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Dry Skin

Our goat milk soap is wonderful for dry skin and has many benefits. The cream, proteins, vitamin A, selenium, and alpha hydroxy acids all help to nourish your skin without drying it out.

Our soaps all have the same amount of goat milk in them, so they are equally great at relieving your dry skin. In fact, when PJ first started making goat milk soap for the family's use, Jim was the one who needed it the most. The soap soon stopped his fingertips from cracking and splitting and he no longer deals with any dry skin issues.

If you have super sensitive skin, you may want to start with the Purity goat milk soap. It is an unscented soap that is very gentle and cleansing. If you're just suffering from dry skin, you can start with the scent that appeals to you the most. You also may want to check out our sensitive skin pack for more ideas that could give you some relief.

Everyone's skin is different, so we can't promise that our goat milk soap will offer you relief from your symptoms. But we can share with you hundreds and hundreds of testimonials from people who found relief with our goat milk soaps. We regularly pray that our soap will help whoever needs it and we hope it will help you as well.

Here are a few testimonials from customers who have found relief from their dry skin:

"I received a bar of this soap as a gift for my son, he has always had very dry hand and forearms. We have tried numerous products and nothing has ever worked. He has been using this soap since Friday 12/26 and we have seen an incredible difference, his skin is soft and smooth after just these few days. We are so pleased and he loves the baby powder scent. Thank you so much!!"
- Imelda 12/31/14

"My family has been using GMS for about two years now. Every once in a while, I'll buy a bar of a different brand of goat milk soap at my local natural grocer, but we always come back to GMS because it's just so much better than any other soap that we've bought. EVER. All three of my kiddos have very dry skin with bouts of eczema when allergy season is in high gear. NOTHING is better than GMS for their sensitive skin. The lemongrass fragrance makes me feel like I'm at a spa. And I love what I've read about your family! It's inspirational!!!"
- Victoria 2/9/14

"I own a hedgehog and was having trouble with her having dry skin. I used some of the OMH soap on her thinking if its good for me hopefully it helps her. After a couple baths it cleared up her dry skin. Plus she smells good afterwards. Thanks for a good product!"
- Heather 2/9/14

"this is the only soap that I have found that helps my daughters skin. she has eczema and very dry skin all over. search for 7 yrs for something that she could tolerate and this soap is amazing. It's good for mom too!"
- mary lou 1/7/14

"I have to tell you that my husband has fallen in love with your goats! The soap makes his skin softer, I guess that's a good thing for a man too, so I tried the soap and my back no longer itches constantly and my skin also feels softer. I've always had dry skin, and the soap is really helping. He just uses the soap on his hair too, so I have been using the shampoo that we ordered, and my hair actually squeaks, it's so clean. Just a clean scent, and no over powering perfume smell. In case you haven't figured it out yet, we will be ordering more of the goat mild soap from you. Thank you so much."
- Wanda 1/4/14

"Thank so for all you do. It really helps all the people who suffere from eczema and dry skin, when I run out for too long my eczema gets bad. Your soap really is a god sent keep the good work and god bless"
- Sharon 12/17/13

"Received my soap and only three days in to using it and the results are wonderful on my dry skin. First day results were very noticeable. I also got some autographs on my invoice from three of the kids (awesome, made me smile) and like one of them said..."enjoy"...and I want them to know I am enjoying this product. Thank you."
- Cheryl 12/17/13

"This soap is the absolute best..I've tried other goats milk soap. This is the best goatsmilk soap My dry skin is gone. Customer for life "
- Judy 12/10/13

"I love your Soap and peppermint Chap Stick! My dear friend gave me a gift in November of these two items. I never have been a person who gushes over an item...BUT I really do LOVE the Tea Tree Soap Luffa that she gave to me! The peppermint Chap Stick has been a topic now over several coffee visits with friends! Tis the season for dry skin and cracked lips and WOW what a difference these two items have made for me! I just ordered your lotion along with replacements for each of my other two favorites! Thank you for having such great products! Keep up the great work and this customer will be a life long supporter! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"
- Jennifer 12/9/13

