Visiting Clifty Falls State Park

A month or two ago, Mom decided that we’d never been to Clifty Falls State Park, and we had a free day, and by golly, we were going to finally go to Clifty Falls. Going to this park has been on Mom’s “We Should Do” list for quite some time, but we’d never gotten around to it.

One Sunday afternoon, Mom told us all to get in the car and we drove on over. We brought subs and mini cupcakes and had a picnic before setting off to hike one of the trails.

While we were waiting for Mom and Dad to catch up, the kids got started on a leaf war.

clifty falls state park_blog

For more than 20 minutes, they ran,

clifty falls state park_blog_1

and dodged,

clifty falls state park_blog_2

and threw leaves at each other.

clifty falls state park_blog_3

They had a blast, and didn’t want to stop when Mom said that she was growing cold, standing in the shadows. LOL

clifty falls state park_blog_4

We made our way down one of the trails,

clifty falls state park_blog_5

and the kids were amazed at the stick that was holding up this huge rock.

We also went down these really cool rock steps, which led to an overlook.

It was a beautiful day, and we’re so glad that we took the time to go hiking before the winter set in!


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