Knitting For Playmobil

All my kids have enjoyed playmobil at some point during their childhood. But as they have gotten older, some of them have “outgrown” it.

Fletcher, Hewitt, Indigo, and Jade however all still very much love playmobil*, and regularly request it for their birthdays and Christmas.

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Recently, those who still play with playmobil, had the idea that they could buy MORE from older siblings, (who don’t play with it anymore) to expand their collections.

On the surface, I saw nothing wrong with this, and didn’t think much of it.  But turns out they had absolutely no grasp of the value of the pieces/sets, and were charging each other a lot more than they were worth new.

So after telling them they weren’t being fair to each other, we put an end to the playmobil* buying and selling.

They (being Fletcher, Hewitt, Indigo, & Jade) then came to me later and said “If we can’t buy playmobil from Colter, can we knit washcloths and trade them for playmobil?” After this, Colter would cash in the washcloths for money at the soaproom to be sold in the retail room and online.

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I was so impressed with their creativity, and thinking outside the box that I told them that was fine.

So now everyone is happy! The older kids get a little extra cash, and the younger ones get more playmobil*.  And, they now have a better grasp on the value of the pieces/sets, and are working for their goals.





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