"I just can't say enough good things about this soap! We had to go without it for quite a while when hubby was of work, and we both were itching like crazy from using store bought soap. Both of us have very dry skin and using this soap always makes our skin feel heavenly and it smells so good! And I usually get those cracks around my fingernails during the winter, but not when I use Goat Milk Stuff! My favorite is the Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey and Hubby likes the Sandalwood. We are customers for life!! Thanks so much Jonas family for making such wonderful soap and God bless you all!"
- Tina 11/7/13

"I've suffered for years from something called unspecified dermatitis - little red scaly bumps on my back and chest and trunk. I see my dermatologist every six months, and at my last visit, she wanted to know what I was doing differently for my rash. I told her the only thing I was doing was using your Purity Goat Milk Soap - no steroid creams or topical antibiotics - and she was amazed. She told me to keep using the GMS soap, and to have my husband use it too, since he has very dry skin. I love your products, Jonas family! Thank you for giving me "normal" skin!"
- Susan 10/28/13

"OMG! I have very dry skin. I almost always have a rash on my arms and chest, it was so bad that I was even scratching at night. I have been using your soap since July and cannot believe the difference. But the true test was when my husband who is very skeptical tried the peppermint soap and the soap for hair and wanted to know when I was ordering more. Now he wants to try the soap for shaving, which I just ordered for him. GREAT PRODUCT WE LOVE IT...Thank you no more itching."
- Karen 9/1/13

"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my first order of soap from you.....I liked it so much I gave my samples to my daughter who is married and has 2 children. Her family has allergy issues so she is always looking for a soap solution for them. She loved the samples. Ihave placed my second order with you as I loved the Almond Soap I ordered but the sample of the Black Rasberry soap was so nice Ihad to order that too and more! I have very dry skin and the soaps helped me tremendously. I alos enjoyed watching you on The Doctors show....your family is wonderful....tell Indigo I like her favorite soap....she was so cute on the video....I can't wait to get my next order."
- Judy 8/15/13

"We have become obsessed with the Purity Scrub soap. My nephew and I both have problems with dry skin, after just a month of using it, our skin is 100% better than before. We love it so much that we've ordered a log of it, and some full bars to get us by until the log is cured."
- Sara 8/3/13

"Dearest PJ, I usually do not shave my legs in the shower with soap and water (I use an electric razor) because it dries my skin and causes so much itchy discomfort that I have to use lotions and creams all day. This morning I threw caution to the wind, showered and shaved my legs with your wonderful Goats Milk Soap. No itch, no dry skin! No lotion, no cream. I`m in heaven!!! Bless you and your wonderful family. Kiss those beautiful goats for me and consider yourself hugged and kissed. "
- Liz 7/27/13

"I got my soaps yesterday and couldn't wait to take a shower I ordered the problem pack and I love it. I really am allergic to pretty much everything I have really dry skin even if I put on lotion and bumps all through my body I am so happy my friend referred me to this because I been really self conscious of my skin because of the bumps and dry skin and with using the soap I can already see a huge difference thank you so much! I can't wait to try all your products."
- Christina 7/12/13

"LOOOOVEEE THE SOAP before i started using GMS i had dry skin patches all over my body mostly on my arm ,lotion didn't help at all it would my skin still flaked and ever since started using GMS my skin is awesome no more dry patches and my skin is moisturized and im sure its because of the soap because i stopped using it for a while and my dry patches came back so im sticking to only using GMS:) thank you for such amazing soap"
- Lilibel 6/3/13

"I just love your products. My husband loves them also. He has dry skin in the winter and your soaps and lotions really help. I have tried other Goat milk soap, not from your company. It just didn't seem to last very long just seemed to melt away. Needless to say, I'm back to your stuff. I also love the updates on your family and goats."
- Donna 5/16/13

