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I was overjoyed to try your goat milk bar soap (trial size) from a lady at our church. Last year I had a rash on my neck that also went up into my scalp. The Drs. that I saw did not know what exactly it was and prescribed medication before I left to go out of the country. The day after arriving in China I got that rash and scalp itch with a vengeance. I went into a pharmacy and they gave me an anti-fungal cream. It was hot and sweaty there and was miserable, returned home to see the Dr. again. To make a long story short, I was given chemicals I did not want in my body, but was beside myself. The more I tried not to itch my scalp, the more it itched. I dug and dug and finally was seen by a dermatologist and he said it was eczema. So I switched to a no dye, no smell detergent, and a prescription for the scalp. Yesterday I was given the trial bar soap and last name my scalp was itching so I thought will why try the soap on it. It took the itch away. This morning I took a shower and could not believe the difference my scalp felt and my feet were soft and not dry. I have hardly had to scratch my scalp today so far and I know that I am finally on the right road to recovery. I also have cracked skin on the top of my thumb. I know that will get better too. Thank you so much for your soap. Can't wait to try your other products like laundry and hand soap. God bless you and your family and business.


Added Feb 15, 2015

Goat Milk Stuff has excellent products and their customer service is AWESOME!!!!! Anytime I had a question they would immediately get back to me. Please buy from this company, they are honest, ship very quickly, and the quality of the product cannot be beat.


Added Feb 12, 2015

I rarely leave testimonials or reviews on anything I order online, but I have to for these products. My skin is ultra sensitive and I kept hives on my legs, arms, neck, and face from various products or simple stuff like hugging my puppy. Sounds so clique but the soap has changed my life. Just after a couple of uses the hives disappeared, the itching gone, and my face is clear. It has helped with mild periodic acne and it seems to have softened my skin some, and it does not leave soap scum! I love all scents I have tried so far and can not wait till I run out of what I have so I can order something new. I have just ordered the deodorant and shampoo and am excited to try both. I want to Thank the Jonas family for sharing your natural products and am excited to see what is next. I will never use reg body or face soap again..... Awesome stuff! God Bless

Jeanne Spencer

Added Feb 6, 2015

I have been using my first order of Lavender soap bar. I love it. I never knew my skin could feel so squeaky clean. I also ordered Lavender liquid soap. I put a few capsfull into my bath. Result - soothing Lavender scent and no bathtub ring. Thank You Goat Milk Stuff family. I am so glad I found you and my skin is very happy also.


Added Feb 4, 2015

I just got my first order today and I cannot say enough about it! I have been using Lush soap and facial cleansers for years-this soap is far superior! The smell is gorgeous and the lather is creamy and devine....the best part is that my rosacea is not as bright red after using this..after one wash!
Plus, the lovely note on my receipt from one of the kids was lovely!!! Thank you and I look forward to many more bars of soap being purchased from your family!

Tracey Kelly

Added Feb 3, 2015

I love your soaps, they have made such a difference in my skin its so much softer. After giving some bars to my neighbors, they are hooked also. Keep up the good work.

Pauline Crouch

Added Feb 1, 2015

I have used your soap for about two years and I love it.I use it on my head and my body.I also use your deodorant I love it and I love the way it smells.Ius the liquid soap to wash my face befofe I shave. Thank you Rex Shields

Rex Shields

Added Jan 29, 2015

I LOVE YOUR SOAP! Was kind of hesitant to try goat milk soap...I thought it would leave a "funky" after smell on me. I was wrong! Your soaps are amazing! I wasn't sure what scents I would like so I ordered the Sample Bag. Great variety of soaps sent, I love all that I have tried so far and it's going to be difficult which scents to order future soaps in. I just placed an order for your lotion sticks and can't wait to use these! Thank you so much for sharing your product and give your goats a hug from me!


Added Jan 28, 2015

I love love love the soap. I use the black raspberry its amazing and my children love it too. Their skin is always soft.. thanks so much for these soaps. I have eczema and I have not had a problem with irritation or itchiness.. if you haven't tried it you should.
I will be ordering again soon...

Chaquana Woods

Added Jan 23, 2015

i ordered my first bar of soap just before christmas mostly wanted to get for my grandson who is 2 he has dry red patches on his legs and tummy also got him the stick lotion. only 2 weeks and his pathes are almost gone he loves to rub the lotion on his little legs by himself, i also got a bar for myself (lavender) i love it so soft and the smell is wonderful, i just placed my second order all for me. this time i also ordered the lotion, cant wait to get it.love the fact the whole is involved.

kris newnum

Added Jan 20, 2015