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Jessica Almany
I'm a 22 year old woman with the worst possible hair on my legs. It's THICK (like a man's whiskers...yeah, I know...) black (and my skin is very very pale) and it grows FAST and in many directions, so needless to say I have struggled with razor burn since I began shaving my legs, until this soap! I cut it into 4ths, and each 4th lasts me a good long while. My skin feels so silky and soft afterwards (AND SMOOTH). Granted this doesn't aide in making my hair grow slower....which it obviously doesn't claim to nor did I expect it to, but it really helps with gently shaving away my annoying STUBBORN leg hair. I love this soap soooo much. Definitely my favorite GMS product.
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On another note, my husband FINALLY used the shaving soap tester you gave me, and it was fantastic! He just soaped up his face with the bar soap, and shaved. "I" noticed the difference in his face after he shaved. Very soft, and he did not have the razor burn he usually gets. He tends to have a sensitive face, and this worked really well. Will be buying more in the future for him, for sure.
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Mr. Matthew Ambrose
Feb 7, 2015
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The best thing about this shaving soap is the complete lack of stinging sensation when I rinse off that commercial shave gel gives me. The next best thing is the superior lubrication. It makes for a very smooth comfortable shave even with a couple of days growth. With a brush it's also less messy and without all the glop I can see where I'm shaving better. In short there is nothing I don't like about it and I would highly recommend giving it a try. Your face will thank you.
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I ordered this soap for my 28 year old very picky daughter. She hasn't been satisified with anything regarding shaving products. Well, I'm happy to say she is one happy camper with the shaving soap. Thank you for this miracle product, a miracle that she actually is satisified.
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This shaving soap is great and I highly regimens! My legs have never felt so silky smooth after shaving! I will never use commercial brands again!
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I came home today from our local water park ready for a shower only to find my Goat's Milk Stuff had been delivered while I was gone. I quickly put it to good use and I have to say I LOVE IT!!! I used the Oatmeal Milk and Honey Shave Bar and I LOVE THAT TOO!!
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