Don’t Hurt My Mama!

Two nights ago, I had a very bad headache.

I was lying on my stomach and I asked Cole to rub my shoulders. Emery came over to help as well. I told him to pound on my neck as it was very tense. They were hard at work and it felt wonderful!

A few minutes later, Indigo came into the room and started screaming (so much for relaxing and getting rid of my headache). After a few moments, we finally were able to understand her.

She was crying and yelling at Cole, “What are you doing to Mommy! What are you doing to Mommy! STOP! What are you doing to Mommy!”

She was bordering on hysterical. I immediately sat up and told her I was ok and snuggled with her and got her to calm down.

She stayed by my side to protect me the rest of the evening, and even massaged my shoulders herself – gently.





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