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Sensitive Skin

We've had many people with sensitive skin use our goat milk soap and report relief from their symptoms. We recommend the following soaps for your sensitive skin:

Purity goat milk soap - an unscented soap that is very gentle.

Purity scrub goat milk soap - the same as the purity, but with rolled oats added to benefit the skin. The rolled oats are not scratchy, but are bumpy in the soap.

Organic Castile goat milk soap - made with organic extra virgin olive oil and raw goat milk, this soap will not lather as well as the purity (it is more lotion like), but is the gentlest soap we make and the one we recommend for hyper-sensitive and problem skin.

In addition to full sized bars, each of these soaps is available in half bars and travel sized bars, so you can test them on your skin to discover which one works best with your skin. If you have extremely sensitive skin, test it on a small patch of skin first to see how your skin reacts. Some people have found that their sensitive skin is able to handle scented soaps, others need to remain with an unscented one.

We've put together the four bars that most help sensitive skin in a Problem Skin Pack.

Here are a few testimonials from customers who suffered with sensitive skin:

"Thanks for the update! I was really impressed with your website and your family business. My husband has sensitive skin, so I am anxious for him to try your Purity soap -- and I have never gotten over my love of Patchouli, so am excited to try your soap too. There is a field nearby that has a flock (?) of goats -- they are so darn cute that whatever comes out of them must be good! haha. I love to take my grandkids there to watch them. Continued good luck with your business!"
- Linda 11/18/14

"My family has been using GMS for about two years now. Every once in a while, I'll buy a bar of a different brand of goat milk soap at my local natural grocer, but we always come back to GMS because it's just so much better than any other soap that we've bought. EVER. All three of my kiddos have very dry skin with bouts of eczema when allergy season is in high gear. NOTHING is better than GMS for their sensitive skin. The lemongrass fragrance makes me feel like I'm at a spa. And I love what I've read about your family! It's inspirational!!!"
- Victoria 2/9/14

"I just wanted to write to say "Thank You!!" for making this soap! I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 4 1/2 month old, both with sensitive skin. The 4 1/2 month old even more so. When she was born we used the typical Johnson's soap. She immediately broke out in the worst baby acne. We changed to Aveeno baby and that helped matters, but then winter came. Since then, my poor girl has had these terrible dry patches that she itches the moment I get her clothes off. Nothing I have tried has helped. I decided to give your purity soap a try. I used it last night and tonight for her bath, and almost all of the dry patches are already gone!! I'm so so so happy. My son was excited to try out the new soap so he didn't get "crocodile skin" as he calls it. And I can't wait to try it out myself now too. I have psoriasis issues, so I'm eager to see if this will help ease my flare ups too. Thank you so much. We will be continuing to buy soap from you forever and ever. =)"
- Courtney 2/6/14

"I ordered the sensitive skin package for my mother as a early Christmas gift. The package arrived very quickly and the signatures were adorable. My mother only had the package for a few hours and was raving about how wonderful the products are! So, I ordered some for myself and after about 10 minutes, I am also in love! The products smell amazing and my skin feels fabulous! I'll be telling everyone about the wonderful products and great service! Thank you so much! Merry Christmas!!!"
- Danielle 12/18/13

"I first tried your goats milk soap, purity bar, a few months ago. I researched products I could use on my sensitive skin, including my face. I ran across your products and decided to give it a try. I couldn't believe the first time I used the soap on my face, it cleared up my redness and moisturized my skin. I never thought I could use a soap on my face. It's convenient for traveling also, I don't have to carry a bunch of different products. I save money too, because this is all I need. I am going to try your body lotions next purchase! Thanks!"
- Kara 10/29/13

