Chocolate Covered Caramels

So excited to share our chocolate covered goat milk caramels with everyone. They should be on the website soon. Did I mention it’s our yummy goat milk caramel? In chocolate? Dark chocolate? Oh yeah!!!!

Hewitt, Indigo, and Jade find that singing makes the soap work go faster!  Hewitt proposes a new song while the three of them are unmolding and cutting the soap.  I think I need to work on some of the lyrics with them. LOL

PJ: “Don’t make a bad decision because you’re rushing to make a decision. Give it time. Many bad decisions are made before a decision is even required.”

Harvesting Jewelweed

We try to keep everything we do as natural as possible here on the farm.  That includes the food we (and all of our animals) eat as well as all of the items we make.  One of our most popular specialty items is our jewelweed soap and jewelweed salve.  These are used to both help prevent and help treat poison ivy.  And if you’ve ever suffered from a poison ivy rash, you know that anything that offers relief quickly becomes a favorite!

Jewelweed is a plant that grows naturally in (usually) damp soil.  When we lived at our old farm, we didn’t have any jewelweed on the property, so we harvested the jewelweed from a friend’s property.  But their home and property were destroyed in the tornado that hit our area in 2012.  The family was all safe and unharmed, which is the important thing, but I did need to look for a new source for my jewelweed.

We were super surprised and excited to find that our new Scottsburg farm has an abundant supply of jewelweed.  So now it is super easy to harvest!

harvesting jewelweed_blog_4

We did have to fence the goats out of it though so that it can grow undisturbed.

harvesting jewelweed_blog

Emery and Greyden are responsible for harvesting the jewelweed.

harvesting jewelweed_blog_1

They’ve learned to identify it by the orange flowers which usually appear in July or August.

harvesting jewelweed_blog_2

harvesting jewelweed_blog_3

The family doesn’t usually get many poison ivy rashes because we’re pretty good about washing with the jewelweed soap and identifying poison ivy so we can avoid it.  (The children learned a healthy fear of poison ivy from Jim who is highly allergic.)

Do you have any experience with jewelweed?



Second-Guessing Decisions

Have you ever had a difficult decision to make?  You agonize over it.  You pray about it.  You don’t sleep well thinking about it.

And finally you make a decision.  If you’re at all like me, the relief you feel is tremendous, simply because the decision has been made.  What you decided isn’t as important as the fact that you decided and the choice is now gone.


But if you’re also like me, at some point – whether it is days, weeks, months, or even hours – you start to second-guess that decision.  Or worse, you start to regret it.

I spent many years in that cycle.  And I’ve concluded that second-guessing or regretting is a waste of my time.

Decision-making is hard.  And it’s imperfect.  I make the best decisions I can given the information that I have.

For me, prayer plays a large role in my decision-making.  If I don’t feel comfortable that God wants me to do something, I don’t do it.

So after a decision has been made, if I second-guess it, then it feels like I’m questioning whether or not I heard from God correctly.

Here’s an example – our move to Scottsburg.  When it became obvious that Goat Milk Stuff had outgrown our old farm and we were going to have to move, we started praying for a new property.  We located one in Scottsburg that seemed almost perfect to us.  We prayed about it and were convinced this was where God wanted us.  We put in an offer and then we went “to battle” with the city over being allowed to build there.

I have to tell you, it was incredibly stressful.  While many people wanted us in Scottsburg, there were also some people who were very vocal about the fact that they did not want us there.  I could understand their concern because they didn’t know us and change is always scary.  But there were many times during the ordeal that I wanted to quit and find another property because the process was too hard.

It was really easy to tell ourselves that we had misunderstood God and this wasn’t the place for us.

But that thinking was wrong.

Because the right decision doesn’t always lead to an easy path.

If you measure whether or not you made a good decision based on how easy your life is after the decision is made, you’re using the wrong criteria.

Sometimes the right decision takes us down a very difficult path.  But it is still the path we are supposed to take.  It’s the difficult paths that are often where we learn and grow the most.

So now, once I’ve made a decision, I never try not to second-guess it.  I move forward and embrace the decision.

How about you – do you have trouble second-guessing your decisions?



I have some difficult “big picture” decisions that I have to make regarding Goat Milk Stuff.  Nothing earth shattering (things like retail room hours and whether or not to do Farmer’s markets next year with our cheese), but they are decisions that will affect the family.  They’re difficult decisions because I’m feeling very conflicted about them.

Goat Milk Stuff Farm_blog

My head knows what is the proper business decision to make.

But my heart doesn’t feel that the proper business decision is necessarily what is best for the family.

And therein lies the conflict.

I keep trying to come up with solutions that satisfy both my head and my heart and yet nothing presents itself.

And so I wait.

I’ve learned over the years that if I don’t have peace about a decision, it’s not time to make a decision.  Some might argue that not making a decision is a decision in and of itself.


And yet, decisions are often rushed and made before a decision is actually required.

And so I wait. And pray. And discuss. And think.

Eventually an alternative choice will present itself or circumstances will change and a decision will be made.

But for now… I wait.

Are you currently struggling with any decisions?