Do You Take Advantage of Opportunities?

I love the fact that because of Goat Milk Stuff, we’ve been able to take the family on many adventures to many cities.  We’ve been on television in St. Louis, Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Green Bay, and New York City.  Our latest trip brought us to Kansas City.

visiting kansas city_blog

We really enjoy the chance to be on television and share our soaps (and now our caramels) with the television reporters and their viewers.  But our favorite part is getting to explore the city and learn a little about the culture and what makes it special.  After the filming, we headed back to our hotel, got changed, ate “second breakfast”, and then drove around Kansas City before heading to Loose Park.

visiting kansas city_blog_2

visiting kansas city_blog_1

It was beautiful and the weather was perfect!  We then headed to the Kansas City Library where the children thought the large books on the walls of the parking garage were cool:

visiting kansas city_blog_3

There was also a large chess set on the roof of the library that they had fun with:

visiting kansas city_blog_4

The sad part was that Indigo found a book that she’s been coveting and thought she’d be able to “borrow it from the library.”  She started crying when she realized she couldn’t (making the librarian feel pretty bad).

After lunch (yes, Kansas City really does have AWESOME barbeque!) we headed over to the World War I Memorial.

visiting kansas city_blog_5

visiting kansas city_blog_6

Then we walked to the Kansas City Federal Reserve and toured the “Money Museum”.  The Fed was pretty cool but I wish that they had some better tools to teach the children about exactly what the Fed does.  There was a video (but I wasn’t impressed).  I spend a lot of time teaching the children about money and borrowing and interest rates and I was hoping they’d have some good books at their little shop.

We were only in Kansas City for a total of about 36 hours, but we got a good overview of the city and their Barbeque!  I thought Kansas City was well kept with friendly people and was surprised by how much elevation there was.  I actually earned a “Redwood Forest” badge from my fitbit* from walking up and down as we walked around the city.

One of the reasons we’re able to enjoy the city so much is because not only are the children older (so they can walk and enjoy the sites), but also because Jim does a lot of prep-work finding out about the city and what our family would enjoy doing before we even arrive.  He had a list of places we could visit and the children got to choose which ones they were most interested in.

You don’t have to be on television to take advantage of the opportunities around you.  I know there are a few dozen things that I want to visit within a two hour radius of our home that I haven’t gotten around to doing – yet!

Where’s the latest place you’ve visited?





Everyone in our family absolutely LOVES musicals.  While we were visiting New York City, we had the opportunity to see three broadway musicals, including Newsies. My siblings and I absolutely love the Newsies movie*, so we couldn’t pass up the chance to see the play. It was absolutely amazing, and we couldn’t stop talking about it.

Well, a few months ago, it came to Louisville – so of course we went to see it again!


Indigo was trying to pose like the guy on the poster. LOL



After the show, we went around to the back of the theater hoping to meet the cast – and we were able to get pictures with some of them! This is Angela Grovey, who plays Medda Larkin.


The girls and I were very excited to see Stephanie Styles, who plays Katherine,


and the boys loved getting to meet the star of the show, Dan DeLuca, who plays Jack Kelly!


We were able to give several of the cast copies of our catalog, which got its name from Newsies! We named the catalog “The Banner” so that we could be “Carrying The Banner” – which is one of our favorite Newsies songs!

It was a great night! So great that the little girls got in the car to go home and promptly fell asleep. LOL


Have you ever heard of Newsies? If not, look it up! It’s amazing, and it’s a Jonas Family Favorite!




Happy 18th Birthday, Brett!

I can’t believe my daughter is now considered an adult.  She’s always acted like a “little adult”.  But now her age (and not just her attitude) declares her an adult.  Despite this momentous occasion, we still celebrated her birthday the same way.

She still had a birthday cake…

happy birthday brett_blog_12

happy birthday brett_blog_2

She still hugged all of her siblings and got a photo with each of them…

happy birthday brett_blog_3

happy birthday brett_blog_4

happy birthday brett_blog_5

happy birthday brett_blog_6

happy birthday brett_blog_7

happy birthday brett_blog_8

happy birthday brett_blog_9

happy birthday brett_blog_10

She still sat on her Daddy’s lap for her photo with him…

happy birthday brett_blog_11

And she still is my little girl!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful daughter.  I am so proud of the adult you have become!


Ask A Jonas – Brett’s Thoughts about Driving

We get asked lots of questions when we’re doing farm toursselling soap at craft fairs, or simply running errands.  Since most of those answers are heard only by the person who asked, we decided to share some of the common questions here on the blog.  And of course you can ask a question of your own!