"So I ordered some soap a week ago. I have pretty sensitive skin and I had been washing my face with raw honey with great results but I felt like there had to be something out there that was better. After a recent breakout I searched online and found this soap.I ordered the problem skin pack because i wanted to try a few different soaps and my skin is sensitive, sometimes oily, sometimes dry, sometimes I get a minor breakout. After 22 years I still haven't figured my skin out. The first soap I chose to use was the tea tree soap. I used it on my face, body, and hair (my head gets itchy and dry). Let me just say I've been using it 5 days now twice a day, its dried my skin a little, but overall results are fantastic. I never write reviews on anything but I felt like this was worth my time. Somehow my skin does not even get oily anymore it stays balanced all day. I haven't had 1 pimple since I started washing with this. People reading this: I know you're reading all these reviews trying to figure out if you should buy the soap and trying to figure out of people are really getting results; I promise they are. My skin has ALWAYS been stubborn and since I was a teenager, I've tried every skin care product it seems. I'm now 22 and have used all natural and organic products the past 3 years but these soaps take the cake. I'll never need another soap. It feels great to find something that works and that can take the place of body wash, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and lotion."
- Victoria 10/9/13

"Dear Goat Milk Stuff, Hello, my name is Tanya, I\'m in my mid 20s and live in Australia. I found out about your soap through watching the Doctors TV show. As soon as I watched it, I knew I had to try it. I ordered the problem pack soap roughly about 3months ago through the start of our winter season. I was born with sensitive skin and eczema developed soon after. Each winter and a few months after, my hands always became very, very dry and extremely itchy and start to bleed, I hate it and it is embarassing. People use to tell me how my hands felt like a 90 year old man! In the past I went to different doctors, and a few different skin specialists they all advised me to use different hand moisturizers and soaps but none of them worked. When I recieved your soap in the post, firstly, I loved the smell, but the best part was that it worked!! I actually couldn\'t believe that something worked for me! I was so happy. I cannot tell you how much of a relief it is that I use your soap. Now I don\'t have to hide my hands away anymore or get embarassed to shake peoples hands. This year, is the first time in my whole life that my hands did not dry out, itch or bleed. My hands are unbelievably soft and feel amazing! I am so greatful to your family for this soap. I will never stop buying, so please dont ever stop making it. You guys are fantastic, and I do recommend your soap to family and friends all the time. I honestly, cannot thank you enough. I love the soap!! :) :) :) :) :)"
- Tanya 9/4/13

"Hi :) I would like to say thank you! Frustration led me to my search for some kind of face cleanser that would not leave my face super dry, red and irritated and I came across you guys. I'm in my 30's now and I've had this problem since my teens. I'm so sensitive to even the fragrance free store soaps , creams, etc. the only thing i could do was use lotion after every wash to relieve my skin. Along with oily skin it's not fun! So when i read all the testimonials i had to give you guys a try and i'm glad i did!! When my soap came in i said a prayer before i used it and although i still get dry and red from using it , it's not super dry or that red. Just slightly and i'm guessing it's the tea tree oil that's causing it. Now i'm going through your samples for sensitive skin in hopes of finding one i can use as my main face cleanser and the tea tree bar maybe every other day since it pretty much cleared up my oily skin! No joke! I am so enjoying that!! Oh and it cleared up my daughters acne in 2 days!! She just started getting acne and i bust out with your tea tree bar soap , she is so happy! Now i'm gifting them to my nieces and nephews and they cannot wait to try it themselves! They've tried everything from over the counter to prescribed. They are pretty excited to try this! Thank you guys so much!!!!! I will let you guys know how it goes for them as well :)"
- Ann 8/22/13

"Hello ALL, I have very very sensitive skin. I know people say this but I really do and have tried everything. High end, low end, spent thousands on skincare but always something irritated or hurt and even burnt my skin. When I found this soap I was amazed. I love that a whole family is involved in the business and the quality is so great. Ships quickly and the website is easy to navigate. If you are wondering if you should try I promise you it will work for you too. I use to work at a high end retailer in NYC and I can promise you I know the industry well around products. This is wholesome and I'm so thankful for it. Thank you so much for making my skin feel great and look even better:-)"
- Colleen 8/9/13

