9 construction goofing off_120x120

Goofing Off

Construction was a very serious time. Every day, there were decisions to be made that would impact our farm forever.  So there was a lot of talking to Lucky, sitting down with plans, magazines, and paint colors, and thinking hard about what we wanted. But it wasn't all serious.  We had a ton of fun during the entire process! Hewitt goofing off behind Brandyn, probably plotting to do something to him: All of us holding our noses in the family room of the house, pointing at Emery - (he probably ... Read More »

7 construction talking with lucky_120x120

Talking to Lucky

Lucky, our contractor, is absolutely amazing. From the very beginning, he's been here to help us make our property the best it can be. In order for him to help us with that, we have to talk to him a lot. I made it my personal mission to take as many pictures of Lucky talking to people as I could. This is the face I got when I told him that: I didn't get as many as I thought I would, but I did get some! Indigo was telling Lucky she was cold in this picture, so Lucky got her a ... Read More »

6 construction playing on piles_120x120

Playing on the Piles

The Jonas children love when something is being built, because construction means that there are lots of piles. Dirt piles, rock piles, concrete piles -  they don't care, as long as they're allowed to climb them. And slide down them. (I'm just glad that they each do their own laundry - the Youngest Person Rule strikes again.) We don't have any pictures of them playing tag on the piles, but it happened all the time - we had two or three dirt piles next to each other ... Read More »

10 construction chicken and buck shed_120x120

Chicken and Buck Barns

We've already given you the tour of our main barn, but that barn is only for the female goats (does) and baby goats (kids).  We had to build two smaller barns for our bucks, dogs, chickens, and rabbits. This is the buck/dog shed. The concrete walkway leading to it is now lined by the female goat pen. The overhang on this building houses several outside feeders* for our does. The inside of this shed has two small stalls, one for the bucks and one for the dogs (although most of the time they ... Read More »

construction freezer room_120x120

The Freezer Room

When we were building the soaproom, Mom asked Dad and Lucky, "Is there any reason to have a ten foot ceiling on the soaproom? Because if we don't need it, we can just build the soap room eight feet high and save some money." No one could think of any reason to have a ten foot ceiling, so the soap room was framed at eight feet and covered in metal. A few weeks later, Dad realized the reason a ten foot ceiling had been planned when the walk-in freezer for the milk arrived. And yep, it was nine ... Read More »

happy birthday fletcher_120x120_1

Happy Birthday, Fletcher!

Fletcher turned 13 on July 12th.  With that momentous event, I now have as many teenagers as I have non-teenagers.  Yikes!  Good thing my teenagers are all pretty awesome! Normally, we have breakfast birthday cake to celebrate birthdays.  But the day before Fletcher's birthday was a bit crazy, so Fletcher said he would be very happy with breakfast donuts.  We just had breakfast birthday cake for Jade's and Colter's birthdays, so that helped. In fact, Greyden and Fletcher were ... Read More »

jim and PJ_120x120

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Sometimes I think about the past and realize that a lot of things had to happen for me to be where I am today.  A big thing happened nineteen years ago, on July 8, 1995. Can you guess what happened?  The title of the post gives it away. LOL Yes, my Mom and Dad got married. I love this picture - isn't my Mom's dress pretty? Everybody who knows my parents from their wedding says they still look the same now, but I think they look so much younger in their wedding photo. Here they are ... Read More »