Child Training

Every good mother knows that she can do all the children’s chores 10 times faster and 100 times better than they can. Case in point:


But I have to constantly remind myself that being a good mom is about training my children to do things. It is not about doing it for them. That only leads to lazy, selfish children and a burnt out, screaming mom.

So, this is my public declaration that it is ok that my floors are not spotless and my flatware still has food crusted on it. And remember my sliding glass door?  That was a mess. But… it won’t always be this way. My children are learning how to clean, and they’re getting better at it every day!

So I’m ok that sometimes there is spilled milk.




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  • Dee from Downunder

    my girls love cleaning at present, even though they get water everywhere, its all part of learning!