"I have been using this bath soap for a year. All of the benefits that they state are true. I placed an order today because of the mosquito population in Tulsa. I feel sure that bathing and using the tub lotion will take care of our problem. I am so thankful to have a bath soap that is really good for my skin. Sensitive skin is a bane to me, but now I have help. Thanks to Goat Milk Stuff!!!!"
-Mary Anne 8/8/13

"used the soap and shampoo this morning. I have sensitive skin on my face and neck which usually gets red/blotchy. Not this morning! I used the organic castile soap on face and neck and no blotchiness. Used Pink Sugary from the neck down and my skin is nice and smooth. Love that scent! Used the unscented shampoo bar and my hair is soft and shiney. I'm a big fan and sure to be a regular customer!"
- Stella 8/7/13

"I just started using your soaps. And only after two days, I have ordered some more! We love the refreshing scents and the creamy feel. I also gave my dog a bath with the pet soap today. Our dog has extremely sensitive skin. Therefore I am careful about the products I use to bathe him. He is super clean and his skin is looking great. I have never ever thought that soap can actually leave your skin so soft, supple, and smooth. GMS soap has changed my mind! My husband and I are big fans now! Thanks for making such high quality products that make you feel so good!"
- Nozomi 7/24/13

"I have extremely sensitive skin and have to watch all products used...one day found your soap at a trade show in Teutopolis, Il. and now we are hooked!! Hubby is an iron worker millwright with horribly dry skin..perfect test for the lotions, and they work wonders !! Today I am ordering the laundry soap to try as well as reordering bars and lotions...they make wonderful gifts. Love how the whole family is involved...your family is a bright spot in these often scary times !! Thank you and keep up the good work letting your lights shine !!"
- Patricia 4/21/13

"I just placed my 3rd order for more soap. My skin is softer, less dry and has really helped my rosacea. I got my 2 daughters to order and they love it as much as I do. I am now going to send some to my sister to help her (redhead also) sensitive skin. I am thrilled I saw the program from The Doctors TV show, as I would never had known such a great product was out there! I never want to be without your Soaps! "
- Pam 4/15/13

"I've slowly converted everyone in my family over to using Goat Milk Stuff soaps. My mom has sensitive skin and started with Purity (and love the difference it made) and now uses Pink Sugary, too, with no reactions. My sister (also with sensitive skin) has been using it with nothing but good things to say. My sister-in-law uses it for herself and for their baby. And I've even got my boyfriend raving about your soaps. Everyone looked at me like I was little overzealous when I raved about your soaps. But now they know I wasn't exaggerating. Your soaps are wonderful!! Pink Sugary and Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey are my favorites. And I'm hooked on your honey lip balm, too. Thank you!"
- Betsy 4/2/13

"Just received my first shipment of Goat Milk Stuff products today. Bathed two of my four little ones with the OCEAN scented soap bar and then lotioned them with the large lotion stick. I don't know what I liked better... The soap made such thick, smooth lather and was very moisturizing, and the lotion stick was perfect for treating my children's skin afterward. I have four children with very dry and sensitive skin. So happy to have found a great product made by a hardworking family who loves my Jesus."
- Jennifer 4/1/13

Wow that was pretty fast shipping! Your family makes amazing soaps, they keep my skin soft with out causing a shower rash. I have been looking for soaps all my life that do not leave a rash behind after a shower. My Mom always told me I had very sensitive skin and that I would never find anything that worked. I am happy to say your goats milks soaps go about and beyond my expectations! Thank you, Christina"
- Christina 3/29/13

"I ordered the first time after I had seen you on the Dr's show. I figured why not try it. I bought the sampler pack, a bar and some lip balm. I use the lip balm every day and usually only need to apply once, I am just now running out, the best lip balm ever! The sampler pack was great so I was able to get familiar with some of the products and now I am reordering. The soaps work great for my sensitive skin! I often have reactions with scented soaps but even with your scented soaps I was fine, the bar I bought bothered me a little so I gave it to someone else to try, but all the rest were perfect for me!"
- Heidi 3/2/13

