Kids Cooking – Keurig Oatmeal

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Most mornings, the children make their own breakfasts. One of their “quickie” breakfasts is instant oatmeal. It became even faster and easier for them to make once Grandma bought us a Keurig*. They take their instant oatmeal and a bowl: Add the oatmeal to the bowl: And add the hot water from the Keurig*! The […]

Kids Cooking – Baked Oatmeal


One of our favorite breakfast recipes is baked oatmeal. Its easy- all the kids are capable of cooking it. It can also make a good vegan recipe if you replace the butter and egg with applesauce or olive oil.  Before Emery started he pulled out the kid friendly recipe,  got out all the ingredients, and […]

Kids Cooking – Caramel Apple Salad


One of our favorite desserts to fix when we have company is Caramel Apple Salad. It is super yummy and good for apples that are getting a little old. Before Emery started, he washed his hands with goat milk soap, then read over the kid friendly recipe and got out all of his ingredients: He then opened the […]

Homemade Pizza


One of the fun things we enjoy doing as a family is making homemade pizza. Jim is mainly responsible for the pizza crust once I’ve made the dough using our regular bread recipe. Once the dough is on the pizza cookie sheets, we cook them for about 8 minutes at 350 til they are fully […]

Kids Cooking – Chicken and Celery


This is one of our family favorites!  You can make it with any type of grain or quinoa, but we prefer rice. First, you wash your hands with goat milk soap: Brett started off with adding brown rice to the rice cooker*: She added water to it: And set the timer so the rice cooker* would have the rice […]

Kids Cooking – French Toast


If your children are like mine, they’re always wanting to tackle new challenges.  Jade has been very excited lately to learn how to cook.  One of the first full meals she is able to make all by herself is French Toast.  I do slice the homemade bread for her so the slices are relatively uniform. […]

Kids Cooking – Egg Sandwiches


We have been getting a lot of eggs from our chickens lately. One of our favorite things to cook when we have an excess of them are egg sandwiches! They are super easy, which makes them great for the kids to cook.  First, Emery washes his hands with our goat milk soap: Then he drops […]

How To Bake Bread


Baking bread is a much loved event around here.  My children could sit and eat warm bread fresh out of the oven three times a day if I let them.  We have lots of different ways we make bread depending on how much time we have.  This is one of our most common. Add water […]

Kids Cooking – Peanut Butter Cups


I admit it – one of my absolute favorite dessert combinations is chocolate and peanut butter. If I’m going to indulge (or over-indulge), chocolate and peanut butter is definitely my weakness. Fletcher, it seems, also shares my weakness because his favorite dessert to make is homemade peanut butter cups. He loves to make them and […]

Kids Cooking – Quinoa Black Bean Stew


We have a lot of friends who are vegan.  So I try to have some good vegan recipes on hand for when they come over. One of our favorite vegan meals is a black bean stew with quinoa (pronounced “keen – wah”).   As with most of our crockpot meals, it’s a great recipe for kids […]

Kids Cooking – Breakfast Birthday Cake


We generally don’t make a big fuss about birthdays around here, but we do have several traditions that are important to us. One of our birthday traditions is to start the day with Breakfast Birthday Cake. Emery has been trained to safely cook, and usually volunteers to make it the day before it is needed.  We usually make […]

How to Cook Artichokes


In my experience, most people have never eaten real artichokes.  Sure, they’ve had artichoke hearts or artichoke dip.  But the whole artichoke? Nope!  In fact, most people are very surprised to learn that portions of the artichoke leaves are not just edible, but yummy! Artichokes are actually a biennial plant.  That means that they don’t […]

Kids Cooking – Split Pea Soup


Greyden (10 years old) makes most of our crock pot meals.  This morning I asked him to make split pea soup.  He has been trained on this meal and is capable of making it by himself. First he washes his hands with our goat milk soap (of course). Then he removes the kid-friendly recipe I made […]

How to Write a Kid Friendly Recipe

Greyden recipe

I think it is very important that we teach children to cook.  My children start learning when they are two years old how to help mom in the kitchen.  I give them things to pour and stir and scoop. As they get older, they start learning how to make their own sandwiches and blend their […]

How to Make Marinade


My wife orchestrates what we eat around here.  Periodically, she goes food shopping, brings home what she bought, and drops it in front of me and asks, “Will you marinate this for me?”   When I’m marinating meat, I don’t follow a recipe.  I make it up with what leftover ingredients we have that need […]