Haven and Hester

Goats don’t seem to care what we’re doing when they give birth. Whether its the middle of the super bowl, or the start of milking, when they are ready, they are ready! Halfway through the milking Hera had her pre-birth goo. That meant time to stop milking and time to take care of Hera. Greyden is the one who discovered that she was ready to get her babies out. The look on his face when he walked back into the milk room was priceless. It’s the look of “ok, stop what you’re doing, baby goats on the way”.

Haven and Hester came out with no problems at all. Healthy babies at 8 and 9 pounds.



First fresheners are funny because they always seem so confused and uncomfortable. She circled the stall what seemed like 20 times before she finally parked herself in the corner and started pushing. When we bring the babies in our milk room to get them cleaned up and fed, one job that isn’t the most fun but is absolutely necessary is cleaning and drying them off. We typically use towels. On this birth, we decided to use a hair dryer. Genius idea. After removing the birthing goo, a hair dryer can clean a baby in roughly half the time that it takes with towels. We discovered this a little late in kidding season, but needless to say we continued this technique for the rest of kidding season. It always helps when we finder quicker, yet still efficient ways of doing our jobs!

2015 kid count: 31 doelings, 29 bucklings
2015 doe status (33 total): 26 does kidded, 7 left to go
2 set of quads, 8 sets of triplets, 12 set of twins, 4 singles

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