Brett, how do you like being able to drive? ~DynamicKitty

I love being able to drive – but I don’t like driving itself. When I’m driving I get knots in my shoulders because I’m so tense, and the longer I drive the worse it gets. I have no idea why it happens, but it does! The other day I had to cross the bridge into Louisville for the first time, with all of the construction and traffic… lets just say that Colter spent quite some time rubbing the knots out of my shoulder after that. I’m finally getting to the point where driving to college doesn’t make me tense up, but driving over the bridge wasn’t fun.

Because Colter and I are going to college together, he’s become my driving buddy, and I don’t know what I’d do without him. Colter is the DJ, the air conditioning and heat manipulator, and the person who takes care of all the phone calls and texts from Mom. I don’t touch my phone while I’m driving (it goes in the cup holder farthest from me) so he is what I call the “Chief Communicator”. He also hands me snacks on our way home from college when we’re both starving because we were in class for several hours. It’s pretty handy. 😉

Being able to drive is great – I’m able to do what I need to do, without having to wait for a ride or anything. While I don’t really like doing it, I know that it’s a necessary skill to have, and I’m grateful that I’m able to do it!




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Ask A Jonas – Do The Kids Like Their Unique Names?

We get asked lots of questions when we’re doing farm toursselling soap at craft fairs, or simply running errands.  Since most of those answers are heard only by the person who asked, we decided to share some of the common questions here on the blog.  And of course you can ask a question of your own!

Ask a Jonas- thoughts on names_blog

Jonas Kids, what is it like having such unique names? Do you like it?  ~Kim

Brett: I love my name. The only downside is when everyone thinks that I’m a guy, because my name is typically a guy name. We’ll get emails saying that “Brett is such a nice young man, I’m so glad he signed my invoice” and stuff like that. It’s kinda funny, most of the time. So are the ways people spell my name. I’ve seen it spelled Britt, Brat, Bratt, and my personal favorite, Bertt. But I do like that I’m the only Brett that most of my friends know. It’s not like some other names – for instance, I know four Josh’s. That’s confusing! LOL
Colter: I never really saw my name as unique – I mean, I know it’s not your normal John, or Josh, or something like that. I don’t normally get confused with other people,which is nice.  I enjoy having a different name.

Emery: I’ve never really thought about it being unique.  I know of three other guys named Emery, so it just doesn’t seem too different.  They don’t all spell it the same way I do, but they all sound the same.   I don’t know anybody with the name “Bob” so that seems more unique than Emery.

Fletcher: It’s really nice having a different name, because even though I’m mixed up with Emery and Greyden, my name is always different, and people can learn the difference. It’s really fun having a unique name because then if you find someone else with the same name, it’s really cool.

Greyden: I’ve never met somebody with my name.  It is kind of cool when people say it is a cool name.  My name was the only one not in the 1000 Baby Names book.   And it is spelled with two “E”s.

Hewitt: I think it’s cool that I’m the only Hewitt I’ve ever met in my entire life and I think it’s cool that most of my family hasn’t met anyone else of their names. I like having my name, but sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I had a different name. I just think it would be strange, to have a different name. I like it, that Mom and Dad called me Hewitt.

Indigo: It’s really fun, having a name that no one else has, and I have a really cool name. The best thing about it is that my name is my favorite color – purple! Most people don’t have their favorite color as their name.

Jade: I think it’s cool, in a way, that everyone pretty much knows my name and it’s really cool that all of my siblings have names that no one has met anyone else with that name. I have not met another Jade, which is very cool, but Indigo and Emery have met other Indigo’s and Emery’s. So it’s really cool that I get to be the only one that I’ve met.

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Ask A Jonas – Brett’s Favorite Hobby

We get asked lots of questions when we’re doing farm toursselling soap at craft fairs, or simply running errands.  Since most of those answers are heard only by the person who asked, we decided to share some of the common questions here on the blog.  And of course you can ask a question of your own!

Ask a Jonas-brett_favorite hobby_blog

Brett, what is your favorite thing to do when you’re not working? ~Samantha B

I’d have a hard time choosing between reading and writing.

I love reading – I’ve been reading since I was four. I taught myself to read with the hymnal and songs that I knew from church. Ever since then I’ve been devouring books. When I was about ten years old, I could read two or three books in a day (if I had time).  I voluntarily read War and Peace when I was fourteen – I actually liked it too!