"I live in Colorado and have suffered from dry skin for years (both from the climate and from drugs associated with a past cancer)..I also had some issues with acne due to the meds I was taking. I decided to give goat milk soap a try. I had heard that it was great for skin conditions. I couldn't have been more surprised with what a difference this soap has made in my life. Before this soap, I would itch until I bled..but now my skin is soft and moisturized.The acne issues went away without the use of harsh chemicals or medicines.. I loved this soap enough to send it out to my loved ones for Mother's Day and got rave reviews. The scents are simply wonderful (and long lasting)..from the comforting oatmeal milk and honey..to the more masculine (and gorgeous!) Dragon Blood..to the very gentle and soft baby powder scent. This testimonial 5/be long..but I cannot say enough good things about the products and the very kind and helpful customer service I received from this company! I know where I will be buying all my soap from in the future! Tell a friend!"
- Tonie 5/9/13

"I have extremely sensitive skin and have to watch all products used...one day found your soap at a trade show in Teutopolis, Il. and now we are hooked!! Hubby is an iron worker millwright with horribly dry skin..perfect test for the lotions, and they work wonders !! Today I am ordering the laundry soap to try as well as reordering bars and lotions...they make wonderful gifts. Love how the whole family is involved...your family is a bright spot in these often scary times !! Thank you and keep up the good work letting your lights shine !!"
- Patricia 4/21/13

"I've been using these soaps for several months now, and I'm so in love with them that I've been slowly trying to order and try them all as I use them up. I have pretty dry skin because of my job and climate of dry Wisconsin winters, and I've never found a soap or lotion that worked quite as well as this family's goat milk soap. The greatest benefit I've gotten from this soap though, I found on accident. One day I ran out of my store bought face wash, and was forced to use my goat milk soap instead. The results were immediate, and I never went back to harsh store bought face wash again. My face is soft and silky, but more importantly, clear of redness and acne. I couldn't believe that I was using the same soap for my body that I was for the delicate skin of my face. Now, I wasn't even using the purity scrub or the more gentle soaps, so I can imagine those are even better! I'm going to be sure to get to those eventually :] The soaps always smell incredible and make my skin ridiculously smooth and soft. I'll be buying these soaps for as long as their available, because they're so much better than anything I've ever tried."
- Kaylee 4/16/13

"We received our big order today and couldn't be happier. We ground up the laundry soap today and are looking forward to using it soon. We've got the whole house outfitted with your soap (shower, bathrooms, and kitchen). No more dry skin in our future."
- Matt 3/6/13

"I've been using GMS products for over a year, and have been happy with everything I've tried. The product I'm most excited about though, is the Lotion Stick. I actually bought it a year ago and kept forgetting I had it. For the past year I've had a problem with severe dry skin on my forehead. No matter what I tried, no matter how much I paid for creams, it was always flakey/dry. On a whim I started spreading the lotion stick on the area morning and night. After two weeks the dry area is completely gone! I also started putting it on the wrinkly area under my eyes, just above the cheek bones. While I know the wrinkles haven't disappeared, the lotion has plumped up the skin enough to make it appear they are gone. Ladies, order the Lotion Stick, you won't regret it!"
- Adrienne 2/2/13

"My daughter in law gave me a bar of your soap to try since I have so many skin problems. The first time I used it I got instant relief for my dry skin. I also have eczema and it has gotten worse as I get older. I've already ordered a few more bars of soap. Even got the laundry stain remover. Will give it a try then let you know how it works for me. Thanks so much for making a good product which is so hard to find now days."
- Andrea 1/5/13

"My husband had constant, dry skin on his index fingers; so bad it would crack. We went to a dermatologist who tried pills, cream, etc. and could not define the problem even after a skin sample was sent to a lab. Tried your purity soap after seeing it on "The Doctors" TV show and it worked within a week! We could see a difference even after a couple of days. Thank you so much for virtually curing this ongoing problem."
- April 1/2/13

"The soap and lotion have been exactly what I have been looking for, for relief of psoriasis and dry skin. My skin has never felt so hydrated. Thank you for quality products, I am currently spreading the word on Goat Milk Stuff!!!!!!!!!! I can't even choose a favorite I love it all!"
- Kristi 12/26/12