"I love Purity! I have sensitive skin that itches like crazy. No more with this soap! My only regret is I didn't start sooner."
- Michele 2/14/13

"Hi PJ! Just Had! To Let You Know, I've Fallen Head Over Heels In "Love" With Your Soaps!!! I've Just Finished Using The "Pink Sugary", I Could'nt Believe! How "Moisterized" It Left My Skin!!! I Have Very "Sensitive Skin", For Most Of My Life, I Would Always Have To "Bathe" Down In "Lotion" After Taking A "Bath". Now Those "Miserable" Days Are All Behind Me!...."Thanks" Soo Much!! For Creating Such A Wonderful "Healing" And Also An All-Natural Product!!!....The "Smells" Are Amazing!!!, I Can't Wait! To Try All Of Your Wonderful "Miracle" Soaps!!!....I Maybe Placing Another Order This Week! Because I'm A Soap Nutt!!!! And Your Soaps!, Well, They're Just Irresistable!!!.....Don't Ever Quit Making Your "Wonderful & Amazing" Products!!!"
- marilyn 1/13/13

"Received my second order of purity soap for my 7 mo old son today. I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. He has sensitive skin and had a rash when we first started using purity. Seriously, I'm so in love with this soap!!! It's way better than Aveeno or other sensitive skin products. I'm also a huge fan of the patchouli and I'm very anxious to use my tea tree I ordered. You've got a customer for life!"
- Lezlie 7/9/12

"Love your products! My friend from SoCal sent me samples of your soap here in the Philippines and I just fell in love with them. It's so rich, creamy and very kind to my sensitive skin. The shipping fees is a killer, but I just had to order! :D :D :D So excited for my package to arrive."
- Nicole 6/7/12

"I have sensitive skin, especially when I shave my legs. Seeing as I wear skirts as a rule, I need to shave. But I hated it - they'd itch afterward, and burn. No matter what I use, it happened - since I was 12. I have always had to use a fresh razor for EVERY shave, and never use anything more than about a month. Until I discovered the OMH Scrub bar. I used it the first time intending to just exfoliate with it. The lather was rich enough for me to say to myself 'Why not try this as the shave stuff?' And so I did. And it's AH-MAY-ZING. My legs didn't itch. They weren't super dry. They didn't burn. They didn't bother me, even when I used a blade for a second time. My daughter has sensitive skin as well - and she LOVES the Pom Lemonade soap. And it loves her back - no itching, no UTI, nothing! She can even soak in the tub with this soap and it doesn't irritate her! Thank you for giving me the freedom to shave my legs, and for giving my daughter the freedom to enjoy a bubble bath. Thank you so much!!"
- Michelle 3/25/12

"I am absolutely obsessed and in love with the baby powder scent! It doesn't smell overly sweet like many "powder" scented products can. Instead, it almost smells like you just came from outside... that amazing smell that you get after relaxing in the fall air. I can't get enough of it! And just like all of the other GMS products, the soap is so calming and gentle on my sensitive skin. What would I do without you guys? :)"
- Christy 2/27/12

"I got my order 2 weeks ago. I had bought a bar from a local vendor while I was waiting for it to come and it was okay but I was not convinced that it was worth the money. But then I got yours and my whole house loves it my skin feels so nice and a lot of the sensitive skin issues I was having have cleared up. Plus the pink sugar smells amazing. Thank yoy"
- Katie 1/4/12

"I can't wait to give my mom her GMS gift set. She has very sensitive skin & I'm hoping this will be a product she loves as much as I do."
- Jessica 12/22/11

"Thank you! The address is right. Tell Brett thank you for trying to get it in a smaller box, I appreciate it! You guys have rock awesome customer service :) I'm so glad I found your soaps - they work wonders on my son's dry, sensitive skin and smell soo yummy, too!!"
- Megan 1/22/11