Brett and Cole reading_blog

But writing has become something that I really enjoy and spend a lot of time doing.  I was able to buy Grandma’s old iPad so now I’m able to write on car trips and that has really improved my word count.

Saturday Summary 5_brett-writting

Though, if I’m being honest, I might spend more time on Twitter talking about my writing than I do actually writing.

I’m trying to get better at that, though. LOL




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Goat Collars

We mentioned the new goat collars in the post about our goat photoshoot, but we didn’t explain why the collars all look different, and why that’s important.

When we were talking about getting collars for our goats, we realized that we could use them as a tool. We figured out a system, and now, just by looking at a goat, I can tell you who the parents of that particular goat are. The color of the collar tells us who the dam is, and the color of the words tell us who the sire is.

We began by taking the older goats and assigning them a color.  We chose pink for Zuzu – the matriarch of one of our goat families.  And made her letters brown because we like how that looks. LOL

behind the scenes goat photoshoot_blog_1

But other than the senior does, everybody’s collar color is based on their heritage.

For example, Tapioca’s collar is light blue, with green letters. The light blue tells me that she’s out of the Payton line (since Payton’s color is light blue) and the green tells me that her sire is Panini. (If you really want to get detailed, her Dam is Thalia, Payton’s daughter, and I know that because her name starts with a T.)  Tapioca is chewing on her twin’s collar, which is the same color as hers. The only difference is that her twin’s collar says “Tempest” instead of “Tapioca”!

behind the scenes goat photoshoot_blog_3

Now that you know what the different colors mean, take a look at this picture. Each group of collars is a different family. If you see a collar that is a different color, it just means that goat has an identical twin and we made the collar slightly different so we could tell them apart more easily. I’m holding our buck collars – see how they’re brown, with different colored letters? The letter colors tell us the buck’s color.

goat collars_blog

What do you think of our system? Do you think it’s too complicated, or do you think it’s cool?

I love it, because all I have to do is memorize which color belongs to which of our senior does, and with a glance at a goat’s collar, I can tell you who they are. It’s really handy when we’re working on breeding plans, because we can see who the goat can’t be bred to with just a single glance.

goat collar_blog

We’ve only had the collars on the goats for a few days, but it’s been great!

When people come on tours they can see the names of the goats, and call them by name. Both the goats (yes, they do know their names) and the people love it!




UPDATE: See the video and get a coupon code!


GMS Customer Spotlight – Aly

Here at Goat Milk Stuff, we love our customers, and we want to get to know you better. We decided that a Customer Spotlight would be a great way to do that!

customer spotlight Aly

This week’s spotlighted customer is Aly from Fishers, Indiana. Brett met her on Twitter in 2012, and she has been visiting Goat Milk Stuff since!

How and/or Where did you first hear about Goat Milk Stuff?


Is there a TV show, radio station, magazine, or website where you’d like to see our story in the future?

Self Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Any other national syndicated talk show / news show.

When was your first Goat Milk Stuff purchase?

Roughly 18 months ago

Who in your family uses Goat Milk Stuff?

Myself, sister and Mom.

What is your favorite Goat Milk Stuff soap? and why?

Pink Sugary! It smells SOOOOO good! All the scents last, but this one is noticed more than others throughout the day.

What is your favorite Goat Milk Stuff “other stuff” product? and why?

Love the soy candles and the luffa soaps (Unscented) – It’s the perfect soap/tool for washing my face. The gentle exfoliation, the raw goat milk soap = perfection!

What does Goat Milk Stuff do for you that keeps you coming back?

Love the soaps, but more importantly I love the “home grown, family business” feel and touch. Everything from the quick shipping, my questions be answered in a very timely manner to the handwritten messages on every receipt truly keep me coming back for more!

It has been said that it is more blessed to give than to receive. How have you found that to be true when giving people GMS or telling them about it?

I’ve told many people about your product. Every single one of them has had the same reaction as me – they’ve fallen in love. I’m glad people take the leap and try your product. It never fails.

If you could spend the afternoon with just one person in the Jonas family, which one would it be and why?

Brett, of course! Adore her! But seriously, the whole family rocks! Indigo makes me laugh and smile … PJ is so smart and has a fun sense of humor … and Jim also is so fun and witty!!

If you could have any of the Goat Milk Stuff animals, which would you choose?

The dogs!! Big dog lover! Does that count as an answer?! Ha!!

Do you have a favorite Goat Milk Stuff video? or blog post?

I love Indigo’s tour of the retail shop … Her “Vanna hands” (Wheel of Fortune) showing all the displays … So professional! And when she smells her favorite soap and melts to the ground – the kid slays me! Such a hoot!!!

