Happy Birthday, Jim!

Jim and I met at The University of Virginia, so Thomas Jefferson is very important to us.  Here is an interesting fact – Thomas Jefferson was born on Jim’s birthday (April 13) and died on Jade’s birthday (July 4).  I always post the children’s birthday photos, and they insisted that I post Daddy’s birthday photos as well.

happy birthday jim_blog_2

happy birthday jim_blog_3

happy birthday jim_blog_4

happy birthday jim_blog_5

happy birthday jim_blog_6

happy birthday jim_blog_7

happy birthday jim_blog_8

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happy birthday jim_blog_11

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happy birthday jim_blog_14

Happy Birthday to my incredible husband!


Meet Greyden

When Greyden was a baby, we called him “fat and happy”.  He’s outgrown the chubby part, but fortunately he’s kept the happy part.  He’s an incredibly hard worker and mostly works with a big smile on his face!


Get to know Greyden better and what he does at Goat Milk Stuff by watching his video.


Love my Greyden!





Meet Fletcher

Fletcher is my 120% child.  Whether he’s happy, sad, loving, or cranky, Fletcher puts 120% of himself into everything he is feeling and doing. He’s very outgoing and is the first one to reach out to people he doesn’t know.


Fletcher does all of the unmolding at Goat Milk Stuff and likes to play with the baby goats.  You can get to learn more about him in his video.



Life is never boring with Fletcher around!






Meet Emery

Emery is the most artistic in the Jonas Family.  He loves to draw and grow flowers so he can arrange them. 


Emery is responsible for milking the goats and they all respond to him very well.  You can learn more about Emery and his Goat Milk Stuff responsibilities by watching his video: 

Emery fills our lives with sunshine and we love him for it!






Meet Brett

Brett is the oldest of the Jonas children and displays many of the characteristics of a first-born. She is incredibly capable and responsible and we often call her our “CEO-in-training”.


 You can watch her videos to get to know her better and see some of what she does around Goat Milk Stuff.


Brett is such a huge help – we’d be lost without her!