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Misty Davenport
This laundry bar is great! It's the first one I've used but love it :) I made a great liquid detergent using it. I will definitely be ordering more in the future.
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Lisa Haberer
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the GMS laundry soap! The very first order I ever placed was for the ready-to-use laundry detergent, and I was VERY impressed! I have now started making my own laundry detergent using this laundry bar, and I will NEVER use anything else! Being married to a farmer and having 4 children, our clothes get dirty. Really dirty. The first load I ever washed with GMS soap (along with the Stain Stick) included a shirt with tomato sauce stains that had been there for months and had been through the washer and dryer many times. I had tried just about every other stain remover, etc and was just resigned to the stain. After one wash with GMS, the stains were GONE! And it leaves your clothes SO soft and fluffy without using any kind of softener!
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May 14, 2016
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To the Jonas Family, My mom raved about your products. She has sensitive skin and lots of allergies. She just loves GMS. She recommended your soaps to use for my laundry soap. I apologize up front for the long email. Please forgive me for any grammar errors as well. My son has tree nuts, peanuts, and coconut allergies. He also has eczema. I found this great website, http://coconutallergy.blogspot.com/2007/11/coconut-derived-ingredients.html. It has a list of most coconut ingredients. All the laundry soaps on the store shelves contain coconut. I started to make my own laundry soap over a year ago. I used the Castill soaps that contain few ingredients and do not have coconut in them. I ordered them from different online specialty stores. They help with his eczema. But, the soaps would separate from the liquid. I used two bars of soap to make 1 five-gallon bucket of liquid laundry soap. My mom encouraged me to try your laundry soap. (Of course, I emailed y'all to make sure there weren't any coconuts, tree nuts, or peanuts in your product. Your response was quick. I really appreciated it.) I ordered two bars of laundry soap. Two weeks ago, I made my first laundry soap with GMS. I grated the bars and used my liquid laundry soap recipe. Because I used to use 2 bars to create 5 gallons of liquid soap, I used both GMS bars. I learned my lesson. One bar would be more than plenty. I consider this batch a concentrated laundry soap. This is my best batch of liquid laundry soap so far. My son does not have any reactions, his eczema is still cleared, and my husband's dirty farm clothes are clean as a whistle. You will have a lifetime customer with me. I'm also eager to visit your farm this summer. Thank you for a wonderful product. Sincerely, Mom with a food allergen child.
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Kim Stachowiak
This is a very easy bar to grate for making your own laundry detergent. Other bars of soap were so hard to grate that I used the larger holes, then put it through the food processor. This is so soft and easy that I was able to use the fine holes with no problem, and save a step! Also, FYI - my bar of soap came to 4 cups grated. Another wonderful product!
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Brenda Cowan
I used your laundry bar to make a liquid gel detergent and added lavender essential oil to it. One bar made 7 1/2 gallons. I use 1/2 to 1 cup per load depending on how soiled they are and they come out clean and fresh. I also throw a pouch of lavender buds into the dryer instead of dryer sheets.
Again, thank you for another fine product!
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Love this soap. Clothes are clean, fresh and smell great. I use a clothes line and when I bring the clothes in, they smell amazing. Really great on my whites.
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Wow! This really cleaned my whites and lights. Didn't use softener, but the clothes were still soft! Love it!! :)
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Bev Kelly Rockey
Received my order and I love the laundry bar.... my whites are really nice and white now
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We tried the laundry soap bar to clean dirt stains from white gym socks ---- and it cleaned the socks better than Shout! I'm sold on the laundry bar now! Just wish my hubby had mentioned it before I placed my order today!
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I made my first batch of liquid laundry soap using your Laundry Bar yesterday. It is a lot "silkier" than when I have used Fels Naptha. Can't wait to do some laundry now.
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Thanks, PJ! My mother-in-law loves your products and got me hooked! I love the stain stick! I have been looking for an all natural product that gets tough stains out and I am so happy to have found it!!! I also made the homemade laundry soap with your laundry soap bar and love it! Plus, I am the second oldest of 11 children, so I am happy to support big families! Thanks for all your hard work!
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