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Dry Ice

The other day, we had a delivery (Graeter's ice cream, yumm!!) that included some dry ice. After making sure the kids understood that they couldn't touch the dry ice, they were allowed to do what they wanted with it. They wanted to touch the fog, to feel how cold it was. They wanted to pour it into another bucket, to see what it would do when it was transferred. And they wanted to look through the fog, to see the dry ice... ... but they couldn't see anything. One ... Read More »

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September 2014 Soap Contest

It’s time for another Goat Milk Stuff contest!  This month we will be giving away some of our latest products.  There will be 3 winners that will each receive 1 salve, 3 bars of goat milk soap, and 1 liquid sugar scrub. (approx $50 retail value).  The winners get to choose the type of salve (arnica, comfrey, jewelweed), the soap scents, and the liquid sugar scrub scents. The Facts: Contest Begins: 9/1/14 Contest Ends: 9/30/14 Winner Announced: October 2014 GMS Newsletter Number of ... Read More »

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Ask A Jonas – Jade’s Favorite Goat

We get asked lots of questions when we're doing farm tours, selling soap at craft fairs, or simply running errands.  Since most of those answers are heard only by the person who asked, we decided to share some of the common questions here on the blog.  And of course you can ask a question of your own! Jade, which goat is your favorite, and why? ~Mary M Oh, that's hard. I think my favorite goat is probably Zany, because she's cute. She always likes to play with me, so I don't get ... Read More »

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Fall Scents are Coming!

Fall is almost here and that means that Cider Press and Pumpkin are the limited edition soap scents for September. They both smell delicious!  Cider Press smells just like apples and cinnamon and Pumpkin smells like yummy pumpkin bread. Both of these soaps will be announced in the Goat Milk Stuff newsletter and available on the website on September 1st.  Those of you who follow the blog can find them directly from these links (Cider Press and Pumpkin) a few days ... Read More »

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Meet The Goats – Ivy

Our dairy goats are not only foundational to Goat Milk Stuff, but they are a big part of our family as well. Each of them has a personality and during this series we're hoping you'll get to know more about them. Ivy is one of our biggest and strongest goats.  She is Colter's favorite goat, and is very sweet to him. But she lets everyone else know that she's in charge and so the little girls (and me too) are very careful around Ivy. I was talking with the boys about her the other day ... Read More »

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Half Logs

Our goat milk soap is available in several different sizes.  The full bars, half bars, and travel bars are fully cured and ready to use. Once you know you love a soap soap scent, we also make available our soap logs.  Soap logs are 3 pounds of soap that you need to cut and cure at your home before using. We are now making these same logs available as half logs.  Half logs weigh approximately 1.5 pounds. This allows you the same savings as our full logs, but offers a greater ... Read More »

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Kids Cooking – Sourdough Pancakes

If you've been following this series, you know why sourdough is healthy, how to feed your starter, and how to make sourdough bread.   Now it's time to share what we do when we have too much starter. We make pancakes! I will include our measurements here, but below I'll put a smaller batch size. First, stir down your starter: Place 8 cups of sourdough starter in a bowl: Add 8 eggs: Add 1/2 cup sugar: Add 1 cup olive oil: Add 2 tsp salt: In a ... Read More »