like peanut butter?”
Jade: “…um….”
PJ: “Well?”
Jade: “I might have had a tiny piece of broken peanut butter fudge?”