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Yesterday I wrote about the first day of the KY State Fair.  The second day that we did the fair, was also the last day of the fair.  This meant that everybody had to pack up all their stuff and load their vehicles. All of the other vendors were loading up their stuff from the back side of the Fairgrounds.  So we were really glad that we could skip out early load out from the front of the Fairgrounds.

After we packed everything into bins, we loaded it all onto our dollies and took it to the Hulk. Jade likes to help with that:




Dad goes first, to keep an eye out for cars:


Then the rest follow him like the ducklings in “Make Way For Ducklings” (one of our favorites books because there are 8 little ducklings just like there are 8 little Jonases). 


DSC_0337 (2)


DSC_0341 (2)

DSC_0343 (2)

DSC_0349 (2)

In case you were wondering, Mom brings up the rear and takes the pictures. When we arrive at the Hulk, we either help Dad get all of the stuff in the back, or we go and get buckled. Jade and Hewitt decided to help Dad (even though it would have been a lot faster without their “help”).

Here are Jade’s three steps to helping Daddy load the Hulk:

1. Pull up to the Hulk with your load:

DSC_0356 (2)

2. Take the stool off of the cart:


DSC_0359 (2)


3. Get your blanket out of the way, and fold up the cart:

DSC_0369 (2)-001

4. Climb in the Hulk quickly so you startle Daddy with your disappearing act.  When Daddy starts yelling, “Jade!! Where are you!?!”, you yell back as loud as you can, “I’m in the Hulk, Dad!!!”  And then you start laughing like it was the greatest joke in the world. 


It works every time! 

Those are Jade’s three tips for helping Daddy load the car. And yes, I know that was four. You try explaining that to a three-year old!

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  • PJ

    Hey PJ! That was precious! She's a little doll! When is the Kentucky State Fair? Hubby and I are always talking about taking a vacation in Tennessee and Kentucky, and that sounds like a fun time to visit. By the way, I'm visiting you from Redhead Riter's BF community! I am now following you and your ducklings! LOL!

    God Bless,

    PJ (PJ's Prayer Line)

  • PJ Jonas

    Welcome! Yes she is a doll. The KY State Fair is mid August. It's a hot time of year but fun! 🙂