"I was a little skeptical at first that this soap actually did work as well as I had heard. However, I will not go another winter without it!! I have tried many other lotions and soaps and medications to clear up my dry skin in the winter and the goat milk soap is BY FAR the best stuff EVER!!! My hands are usually cracked and bleeding all winter and I have dry skin patches all over my body but since I have used this soap my skin is smooth and there have been no dry patches anywhere. My husband has been using it as well and he stopped just for a couple days and can notice a difference in his skin with it becoming dry and itchy so needless to say he will be going right back to using it! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful product with so many people that need it!!"
- Jennifer 12/22/12

"Your family has an amazing business! I absolutely LOVE the soaps!! With just a few uses so far, I have noticed a significant improvement in my dry skin. NO MORE BUMPS! But I really wanted to say that your CLEEFS have made my student's life so much better! She has significant sensory processing delays and is calmed by scents. I used to buy the cheap dollar stores votives but decided to bring in my CLEEFS and show her. Needless to say, I no longer have it as a car freshener :) I will definitely be purchasing more as the scent wears off, or the bag breaks! THANK YOU SO MUCH!"
- Victoria 12/10/12

"I recently placed my first order. I have suffered from dry skin, nails and hair for many years. I have only used the soaps for a week and can already tell the difference-wish I had known about them sooner. I will be placing another order soon as the patchouli scent is wonderful! Thanks so much for all you do!"
- Connie 12/4/12

"I can't believe after years of spending so much money, trying almost every facial cleanser, whom claim to also moisten, I have finally found it. This soap is a miracle. I saw this family on The Doctors and thought it sounded great for my husband's extreme dry skin. When it arrived, I tried it on my face. It's the only time I haven't had to use face cream after. The feel of silk while washing my face, made me not want to rince it off. But when I did....wow! My face was so soft and no cream needed. I am a customer for life. I'm telling all my friends and family."
- Brenda 11/29/12

"LOVE LOVE LOVE your soaps!!!!!..... it has done wonders for my dry skin, thank you!"
- Barbara 11/25/12

"My husband and I can't live without your soap and we were down to our last two bars. He loves the Sandalwood, it's the only soap he will use and it really helps his very dry skin."
- Tina 11/13/12

"We love the soap in our home! As winter approaches I like to have the soap on hand because of dry skin. The soap works wonders."
- Ronda 10/10/12

"hey there mij and jonas family!! this is an online order i actually LOOK forward to making! i love all the soap we have tried-OMH and pink sugary my fave scents-and am now hooked on the lip balm, lotion stick and daughter mia loves using the sugar scrubs. they really soothe her dry skin! just watched the today show clip-you are awesome! keep up the good work-kara from the g-rod days :)"
- kara 10/2/12

"I recently checked out GMS because i had seen a youtube vid review and thought to come check it out. I am a fan of goast's milk soap , i never new how much i would love it, ive tryed many but so far GMS has me hooked . i only bought half a bar last time and geez was i surprised , i suffer from eczema very bad eczema and dry skin to the extream so much that it was painful for me to get into the shower . but when i started using the purity soap my skin texture changed completely from being lather like to supple and so so smooth , ican't stop touchen my skin , i love it so much thank you so much for taken the time to help the eczema community out with your wonderful soap ."
- sharon 7/24/12

"I just recieved my soap....it is awesome! Smells good and took away my dry skin in one shower. By the way, your cute family prompted me to try it. I can't wait to share it with my family too...."
- Alice 4/12/12

"I had ordered the purity soap for my daughter and grandson, who have rough dry skin patches...my daughter's psoriasis were gone, until the soap was gone, and my grandson's skin was smooth as silk....so needless to say I just ordered several more bars of that amazing purity soap for them. Your products are superb!!!! Love your site..."
- Pam 4/8/12

"I received my order of soap today and simply can't believe it! I have terribly dry skin in the winter and only after a couple hand washings, my skin started feeling soft again! I actually washed my face with the soap and what a difference! I'll never go back to store bought soaps again. So happy I found you on FB and thanks for such a great product!"
- Linda 3/7/12

