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I found you,by scrolling the internet,actually looking for a help to clear my sisters skin.She had eczema very bad,purity has helped to heal her skin.We are so thankful,we found you.Praise god & Blessings on your family.

Pat Blevins

Added Nov 26, 2016

Long time bar soap user. Am trying your laundry soap for the first time based on all the great reviews. Hope I love it as much as your bar soaps. I will NEVER use any other kind of bar soap again. Yours is the best!!


Added Nov 25, 2016

The Tea Tree Oil Soap is wonderful. I had tinea versicolor for over 20 years-- it would itch like crazy during the hot months. One Xmas about 6 years ago my daughter got me some of the goats milk soap and tea tree oil soap was included. I tried it and noticed my tinea was gone. I still use it, but during the hot months. It is good stuff.


Added Nov 25, 2016

Been a happy, satisfied customer for years and am always handing out your soap bars. Yours is the best out there and in the beginning tried many others. Your soap, your values and your family have hit on a winning combination and I thank you for sticking to your formula and not diluting or watering it down with success.


Added Nov 24, 2016

Our neighbors and great friends gifted some soap bars and just loved the feel on my skin. Had not been able to find goat milk soap as good as yours so just have to order the best. Just love it.


Added Nov 21, 2016

My friend Judi gifted me with a trio of your superb soaps and she told me how they're one of her most favorite things in the whole wide world -- and I now join her in consensus !!! I can't imagine life without GOAT MILK STUFF, will spread the good word and wish you the very best in 2017!

Liz Zimmerman

Added Nov 17, 2016

Your purity soap is amazing! I have always had problems with breaking out in a rash when using any soap. This is the only kind that I can use resulting in no rash. Yay!!! Please never stop making this wonderful soap! Also, I loved the magazine you sent...you have such a sweet family!


Added Nov 17, 2016

I purchased a few gift sets for Christmas present last year and they loved them so much I'm ordering again for the year.

I also got the lip balm and loved it. I highly recommend it to anyone. It was the only one I found that work on really chapped lips.

T. Flannery

Added Nov 17, 2016

Your soaps are wonderful! I don't need to wear gloves anymore while doing dishes! My hands don't get cracked and dry any more! Thank you for your great product and great customer service! Looking forward to receiving my new soaps!


Added Nov 14, 2016

My husband and I visited your store/farm last week. We were very impressed with the store and the new ice cream and candy building, but the best experience for me was to get in the pen with the goats. I was able to hold a baby goat for a few minutes and the rest of the time I talked to and petted the big goats. They "chewed" on my shorts and my shirt and never left a mark on anything. They were absolutely precious! I'll be back for this experience again. Hewitt was a great tour guide and a child I know the family is very proud of.

I love the Jonas' philosophy for raising their children and how to run the business. God is at the top of the list of what is most important in life. Without Him, life on earth has no meaning. You have made a lasting impression on me. I hope to bring others to your farm and show them what a great place you have made with God's help.


Added Nov 7, 2016