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How To Overcome Sibling Rivalry I

Busy Mom's Survival Guide Podcast Episode 071. Sibling rivalry is something I think every parent with more than one child deals with. And it can be so frustrating because of how frequently it appears and how much time we spend dealing with it. But as frustrating as it can be, I know that for me it can also become depressing because as a parent, I truly want my children to be friends as well as siblings.  So it is something that I work very hard to ensure doesn't get out of control. During ... Read More »


Chicken Eggs

When people come to our house and see our eggs, they are generally very surprised by the variety.  We have different colors and very different sizes. Most of our chickens lay brown eggs.  Some of the brown egg laying breeds we have are buff orpingtons, barred rocks, black stars, and rhode island reds. White eggs are layed by our white leghorns. Our Americanas lay the green eggs. And then we have bantams (smaller sized chickens) that lay small brown eggs. I love having the ... Read More »


Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

I love my sleep and admit that I get rather grumpy if I am routinely deprived of it! Fortunately, other than during kidding season, it doesn't happen often because I make it a priority to get the sleep that I need so that I can take care of my family without being grumpy.I believe, unfortunately, that too many Moms are chronically sleep deprived.  It starts when their children are newborns and require care throughout the night.  But instead of that being a temporary time period, most moms find ... Read More »

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Wet Shaving and Razor Burn

What is a wet shave?  What is a dry shave?  Isn't it all just cutting whiskers?Well, yes.  A dry shave typically uses an electric razor (hence the lack of water), and a wet shave uses any number of razor blades with a lubricating agent and water.  Either way, you get your whiskers cut, and if you try both, you'll find a way you like.  You do want to give each method a fair shake though, so make sure you're doing it right.  I don't have anything to do with electric razors, so I'll just tell ... Read More »

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Taking Care of Ivy

Tuesday morning, Colter milked Ivy, and everything was fine.  When he milked her in the evening, things were clearly not fine.  Ivy did not want to get on the milk stand (the goats always do).  She would not eat (the goats always eat). And she only gave 2 pounds of milk instead of her usual 6-7 pounds.  When Colter got her down from the milk stand, Ivy was shaky and having trouble standing.  She settled herself in the stall and was clearly in pain.  We took her temperature and it was ... Read More »

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Parenting Styles

Busy Mom's Survival Guide Podcast Episode 070.I’ve spent several months now talking about the importance of studying your children and getting to know their individual strengths and weaknesses as well as their learning styles and love languages.  During this podcast episode, I encourage you to study yourself as I talk about parenting styles.   Parenting styles are the “emotional climate” which characterizes your home and the manner in which you raise your children.  This differs ... Read More »


Disney Wild Africa Trek

While we were in Disney World, we decided it was time to do something we'd never done before. The Wild Africa Trek! Indigo and Jade were too young, so while we were doing it, they went off and toured Animal Kingdom with some of Grandma's friends. I can honestly say that this is one of the coolest things I've ever done. It was a three hour guided tour where we got to walk over the hippos and alligators, learn some swahili, get really close to some of the animals on the safari, and eat an ... Read More »