"I discovered Goat Milk Stuff soap while out shopping in a local antique store. A friend had told about using goat milk soaps for dry skin so I bought three bars..I couldnt choose just one because it all smells so good ;) When I got home I immediately tried Fiji Island. I was amazed at how soft my hands were afterwards with just one wash! That night I bathed with it and again was amazed at how soft my skin was!! I am a diabetic and my 12 year old son is too..we both have terribly dry skin (a curse of diabetes) and he had dry skin bumps on his legs which in one week went totally away using this soap!! I placed an order that night and I will never use another soap if I can help it again!! Great stuff Jonas family! Thank you so very much!! Btw, I love the Pink Sugary bath fizzie and the foot scrubby and the sandalwood soap and Luv Spell and.......LOL.."
- Shannon 2/8/12

"Pink sugary is our very favorite - also like oatmeal/honey and honey suckle. This soap is fabulous - no more dry skin. Wash your hair"
- Andy 2/5/12

"This is our second order in a week and man of man love love the soaps. Love the purity and omg the pink sugary lotion stock is the bomb. The most amazing thing is that I ordered this on a Saturday and received on a Monday. So from Indiana to Las Vegas in 2 days - that is wild. Our skin is fantastic already - no dry skin. Washed our hair - that is feeling lovely too. You guys are wonderful. Xoxo"
- Andy 1/23/12

"I love this soap. I have used many of their products and they are all top of the line. My dry skin is no longer and my hands have quit splitting open. Thank You GMS"
- Sue 1/14/12

"I absolutely love the bath fizzies. It makes your skin so soft and moisturized. I have very dry skin and love taking hot baths. The bath fizzies allow me to take as many hot baths, as I want and not end up being all dried up and flakey. The only way to get it is in bulk. The pink sugary is the best and it leaves my bathroom smelling so nice."
- Kathy 1/7/12

"I recently purchased some soap from your website after seeing an article in Oprah magazine. (January issue 212) I was very interested in how well your soaps would do for my skin. Well sure enough I was very impressed. You see I have dry skin patches in and around my ears. Your soap has helped it with just 4 days of usage. So KUDOS to you and your amazing family. I am so glad I found you! Keep up the amazing work you do!"
- Crystal 12/22/11

"My son had eczema pretty bad and I just had extremely dry skin. we've been using GMS for two years now and noticed improvement in just a month. we started my son on purity. then tried oatmeal milk and honey. He had no reaction so we started different scents. His skin is so soft and smooth. These soaps are the best :)"
- Frances 12/3/11

"To the Beautiful Jonas Hardworking Family: I received my second order today. Everything was in perfect condition and the delivery time was fast. Thank you for your excellent order processing and wonderful soap. Using my first order of your soap convinced me that I would be a continuous customer. I am amazed how it has helped my fingers so far. My first order was travel bars so I could get various scents - this order I bought the "big boys". By now I probably would have started with a few splits. So far so good, no cracks or splits or signs of it. If I have a winter with no splits or cracks (or just a few) I will be one happy lady and it will be my first in many, many, many, many years. I have tried just about every hand cream etc. on the market I think. In the past, at times I have had up to 8 of my 10 fingers taped up at the same time in order to close those tiny splits that seem to go to the bone. Just love your soap all around, it makes your skin so soft. I could actually feel the difference after one shower. It does remove the dry skin, leaving your skin so soft. I especially love the baby powder scent, but every one I tried are all so nice smelling. The tea soap is working very good on my teen age granddaughters acne too. Thank you for your wonderful soap. You have beautiful children. Love to watch the videos you post. Great Job Mom and Dad - you are to be congratulated many times over. "
- Pauline 11/4/11