"I have read MckMama's rave reviews of your products for a while now but I just now made it over to your site. Wow! You have tons of great products. My husband, son & I all have sensitive skin so we are always trying to get our personal care products as natural as possible. I make all our cleaning products and soaps (sans shampoo & conditioner) but castille soap is too rough on our skin still. I'm SO excited to see goats milk soap replace castille and eliminate petroleum from our lotion. I can't wait to receive our products:)."
- Rachel 1/13/11

"My niece, recommended your soap. I have very dry and sensitive skin. I can not wait to receive mine! She has now ordered soap from you on a number of occasions and absolutely swears by it! I love your website and you have a beautiful family. Congratulations on such a fine business. I ordered some samples to share with my friends."
- Deb 1/9/11

"As a very health conscious (aka health freak) person, I was looking for good organic skin care and bathing products. I've tried many organic and natural products from organic stores and online, but I was still not 100% satisfied. I didn't want something with an endless list of ingredients that I couldn't even pronounce, I wanted something simple. Until last year that I came across this business through Google. They make soaps, shampoo bars, lotions, lip balms, and detergents using goat milk instead of water or all other chemicals. I placed an order and got a very quick and friendly reply from PJ --she is the founder and the mom, confirming my order. I got a tracking number and received my package in 3 business days!! They also let you pick 3 samples of their products and send it for you for free. I tried the soaps and boy I loved them! The soaps have rich and creamy lather with a heavenly fragrance and are also great for sensitive skins. Much better than other goat milk or natural soaps I had used before.. I can't tell enough about how much I love their products. You should see and try it for yourself."
- Maria 1/7/11

"I am new to this soap. I got it as a Christmas present from my aunt and thought I would give it a try. I have extremely sensitive skin to the point where it feels like I am allergic to everything. LOL. I have an unknown skin condition where I continuously peel for no reason. Doctors can't figure out what to do with me and gave me creams that do not work. This started when I got pregnant with my son who was born in July of 2009. Since starting to use this soap I have had some rashes disappear which is very nice. I am starting to be a believer and am hoping maybe this might be a cure to my peeling. Thank you."
- Tiffany 1/2/11

"I heard about your products from my cousin who lives with Alice in Indianapolis. She raved about your soaps. I am going to have my daughter try it when she visits because she has very sensitive skin."
- Cecilia 11/28/10

"I absolutely LOVE my skin with your soap on it! It’s like getting clean without using soap! My highly sensitive skin likes every flavor I have tried so far! My teenage boys and husband love your soap as much as I do…if you can please teenagers, well, that says it!"
- Lois 11/8/10

"Dear Jonas Family, I just wanted to take the time to say that I love your products and your service! My last order included a free bar of Purity soap! Thank you so much! I gave it to my mother, (who has been battling with very sensitive skin forever,) and she loves it! I tell everyone about you and your products! Thank you!!!!"
- Maureen 11/7/10

"Our family is enjoying our goat soap. It smells and feels incredible on the skin. We purchased the purity for my daughter who has sensitive skin and gave a bar to her friend who has eczema. Thanks again for making a great product :)"
- Jennifer 10/4/10

"Thanks PJ. I do appreciate the extra half bar, we are a family of sensitive skin! Thanks again for the great soap you make, it has kept my kids soft and my husband psoriasis free!"
- Eleni 6/28/10

"Thanks PJ. I do appreciate the extra half bar, we are a family of sensitive skin! Thanks again for the great soap you make, it has kept my kids soft and my husband psoriasis free!"
- Eleni 6/27/10

"Hi PJ, Thank you SO much! I usually use cetaphil because I have rosacea and very sensitive skin, but the goat milk soap is SO much better - it's pure and leaves my skin soft and not irritated!"
- Kelly 6/25/10

"Thank you so much! My mother was very so pleased to find you and your husband on facebook. I am very excited to try your product, my husband and son both have sensitive skin. Your website is wonderful and very user friendly! Thank you again and Happy Mother's day to you too."
- Kim 5/6/10

