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The GMS soaps are AMAZING! I recently offered a young mom at our church some of the soap I had bought at this company. She has a baby that is suffering with eczema. She says the baby's skin is already much better.
My husband who also has skin issues and is very picky about what soap he uses, loves this soap as well. I am not surprised that it works so well because it is apparently really made with all good ingredients for human skin. Thank you, Jonas family for a great product.
I will continue to order from you!

Monika Ketchum

Added Jun 2, 2015

I wanted to thank you for the special shampoo bar that I used during my cancer treatments. It was so gentle and lathered so well that I did not lose a lot of my hair. It just got thinner. I had 6 chemo treatments and 28 radiations but they are over now. I would recommend this shampoo to anyone who might have lost their hair or just need a gentle touch on their head. Also thank you for praying for me. That meant a lot. Have a wonderful summer!

Bethanne Kopplin
(Personal Family)

Added Jun 1, 2015

I have dry skin that often leaves me itchy. The organic castile soap is the best I have found to calm down the itch


Added May 31, 2015

I am so happy that I discovered goat milk soap. I have used several of these soaps (including those with sheer butter),since my niece introduced them to me in Florida.
I am not sure which one did the trick, but the black marks which I had on the sides of my nose bridge derived from pressure of frames of my eye glasses are gone. Hooray. I used to hide the marks by wearing the glasses any time I was among people. I do not have to do that any more.

Julie Augustin

Added May 21, 2015

Good Morning Jones Family,

I have been doing business with your company now for about three years. And have enjoyed all my different soaps I have ordered over the years. Thanks for the newsletters I read each one, and now you are going to be making Goat Cheese I can't wait to place my order.

Wishing your family all the best.

Sincerely your's

Patricia Oliver Harris

Added May 19, 2015

There is a section on the NEA site that lists products that have earned their seal of acceptance. This is actually where I first learnt about Goats milk soap being useful for eczema sufferers. My first try with goats milk soap was actually one that was listed on the site and given its highest rating of 5 stars. It made my skin burn, in fact all the other brands of goats milk soaps that I've tried do irritate my skin to varying degrees. Any of the GMS soaps from the problem skin pack works fine for me.


Added May 13, 2015

After trying almost every OTC thing available for eczema for my daughter (as well as a few prescriptions), I finally gave Goats Milk Soap a try after seeing a few reviews from other people who have tried it. Within a month of her using it, her skin looked so much better. We've been using it for over a year now and this is the only soap I will use for my daughter. I tell everyone about it when they comment how clear her skin looks now. And I also gift it to people who want to give it a try. My mom loves it. Thank you.

Nycholle N.

Added May 11, 2015

I have a 5 year old boy with eczema. It is terrible on his hands and wrists. We have struggled with it for years. Going back and forth between prescription steroid cream and really expensive over the counter creams. It never did much. His hands would crack and bleed and he would cry when he had to wash his hands because it stung. I was at my wits end and willing to try anything if it might help, so I ordered purity soap. Wow, it works wonders! His eczema is not cured, but it is exponentially better. No more cracking and bleeding. It doesn't sting his hands, so no more crying when he has to wash his hands (which is frequent since I am a nurse and strict about hand hygiene). I told my pediatrician about it and she is now recommending it to her eczema patients. I can't say enough about how much this has helped us. I also use the soap. I love how soft it leaves my skin feeling. I frequently give this soap as a gift and recommend it to all my friends.

Amy Tams

Added May 9, 2015

Your soaps, unscented shampoo, lotion sticks have made a HUGE difference to my skin, scalp and hair. I cannot begin to say enough good things about your products. Thanks so much to you and your goats! THE BEST products around! Anyone with skin conditions, sensitive skin and thinning hair should without hesitation give your products a try and experience the amazing difference.


Added Apr 27, 2015

My son, now age 10, was diagnosed with psoriasis about 3 years ago after a strep throat infection was not treated. We had been using multiple steroid ointments and light treatments to help control the plaque. I learned of Goat Milk soap with tea tree and that it may me helpful for psoriasis or eczema. My son has used the soap for every bath for the past year and his psoriasis is almost completely gone! The steroid ointments controlled the plaque but never got rid of it. Once we started using the soap we have not needed any other type of treatments! Thank you for the incredible product you provide! God Bless you!

Janel Dorn

Added Apr 20, 2015