"I've had two great wows since using your products. First off, I have always had dry skin, whenever I got out of the shower I would have to lather myself in lotion to keep my skin soft. Ever since I started using your soaps about 2-3 weeks ago, I have not used lotion! Second, I've played hockey for 20 plus years now and getting the hockey stink off my skin after practices and games has always been extremely difficult. The day after I received your products I had practice and it took away the smell completely! I also have my family hooked! I love GMS!"
- Cassie 10/14/11

"I received a sample of your soap from my niece, who told me that it was good for dry skin. I am a nurse and use harsh soaps all day to sanitize my hands. For years I have had dry, cracked skin on my hands. I have used a sample of your purity soap as hand soap in my bathroom at home and just five days in I already see smoother skin and my hands don\\\'t feel dry and scratchy anymore. Nothing has been able to do what your soap has done in mere days!"
- Cathy 9/7/11

"PJ crew, I am compelled to share my story. My sister recommended your soap because my one year old has a skin problem. While his problem requires medical treatment, the soap had very unexpected results for the rest of the family. I've used other handmade soaps but never noticed any results. We use the purity. Right away I noticed that my usually itchy dry skin seemed to disappear. My husband even commented that he liked using the soap. I noticed that mine and our daughter's KP (bumpy arms) improved dramatically. Life is busy and when we ran out of the soap for a few months I didn't think much of it. That is until my cracked dry hands & itchy skin sent a clear reminder. We just received our new shipment. A few days later already, relief! I am convinced that your soap makes all the difference. I have spent years in discomfort, wasting time and money at the derm & on creams, soaps etc. So glad I've found your products. Also my kids put them to the toddler destruction test and they pass:) Thank you somuch"
- Beth 3/13/11

"Thank you! I absolutely LOVE your soap...so wonderful on dry skin and eczema! Please thank the whole family for making this and making it available. Best wishes,"
- Bonny

"I have bought soap from you for a while now and I absolutely love it! I have bathed my baby in your soap from day one with no problems. about two months ago I ran out of my stock pile of soap, but with the holidays and all, just didn't get around to ordering any more. To say I will not let that happen again is an understatement! Just a week after starting a store brand soap on Carly, her skin began to dry out and she developed patches of dry skin all over her back. I took her to the doctor thinking she was developing a rash of some sort because it became red and bumps were begining to form. Nothing he prescribed worked to clear it up. To make a long story short, I discovered a sample bar of your soap in my travel bag and used it on her at bath time. Within two days, her rash/dry skin cleared up! It really makes me wonder what they are putting in the baby" soap that would cause her such irritation. Lesson learned...nothing else is touching her skin except Goats Milk Soap!!!! Thanks for providing such an awesome product!"
- Heidi 1/15/11

"Hi PJ, Thanks for the fantastic soaps, I am excited to show my mom them. (They will be a Christmas gift) They have made a difference to me, I have very dry skin and I don't feel all itchy and dry after using them. Not to mention they smell great! Thanks so much!"
- Becky 11/7/10

"No more dry skin for me =) =) =)"
- Tiffany 10/12/10

"We met you at the Greenfield Riley Days last year. I was the one that was trying to show your son a different way to cast on for knitting. We were very pleased to finally find a local, Indiana at least, company that sold a soap that TRUELY HELPED eliminate dry skin. My husband has not had dry skin since he started using your soap last fall. I thought that we bought enough soap to last a year, but not quite. When I found your business card and found that you had a website I was quite pleased. Congradulations on involving your whole family in your business and knowing that God has his hand in it. Ours does much the same and we know the long lasting effects of working together when the children were younger."
- Jennifer 6/9/10

