The other week we got 9 cases of plums from Mr. McCrary. (Yes, 9 cases). I didn’t have time to put them up, so I gave them all away… (happy sigh).

But then, I got another 3 cases, and I figured God was trying to tell me something. So, even though it has been crazy busy around here, we put up the plums.

We made a cross between a plum preserve and a plum syrup. Mostly I plan to serve it with pancakes. But maybe also on a nice, gooey peanut butter sandwich, hmmmm…..

We ended up with 14 quarts and 17 pints. Which reminds me – I need to buy another 50 pound bag of sugar from Sam’s Club.

I am so running out of storage space, and I haven’t even begun canning tomatoes!




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