"Hello Jim, PJ and family! I tried your soap at Madison, IN Chatauqua last year and loved it! My new grandson of 6 months has very sensitive skin and I believe this soap would help him. I bought the OMH and OMH scrub. I would like to try the OMH bath bombs, detergent, stain stick, etc. Thank you for a great service for us with sensitive skin! I appreciate it!"
- Theresa 5/1/10

"Dear Jonas Family,I am writing to thank you for the prompt delivery and your Purity soap. We received the package in about a day. I am a mother of two, one who has sensitive skin prone to eczema breakouts in the New England climate. The soap has supported our care of our daughter's skin, it not only has helped her skin but it is also possible to use it on a daily basis. I also am a huge fan of the Purity soap, although I do not suffer from serious skin issues. It is simply a gentle, natural product that I'd love to share with more people. Thank you for your family's time and care in making such a gentle soap. We will be in touch again.Sincerely and With Appreciation,"
- Suzanne 4/26/10

"I wanted to send a thank you for your wonderful soaps. We have been using them for a while now and just love them. Actually I have two small kids and their very sensitive skin just loves them…..no more red bumps/patches. My husband and I love them too. I am just getting ready to make a new order and I am excited to try your lotion sticks and lip balm. Thanks for all your hard work and such a great product."
- Val 3/8/10

"I received my order today and I simply wanted to tell you that I am in love with your soap and I haven't even showered with it yet. What a wonderful box to open and breathe in deeply of the amazing scents. Love the way each soap is packaged in its own little bag. The generous size of the soaps is wonderful. I am excited to try the purity with my 5 year old who has very sensitive skin, the soft scent is perfect. I'm guessing I will be ordering again, the samples you sent made me want to try those scents too. Now excuse me while I go smell my soaps once again :) Thanks again,"
- Debbie 12/31/08

"PJ, Thank you for the very fast service and wonderful goat milk soaps. Everything was packaged very nicely, We will certainly be ordering more soap again. They are working fabulously on my kids sensitive skin and they smell so good too."
- Donna 12/31/08

"I love the organic castile soap. It soothes and softens my dry, sensitive skin. It is exactly what I need! Thank you."
- Susan 12/31/08

"Hi PJ, Got our order and we love the soaps! My daughter, a beautiful redhead, has very sensitive skin. She has been using an expensive cleanser from a medical clinic. She can only use that once every two days. However, she has used Purity three times in a row now and can not believe how soothing it has been to her facial skin. Even little red bumps she had are disappearing. We are so happy and excited. My husband and I love the smell and the milky texture. And my hands are feeling so nice. We will be ordering more, but for the time being 8 bars we have will last awhile. Thanks for making such a good quality product. 5/God prosper your business and family. With the Lord's love and mine,"
- Sandi 12/31/08

"Hi!! Just wanted to tell you how much I love your soap, especially the purity scrub! I have very sensitive skin, no itchies at all since I've used your soap. I am passing along some to my daughter, who has very allergy prone skin. Cant wait to order some more!"
- MaryAnne 12/31/08

"My package arrived yesterday! LOVE THEM! I have very sensitive skin. To be able to wash my hands, have them feel clean without feeling dry...how exciting! My entire kitchen smelled wonderful yesterday when they were in there. I love the OMH scrub. Oh my gosh, it smells heavenly! Thank you so much!!!"
- Kris 12/31/08

"Your soap is absolutely amazing! I have very sensitive skin and I can literally see and feel the health of my skin improving beyond what it has ever been. I always used to have to use lotion but not once since I've started using your soap. I am excited to give it out for Christmas presents to my friends and family. I hope you never quit making it!"
- Dani 12/31/08

"Thank you so much! I was searching for goat milk/honey soaps and there are a TON! After much reading and clicking around I liked yours b/c of the use of your own milk so you know exactly where it came from, as well as the ingredients you listed, or lack thereof...no dyes or synthetic colors since I have sensitive skin. Thanks again."
- Dawn 12/31/08

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