The Birth of Goat Milk Stuff

I’m often asked why I started a small business in a bad economy. So here’s the story…

I had been praying for a family business for years. Actually, I had been praying for a family business for the years that I had been making goat milk soap for the family. The whole time I was praying, I never once considered soap. Strange, huh? (Actually, God knew I wasn’t yet ready for a business during the time I was praying for it. But in 2008, I was done having babies and I was ready.)


In January of 2008, our vehicle received bad gas which did over $9000 worth of damage to the engine. That was too much for our budget to absorb and I needed to find a way to generate some extra income.

I had recently bought a case of soap making supplies (which would have made enough soap for our family for several years). I decided to make some extra soap and try to sell it. The people that I had given it to loved our goat milk soap, so I thought it was good enough to sell too!

The goat milk soap formula that I used was the one that I had developed for our family. The things that I was looking for in a soap for us were:

1. long lasting
2. great lather
3. very moisturizing
4. wonderfully scented

When I decided to start selling some soap, I figured that everyone else would like the same things in a bar of goat milk soap that we did. So I didn’t change the formula at all.

The people who bought our first bars of soap acted just like the people to whom we had given bars of soap as gifts. They fell in love with it and told all their friends.

And the demand grew.

And Goat Milk Stuff was born.


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  • Becky Watson

    I love the way the Lord opens the doors for us at the right time! Often its when we are in a desperate time for that is when we are the most humble.

    • goatmilkstuff

      That is exactly right!! I could not have started Goat Milk Stuff while I was still nursing babies. God’s timing is perfect. PJ

  • Karen Hamlet Prescher

    I have dairy goats as well, a very small home operation. We do love them though. Congratulations on the beautiful family and the successful business.

    • goatmilkstuff

      Thanks, Karen. PJ