First garden tomato salad (with fresh, garden basil) of the year! -PJ
Carmela got into the wrong pen, but she obediently followed Jim back to the proper pen!
The sunflowers in the garden are blooming! Aren’t they gorgeous?
We have GMS Backpacks now! The girls were so excited to model them. -Brett
So many blackberries!
This is why the boys have such a powerful cross country team, because these 3 can stick together! Running as one is better than running against each other. -PJ
Homemade peach cobbler is the best!
One of our chickens hatched a few chicks!
Zoe and some of the other babies that were born this year love saying hi!
Indigo is singing as loudly as she can while wrapping these caramels. I tried to capture it on video but she gave me this smile instead! -PJ
Greyden was helping Mom ferment beets from our garden, and didn’t listen when she suggested that he wear gloves.
The rabbits are loving what’s left of our cauliflower plants!
Indigo and Jade have been making cloaks for themselves and their siblings, and they couldn’t resist modeling them on a windy day!
Hewitt and Baxter love each other!
Our local YMCA brought their summer camp kids out for a farm tour the other day!