Is there anything else that you’d like to share?

Love Goat Milk Stuff!


Thanks so much to Aly and all of our other wonderful customers!  Without you, Goat Milk Stuff wouldn’t exist and we value your role in our success.

PJ + Crew




Ask A Jonas – Is Brett Going To College?

We get asked lots of questions when we’re doing farm toursselling soap at craft fairs, or simply running errands.  Since most of those answers are heard only by the person who asked, we decided to share some of the common questions here on the blog.  And of course you can ask a question of your own!

Ask a Jonas-brett_college_blog

Brett, what are you planning on doing for college? ~Emily

Colter and I are going to work on our Business Associates Degrees at the local community college. Classes start on August 25th, and I’m super excited!

We’re taking it easy this first semester, with only seven credit hours. One credit hour is the mandatory IVYT 101, the “First Year Seminar”, and the other two classes are Business 101 and Business 105.

This is going to be such a new experience for us! I had to go school shopping for the first time in my life the other day – I’d never bought a backpack before! I asked several friends who are also going to Ivy Tech what was on their “can’t do without” college supply list, made my list, made myself a budget, and went out and got everything I needed.

ask a jonas brett college_blog

I’m super excited to take this next big step in my life! I have no idea what to expect – I’ve never done anything like this, unless you count going on Outward Bound, which was also a totally new (and awesome) experience.

So, because I’m brand new to all of this, what’s your advice for me? One friend told me to “think that every homework assignment is due at the next class. You’ll never procrastinate, because it has to be done before the next class, and then it’s done.”

That was probably the best bit of advice I’ve gotten, so far.

I’d love to hear what you think!




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GMS Customer Spotlight – Mandi

Here at Goat Milk Stuff, we love our customers, and we want to get to know you better. We decided that a Customer Spotlight would be a great way to do that!

customer spotlight mandi

This week’s spotlighted customer is Mandi from Montana. Mandi has been ordering from Goat Milk Stuff since 2010, and we always smile when we see her name come up. And I (Brett) think her kids are adorable!

When was your first Goat Milk Stuff purchase?

Over 5 years ago.

What is your favorite Goat Milk Stuff soap? and why?

Tea Tree! It has helped incredibly with my complexion, it’s magic in a soap!

What is your favorite Goat Milk Stuff “other stuff” product? and why?

The soap savers are great, I use one every time I shower. I love how it exfoliates, helps the soap last longer and creates a great lather too.

What does Goat Milk Stuff do for you that keeps you coming back?

I love the personal touch in each order. GMS has a great, honest, hardworking family and I love that in a company!!

If you could spend the afternoon with just one person in the Jonas family, which one would it be and why?

Brett! I’m not nearly the book worm you are, but I would love to spend a day riding 4-wheelers, hiking and/or fishing in the river with you.

If you could have any of the Goat Milk Stuff animals, which would you choose?

The rabbits! I need their poo for my garden.


Thanks so much to Mandi and all of our other wonderful customers!  Without you, Goat Milk Stuff wouldn’t exist and we recognize and value your role in our success.

PJ + Crew

Colorful Bedrooms

When they painted our bedrooms, we were that much closer to living in our bedrooms. We still needed carpet, lights, switches, trim, doors, and a whole lot more, but the rooms were very colorful.

13 kids bedrooms_blog_3

13 kids bedrooms_blog_1

13 kids bedrooms_blog_2

13 kids bedrooms_blog

Which made all of us beyond excited!





Since we did our handprints in the concrete at the soaproom, Mom wanted us to put our footprints on the barn’s porch. (Mom also suggested we do butt prints on the porch of the house, but Dad said no. LOL)

First, Ramblyn put the “broom finish” on the concrete – basically, going over the concrete with a broom to give it lines.

construction- feet prints_blog_1

We got a bucket of water to rinse our feet in afterward because uncured concrete can burn your skin.

construction- feet prints_blog

Jade’s feet wouldn’t go into the concrete – they had poured that concrete first, so it was too hard (and she didn’t weigh enough even with Mom and Lucky pushing on her feet) to make her footprint. We decided that she would get a bonus set of footprints on the other end of the barn.

construction- feet prints_blog_2

Lucky helped us push our feet into the concrete evenly. His hands were cold.

construction- feet prints_blog_3

So was the concrete, actually.

