Tools For Staying Fit

Busy Mom’s Survival Guide Podcast Episode 069.
I talk a lot on my blog and podcast about how valuable it is for busy moms to exercise and stay fit.   But it’s not important so that we can look good (that’s just a side benefit).  It’s important so that we can feel good and so that we can have the energy and stamina we need to thrive in our busy lives as we take care of our family.

tools for staying fit

During this week’s episode, Brett joins me as we talk about some of the tools that we use to stay fit, as well as our current exercise program.

I’ve always worked very hard to teach my daughter during her teenage years that it is important to exercise and stay fit.  But I don’t want her to ever feel that it is all about her outward appearance.  It is important to stay fit so that she is healthy, not so that she can look good in a bikini (if she ever chose to wear one).

I’d love to hear what types of exercises you do to stay fit or if that is one of your current struggles.

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Thanks for listening! Please join me for next week as I talk about parenting styles.


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  • Christina Sherwood

    Love this pod cast. Staying fit is very important health wise. It is not about body image…but just feeling good.

    • goatmilkstuff

      I agree completely!! PJ

  • Allie

    Very interesting Podcast! I would love to try a FitBit!! I do not wake up for anything! I sleep through my alarm for the first 5 times. I have to set my alarm about 30 minutes before I actually wake up! PJ you and I sound the same when it comes to waking up, and if it works for you maybe it will for me too! Haha!

    • goatmilkstuff

      It does!! I haven’t slept through it once yet. :)