Indigo: “I love that dragon that you drew! It looks just like a dragon.”
Emery: “Well, it was supposed to be a horse, but then it didn’t look at all like a horse so I turned it into a dragon.”

Brett: “Wait wait wait! Don’t leave yet!”
Jade: “Why not?”
Brett: “Because that’s the last umbrella and it’s pouring.”
Jade (mischievously): “What would you do if I took it?”
Brett: “I… have no idea.”

Jade: “Sometimes I think people are crazy.”
Indigo: “Sometimes they ARE crazy.”
Jade: “And sometimes they’ve just spent too much time with my brothers.”

Hewitt: “On our last s’more, can we have two pieces of chocolate?”
PJ: “Yes.”
Jim: “By your last one, do you mean your ninth?”
Hewitt: “No, I’m going for ten.”

Emery: “You know, if we switch the bedrooms around like this, it will be the first time Greyden and I haven’t shared a room in thirteen years.”
PJ: “…that’s actually really sad.”

PJ (to one of the boys): “Don’t hold your fork like that, hold it like this.”
Indigo: “That’s a girly way to hold it.”
PJ: “No, it’s the mannerly way.”

Indigo: “It’s Mom and Dad’s anniversary! I want to watch the video of when they met?”
Brett: “We don’t have a video of when they met.”
Indigo: “No, the one where the kids told the story of how they met.”
(Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! This is the video that Indigo wanted to watch:

Jim: “How do you feel about Colter turning eighteen?”
Brett: “It’s not happening.”
Jim: “It’s not?”
Brett: “Nope, nope, nope. Not happening.”