Our kittens (John Boy and Mary Ellen) are having fun in the hay loft this afternoon. They have been quite popular among the family; when you can’t find someone good chance they’re playing with the kittens!


Emery has a variety of flowers in his flower garden. Because there is so much variety, they don’t all bloom at the same time of year. Which means there are always some kind of pretty flower growing.

One of the flowers that are blooming right now, are the lilies!

emery's flowers_blog

emery's lilies_blog

emery's lilies_blog_2

emery's lilies_blog_3

They add so much color to the landscape. What are your favorite flowers?




Meet John Boy

We have several cats around the farm (Jason and Ginger being 2 of them) that help reduce the mouse population.  Since we are expanding into food with a new building, we thought we should increase our cat population, just to be safe. Following our cat naming system, meet John Boy!

meet john boy - new cat kitten

He’s about 7 weeks old, and absolutely adorable to watch! We’ve only had him about a week, and almost everyone in the family has fallen in love with him.

meet john boy - new cat kitten_1

meet john boy - new cat kitten_2

meet john boy - new cat kitten_3

meet john boy - new cat kitten_4

Kittens are so much fun! Do you have any cats?




Putting Up Hay

Remember last year when we put up hay? Early summer is usually hay time around here.  The fields were tall, so the farmer came to cut it:

putting up hay

putting up hay_1

putting up hay_5

putting up hay_7

It has to dry out before it can be baled. In past years, it has rained after it’s cut, which results in having to wait longer before baling it. Fortunately this year it didn’t, so we didn’t have to wait long!

putting up hay_2

This year we had a hay wagon behind the tractor. The boys grabbed the bales, and stacked them flat. (Much more effective than using pickup trucks like last year!)

putting up hay_6

putting up hay_8

Once the wagon was full, they pulled it to the barn, where we put it up.

putting up hay_3

putting up hay_9

We gathered and put up 500 bales in 3 hours! It’s hard work, but it gives us lots of hay for the goats. Hopefully we can get a second cutting. Have you ever helped put up hay?




Chicken Treats

I was walking past the barn the other day, and I noticed Greyden standing in very wet clumpy mud, digging with his hands.

boys digging for worms_blog

Me: “Greyden what are you doing?”

Greyden: “I’m looking for worms for the chickens!”

Apparently right after it rains, all of the worms are close to the surface of the ground, which made it easy for him to find them.

boys digging for worms_blog_1

He had a huge handful of them.

boys digging for worms_blog_2

When his hand got full, he would dump them in a bucket.

boys digging for worms_blog_3

And when his bucket was full, he brought it over to the chicken pen and dumped it in. Then he decided that he’d had enough fun playing in the mud, and he should get back to work. The baby goats were getting hungry, and they were calling him!

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