construction- feet prints_blog_4

construction- feet prints_blog_6

construction- feet prints_blog_7

construction- feet prints_blog_8

Lucky picked the younger kids straight out of the concrete.  It was harder for the bigger kids (and Mom and Dad) to step out of the concrete evenly.

construction- feet prints_blog_9

But overall, the footprints came out really well!  Mom wrote our names by them again.

construction- feet prints_blog_19

construction- feet prints_blog_5

construction- feet prints_blog_15

construction- feet prints_blog_14

construction- feet prints_blog_13

construction- feet prints_blog_12

construction- feet prints_blog_11

construction- feet prints_blog_10

construction- feet prints_blog_18

construction- feet prints_blog_16

I’m glad we put our footprints on the barn – it’s cool to see how much our feet have grown. (Well, my siblings’ feet – mine haven’t grown at all!)




Happy Birthday, Jim!

Jim and I met at The University of Virginia, so Thomas Jefferson is very important to us.  Here is an interesting fact – Thomas Jefferson was born on Jim’s birthday (April 13) and died on Jade’s birthday (July 4).  I always post the children’s birthday photos, and they insisted that I post Daddy’s birthday photos as well.

happy birthday jim_blog_2

happy birthday jim_blog_3

happy birthday jim_blog_4

happy birthday jim_blog_5

happy birthday jim_blog_6

happy birthday jim_blog_7

happy birthday jim_blog_8

happy birthday jim_blog_9

happy birthday jim_blog_10

happy birthday jim_blog_11

happy birthday jim_blog_12

happy birthday jim_blog_13

happy birthday jim_blog_14

Happy Birthday to my incredible husband!


7 Reasons You Should Read “Lemonade Stand Economics”

Yes, you really should read Lemonade Stand Economics by Geof White.

I did, but that’s not such a great reason, so I won’t count that one.

My daughter, Brett, read it as well.  Of course, she (@BookSquirt on twitter) reads everything under the sun, so that’s not very compelling either.


I wrote a bunch of twitter updates, or tweets, about it too; but again, not such a great reason.  But, they do give you some idea of what’s in the book, so here are some of them, along with the seven reasons…


1. You are a teenager.

You’ve got school, perhaps college, and a career all ahead of you.  Don’t you want some directions on how to do all of that well?  Wouldn’t it also be awesome if you could do all of that without debt?  You’re not going to get this information in your classes, and what you learn NOW is foundational to your adult career.  You have a tremendous advantage if you start early, and if you’re still living at home, that can be a huge bonus, too.  Teens, if your parents are too busy or disinterested to encourage you in this, take charge of your own destiny and get started without them. Lemonade Stand Economics* could be the game-changer for you!

Related Tweets:

“Start your financial planning in HS when you have dear old Mom+Dad right there 2 help.” #teen #money

“Working 4 yourself during HS is an enormous advantage over waiting 2 do so until you reach college.” 

Lemonade Stand Economics “gives some entrepreneurial guidance in an arena that just isn’t presented in school.” #TEENS READ THIS! 

“skills U learn while working for yourself in HS.. are the foundation you will need during your adult career.” 


2. You are a “Millennial” or consider yourself part of “GenY”,

You are ready to unleash your awesomeness on the world and make it a better place.  Problem is, you don’t know where to start.  Wouldn’t you like some straight talk about how to get it done?  How cool would it be to get some solid advice on how to handle the mistakes that you inevitably will make as you step out and start making a difference for you and for others?  The simple, straightforward language conveys rock-solid truths about hard work, serving customers, and how to create success on a day-to-day basis. Personal stories illustrate the points well and keep the concepts interesting.  Even someone who isn’t particularly fond of reading books can enjoy Lemonade Stand Economics*.

Related Tweets:

“Don’t b afraid 2 develop a personal relationship with your customers.” #smallbiz #GenY #CustServ

Pick, say, 8:00 to be walking out the door each day. And if that’s too early for you, then grow up. #teen #GenY

“Do not, under any circumstances, try to hide your mistake.” #millennials #GenY #teen #entrepreneur


3. You are a parent who has at least some degree of influence with a pre-teen, teenaged, or twenty-something child.  

You’ve said it a hundred times, but maybe it’ll sink in if they read it.  Although my children already learn much of this by working in our family business, I will still have them read Lemonade Stand Economics to help them understand what they have learned from a different perspective, and to gain insight on some of the finer points that they may have missed. Parents, read Lemonade Stand Economics* first, then tell me you wouldn’t LOVE to have your teen read and apply it.

