A Messy Family Tradition

Family traditions are very important to me. I work hard to try to establish ones that are not date specific and require little prep time. I’ve found that when I have a family tradition that HAS to take place on a certain day, inevitably it is a bad day and I have no energy (or enthusiasm) for the tradition. And then the tradition loses all appeal.

One of our favorite traditions is s’mores. We have a fire pit in our backyard. As soon as cool evening weather comes, everyone (even mom) gets to craving our s’mores. It is an easy tradition for me to handle. None of the s’mores ingredients are perishable, so I can keep them in the pantry.

This was Indigo’s first partaking of this particular family tradition. She was a natural at eating the ones prepared for her. This was also the first year Hewitt was allowed to toast his own marshmallows without an adult hand on his stick. He did great!




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