Building Forts in the Woods

My children tend to be very creative and make use of existing materials when they want to build something.  So what do we have in abundance around here?  Dozens and dozens of empty coconut oil buckets.

boys building forts_blog_8

We usually take them to a local place to recycle.  But apparently the boys got “inspired” and decided to put them to a different use.  So they dragged them into the woods.

boys building forts_blog

boys building forts_blog_1

To outline a fort that they eventually want to construct.

boys building forts_blog_2

boys building forts_blog_6

And they made flags out of garbage bags.boys building forts_blog_3

boys building forts_blog_4

And added some pallets.

boys building forts_blog_7

I’m not sure what Jade thinks of their plan.

boys building forts_blog_5

But I know that Jim isn’t too pleased with them “littering” our woods.  I think he’s given them a couple of days  and then they need to clean it up and use downed tree limbs instead!




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  • jane Broderick

    LOL ! Kids will be kids, and thats what its all about , having fun and being creative ! good for them !

    • goatmilkstuff

      You know it!!

  • pldn777

    Food grade plastic buckets in high demand by preparedness/self reliance community, and pricey enough. Would be a good idea to try and sell them to the people that need them… Blessings.

    • goatmilkstuff

      We share these buckets with lots of people who store food. They just have to wash all the coconut oil out of them first. 🙂

  • AmyandBilly Freeman

    I love this. We have pallets and trash bags so we are definitely doing this! My kids will love this.

    • goatmilkstuff

      Have fun!!

  • Allie

    So cute!! I love how they outlined their fort!!

    • goatmilkstuff

      So did they. Jim, not so much. LOL PJ