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“Whether you intend to set an example or not, you always do.” #parenting

“High school is an ideal time for saving money.” #parenting #teen #entrepreneurs

“A six-day work week isn’t going to kill you!” #teen #entrepreneur #debtsucks #parenting

“There R basic characteristics we all wish 4 our #children 2 have: confidence, motivation, intelligence, work ethic, discipline.” 


4.  You realize that debt is a burden.

How would you like concrete instruction on avoiding debt through the college years, when most students are borrowing even faster than they’re eating pizza?  No, you probably won’t get it in 30 minutes, but this IS a quick read and will easily pay for itself… unlike your roommate.  Maybe you should get two copies of Lemonade Stand Economics*.

Related Tweets:

“loans made it easy; they gave me a false sense that everything was being paid for.” #debtsucks

It’s not 1 loan that’ll bury you. Combination of little loans makes U feel like UR drowning. #debtsucks

As of October 2011, total outstanding #student #debt has passed $1 trillion, more than the nation’s credit card debt. #debtsucks 

If U get enough side jobs, U could say UR side-jobbing your way thru school. #debtsucks


5.  You need help managing your money or time or both.

Some have said, “Time is money.”  Whether you agree with that or not, many people struggle with spending or saving them both wisely.  The earlier in life you get a handle on how YOU take care of your time and money, the better.  Simple tips and strategies that will help you develop a success-oriented mindset toward finances and time management are found throughout Lemonade Stand Economics*.

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No Student Loans? Take amt of #money you would’ve used to pay off a student loan after grad +put it into a Roth IRA

To start credit game: go to credit union, get secured #credit card w/ low limit+low rate. Then don’t use it. 

Write down what you do each day and the time spent doing it. #TimeMgt #TimeManagement

People who don’t have to manage their time usually don’t & really small tasks seem to trip them up easily. 

“The difference between being #successful and unsuccessful is what you do with your #time.”

“Schedule yourself to market yourself.” #Marketing #TimeManagement #Entrepreneur 


6. You are excited about business or being an entrepreneur.

Some people want to show up to do a job and have very little decision-making responsibilities.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  But if that’s not “you,” then there would definitely be something wrong with that in your case.  I get that.  Whether you want to run someone else’s business or your own, you’re going to need to know some of the basic truths and simple strategies described in Lemonade Stand Economics*.

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“The best way 2 recognize an opportunity is to 1st know what UR capable of.” #teen #entrepreneur #smallbiz

“Never sacrifice quality for speed” #entrepreneur #smallbiz #GenY #millennials

Some people get weird when it comes to profits, especially people who don’t work for themselves. #smallbiz

“Standards for behavior are much higher when you work for yourself.” #smallbiz #entrepreneur #GenY

1way 2increase the odds of things going smoothly is to create systems. #Systems maximize profits.

“Above all else fear will make you want to quit.” #teen #entrepreneur #smallbiz #GenY


7. You want to be a success.

Wow, you’re all the way down here at #7 and you’re still looking for a reason?  Seriously, none of the above applied to you?  OK, bottom line, Lemonade Stand Economics* has some fantastic life lessons that transcend parenthood, or your current age, or even preferences.  While certain people will get a lot more out of it, simply put, it has lots that will either teach or resonate with just about everyone.  These are philosophies, outlooks or general principles that help to drive success at every level, that are taught in a friendly narrative manner.  As an entrepreneurial business owner and homeschooling father of 8 children, I encourage every teenager and parent of a teen to read this, but it has a much broader base than even that.

Related Tweets:

“How you conduct #business is a direct result of your #attitude, #workethic, and #values.”

#CustServ, #TimeMgt, #Mktg, #advertising, #selling…are…interwoven into every profession

#WorkEthic, #MoneyMgt, #TimeMgt + #CustServ are the foundation [for] your adult career.

“#Marketing yourself is a concept you will carry with you for the rest of your life.” #teen #smallbiz

Successful people, regardless of #business, industry, occupation, gender, or time in history, manage fear. 

“Meeting expectations isn’t nearly as impressive as exceeding expectations.” 


If you are still on the fence, just go ahead and get it.  If you don’t like it after you’ve read it, leave a comment below about how wrong I was.  Then we can have one of those really fun online comment battles!

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Disclimer: I was given a copy of Lemonade Stand Economics to review.  I left my review on and thus fulfilled my end of the bargain, so to speak.  Here’s the thing, I liked the book so much, and what it had to say, that I (on my own) wrote over 60 tweets about it and also decided to write this blog post to support it.  These opinions are my own, and decidedly unbiased.