"Hi PJ and Jim, I teach Jennie's boys piano. Jennie and the boys came to their lesson a couple of weeks after having been to your place to get some of your products. They were so excited and told me about your family and all about your products. I was on the website numerous times after that. Saturday my family came up to your place to see your operation and to try some of your products. I wanted you to know what a great job Brett did in taking care of us Ė showing us the goats, and around your barn. She was very helpful with the fragrance selections and other items. Brett gave us a liquid hand soap to try. Iíll be using that more in the future too. Iíve only tried that once so far. My hands felt drier after using that, so want to stick with the bar soap for right now. But, Iíll start using the liquid in the near future and will tell you more about how that works for me then. Iíve been very pleased with the bar soaps we purchased. Like Jennie, I have very dry skin and never wash my hands (or shower) without loading up on hand lotion afterwards. I can actually wash my hands with your bar soap and not rush for hand lotion. I can see using this in the shower in the future as well, once Iím out of my other soaps that Iím presently using. I like the lip balm also very much (and Iím picky about those too). We purchased the shaving kit for my son and the stain stick that Iíve not used yet. Brett gave us a liquid hand soap to try. Iíll be using that more in the future too. Iíve only tried that once so far. My hands felt drier after using that, so want to stick with the bar soap for right now. But, Iíll start using the liquid in the near future and will tell you more about how that works for me then. Brett gave us a liquid hand soap to try. Iíll be using that more in the future too. Iíve only tried that once so far. My hands felt drier after using that, so want to stick with the bar soap for right now. But, Iíll start using the liquid in the near future and will tell you more about how that works for me then. I am so impressed with what youíve accomplished and have shared your website with others already. As a teacher, I know word of mouth is the best advertizing. I can see me getting some of your gift bags in the future as well. Once again, I want to commend Brett on her excellent job Saturday. Iím sure youíll see lots more of us in the future!!"
- Lynnette 5/16/10

"You all are so sweet. Thank you! I LOVE the lotion sticks now that I've tried them. And my son who is Guatemalan and gets dry skin really easily because of his pigment loves it too. It's much easier to convince him to put lotion on his face when he doesn't have to get his hands dirty!" Genius! I got a few more as belated Mother's Day gifts for my Mom and sister. Thanks for all you do! Such great products!""
- Kristi 5/9/10

"I am so glad I found you.. I am a 43 year old wife and mother of two daughters 8 and 14. Living here in Los Angeles..our skin is so dry and itchy. I've gone with my daughters to the dermatologist and their answer is some steroid creams and lotions.. I figure there has to be a more natural way to get rid of the itchy..dry skin...the last thing I wanted to do is slather on prescription meds on my girls. After research and lots of reading everything pointed to goats milk. In google search I put in goats milk soap and your name was first. After reading about you and your family I was sold. I cant wait to try this. I too thought about getting a body lotion for after baths/showers...once again another problem. My youngest gets hives from the lotions we have tried..Neutrogena, eucerin, etc etc..so I now have nothing I can put on her...even baby lotion causes it... Your suggestions on soaps, lotions...anything you think I should purchase in addition please let me know. Thanks,"
- Kim 3/3/10

"Thanks,PJ. I've been out of soap for a while but haven't had a chance to place an order because of my computer issues. My dry skin season is at it's peak right now so I'll really be able to see what the soaps can do. I'm looking forward to trying the new scents too. Thanks for being such a blessing. Hope you have a great day."
- Caroline 2/21/10

"Yay!! Thanks! I, along with my poor children with dry skin, thank you!!"
- Genevieve 2/8/10

"We are doing great. Itís great to be just the two of us. And now we have two grandchildren to visit and spoil. We head to Lyndaís in 3 weeks for Nathanielís first birthday and then probably in July we will be in Ohio to see Bonnie, Ian and Reese for the holiday weekend. It is great to read your blogs and see the kids grow. We miss you and the family and your excitement that you brought to Faith. Keep up the good work raising a great group of kids. My itchy dry skin is looking forward to the soap! In Christ,"
- Jane 1/24/10

"hello jonas family! we are THRILLED with your soaps! we gave some as presents & we know that the recipients are just as excited about them as we are. living in michigan, we anticipate dry itchy skin & this is the first winter i havenít felt like my back was ripping from tight, dry skin. THANK YOU! we plan to place an order again this afternoon, but i was just curious if you could use this on your face? i have tricky skin (i am 32 and i swear my skin thinks i am still 13!) and thought i would ask before i try it out. maybe the purity bar would be best for this? thanks for all your hard work Ė we are a homeschooling family, too & are so grateful to have the opportunity to support your business! warmly,"
- Kristin 1/13/10

