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Dec 27, 2015
Hello I just wanted to tell you my story, My husband and my 2nd oldest had very dry skin and my husband's skin around his nose and on his face would build up through out the day and it was very annoying to him and me. So I would always try to give him different produces to use to stop the dry skin issue. Well one day I got to work and my boss was doing a fundraiser with your produce and I bought 2 bars of soap. Because 1st I like goat cheese so I thought it would be a nice change and some of the other girls at my job loves your product and has purchased it before, So just by those 2 reasons I thought why not....So when my order came in OMG the smell was awesome and then a week went by of us using it and this soap has changed me and my family's skin, No more dry spots the smell is amazing and I need (not want) but need more!!! Thanks for allowing God to show you the needs of people.
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I got my soap today!!!!! It smells amazing as always (cranberry seems spicier smelling to me, but I love it). This cider press also smells different, but I love it, too. And pumpkin.... ohhhh my! You guys seriously are the best. My skin can't wait for tomorrow morning (and neither can my nose). Thanks for making an awesome product! (The only thing I was disappointed about was I didn't get a receipt signed by Jade... haha)
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Ms. marilyn woods
May 10, 2016
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Hi PJ & Crew! I Ordered 2 Bars Of The Pumpkin Soap, It Smells Good Enough To Eat!! Like Pumpkin Pie!!! I Hope It Becomes A Permanent Bar. I'm Really! Crazy About The OMH Soap. Next Order I Plan To Order Several! Bars! It's Smell Is Out Of This World!!! My Aunt Has Also Fallen In Love With The OMH Soap. She Could Hardly Put It Away Until Use, It Had Her Whole Bedroom Smelling Soo Delicious!!! We Love!!! GMS Soaps!!! Keep On Making Your Amazing! Wonderful & Healing Products! I'll Be Ordering Again Real Soon! God Bless You & Your Beautiful Talented Family! :)
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It smells so good! Easily a favorite in my household now!
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Debbie Peters
I brought this with me when I visited my 3 year old grandson and he loved taking his bath and smelling this pumpkin spice soap. I also was with him at a petting zoo with goats and reminded him where the wonderful smelling goat soap came from...he loves it!
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