Y’know, I think we’ve got plenty of free time and creative energy around here. (Yes, that’s a homemade hammock made with baling twine. Can you say #FarmKids? LOL)
Throwback Thursday! Can you name the kids in this photo?
Did you know that Indigo runs our farm store AND answers the phone? She’s a kid of many talents!
Throwback Thursday – I love this picture of Indigo and Mom at a craft fair!
We love doing puzzles as a family!
Library days are the best days!
Throwback Thursday! My “bookend” babies were so small! -PJ
We just had hot dogs over the fire pit.
Hewitt and Jade are playing Texas Canasta.
First race of the season!
Indigo and Jade put up their hair, don’t they look pretty?
Greyden loves shrimp and vegetables
It’s Hewitt’s birthday! He’s twelve years old now!
Indigo and Jade ride their bikes to “work” and it is so hot and humid right now they arrive all sweaty! LOL