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This month we’re giving away 25 of our caramel candies! The winner will be able to choose between our Sea Salt and our Chocolate caramels. They’re both delicious, so good luck choosing!

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Colter (after giving Brett a container of granola for her parfaits ): “That should last you about a week.”
Brett: “I’m thinking it’ll last about three days.”
Colter: “Or a week.”
Brett: “Maybe two days.”

Jonas Children with Goats_1_blog
Jonas Children with goat milk food_1_blog

Hewitt: “Mom, what does it mean when they say “two worlds, one family”?”
PJ: “It means that even though they’re different, they’re still like family.”
Hewitt: “So it doesn’t really mean that they’re from another world?”

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Jade: “What is raw milk?”
Indigo: “It means it’s not pasteurized.”
Jade: “Well what’s that?”
Indigo: “I think it’s where they cook the milk to kill everything in it.”
Jade: “Why would they want to cook milk??”

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