"Thanks PJ. I am thrilled with you product. I have struggled with eczema and dry skin and love your soap. We are a conservative Christian family raising five kids. I love to see how you have involved your children in the business while keeping your focus on Christ. Wish there were more families like yours out there. Best of luck to you all!"
- Dawn 12/31/08

"Received my order and have distributed to family members... we all have Colorado dry skin and eczema. I just love the product and can already feel a difference. I have twin 16 month old granddaughters and ordered the Purity for them. They both have eczema."
- Lynda 12/31/08

"Good Morning PJ, I just wanted to let you know my soap arrived yesterday. What outstanding delivery! I have extremely dry skin and I am allergic to almost all fragrances -- finding a soap that doesn't irritate my skin has been a challenge all my life. I washed my hands with the purity scrub, and they feel wonderful! Soft, smooth, and no irritation! Yeah! Thank you for making such an outstanding soap! And, yes, you are correct -- the half-bar of organic castile makes me very happy!"
- Sue 12/31/08

"Hi PJ, I love the soap and will let you know how I like the bath bomb and what my husband thinks of the shave kit. I purchased several bars of soap in November or December to give as Christmas gifts. Everyone loves the product. Hopefully they will purchase from your website. The soap helps with my dry skin especially in the Winter months. Also, about 4 months ago, I started to use the soap on my face daily because I ran out of my facial cleanser and it's also a little expensive. The Goat's Milk Soap really helped with the facial acne issues I was having. I do get a breakout or 2 every month but it's nothing like I was experiencing! I will not go back to the expensive products I was using, that's for sure! Thanks again,"
- Melissa 12/31/08

"My husband and daughter both have extremely dry skin, they would go through a huge bottle of lotion (not the cheap stuff either) in a week putting it on 4 or 5 times a day and it still didn't help. My mother suggested I try goats milk soap. I could not believe the difference it made. Not only did it help their dry skin (only put on lotion once a day now) but it also helped the boils that my husband was very prone to getting on his legs. He hasn't had one since he started using the goats milk soap. We had tried other brands and although they worked great. They didn't have the scents and the bars were extremely smaller and didn't last as long. I am so happy that I came across your website. I will definitely be a long time customer and will tell all of my friends and family about your wonderful soap. Thank you,"
- Marianne 12/31/08

"My husband forgot to tell you that your soap has helped his dry skin condition a lot. His knees, knuckles, and skin in general have been very dry, scaly, and even white in color for some time now. Since using your soap, this has started to clear up. Right at first, after acquiring the soap, he took many showers, 2 or 3 a day. That's when I noticed that his hands looked better, and he said his knees were too. Thought you'd like to know. Our bathroom smells wonderful from your soap too. Our favorite is the cider press!"
- Kathy 12/31/08

"Wow, that is a really fast turn around time. I am impressed. I am very excited to try out your products. I tend to have very dry skin and I'm up for trying any soap that will be more hydrating. I also like the fact of using a natural product. Thanks so much, "
- Sonya 12/31/08

"Thanks, PJ! Just wanted to let you know that I stumbled upon your site yesterday, and just HAD to order some soap when I read that you're a Christian, homeschooling family! We are, too. I want to try your soap to see if it helps our 10-yr-old Adam's dry skin in the winter. Sometimes his knuckles crack and bleed. (CO winters are soooooo dry!) We own a share of a goat herd to get raw milk, but there isn't extra to make soap. Blessings to you and your family!"
- Paula 12/31/08

"Received my order and have distributed to family members... we all have Colorado dry skin and eczema. I just love the product and can already feel a difference. I have twin 16 month old granddaughters and ordered the Purity for them. They both have eczema."
- Lynda

"Thanks PJ. I am thrilled with you product. I have struggled with eczema and dry skin and love your soap. We are a conservative Christian family raising five kids. I love to see how you have involved your children in the business while keeping your focus on Christ. Wish there were more families like yours out there. Best of luck to you all!"
- Dawn

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