Herb and Flower Gardens

With winter coming, it’s time to say goodbye to my herb garden til next year. One of the best parts of having a perennial herb garden is knowing it will return. Here are some photos of my herb garden with lots of weeds and live purple flowers:



Here it is freshly weeded and mulched (and look, my flowers are still alive!):


Alas, the garden still looks great, but the purple flowers are dead:



My herb garden contains mostly perennials.  There is lavender, sage, comfrey, oregano, thyme, echinacea, yarrow, peppermint, spearmint, lemon balm, chives, and feverfew.  The annuals I plant are basil, dill, pineapple sage, parsley, chamomile, stevia, and rosemary (sometimes it overwinters). We need to replace our St. John’s wort and catnip.  I also want to add some calendula.

This year we also got crazy and planted watermelons and cantaloupe in there (and we harvested quite a few!)

Emery loves flowers, so he has his own garden.  He does have some duplicates in there (chives and echinacea), but mostly it’s just his flowers.  Here he is standing in his flower garden:


He’s getting ready to lay down mulch on this side.  That dogwood tree was given to him by our neighbor.  It was a scrawny looking thing that I never thought would survive and look at it now!


Emery has a very green thumb and he’s a very hard worker – two excellent traits for a gardener.


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