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I absolutely LOVE the laundry detergent! One load of whites and I was hooked on how much whiter and softer the clothes felt! The colored clothes too were brighter and soft! I have just started to use the bath soaps and they are equally amazing in how my skin feels. I'm pretty sure you can count on me to share in telling everyone about your products I've tried. Cannot wait to try more!

Marsha B

Added Apr 2, 2017

I bought this soap a couple of months ago! For my skin it was a bit drying but it helped out with a ringworm I had. Goat milk soap has done WONDERS for my daughters skin!! She is 17 months now. I've been using the traditional soaps like Baby Aveeno, Shea Moisture Baby, but her skin would always be dry before the end of the day. I've been using the Oatmeal Milk and Honey Soap for about 2 months and there has been such a dramatic transformation in her skin. It is so soft! Even the days without full baths it remains soft! I will DEFINITELY be repurchasing this for her! Great products!!!!


Added Mar 30, 2017

I just placed my very first GMS order on Saturday just before noon & I had my soaps in my mailbox on Monday morning!!! They were perfectly packaged with a detailed invoice & a sweet note from Colter-your wonderful family is just above & beyond-I had the best experience placing my order also ☺ I am a nurse & couldn't wait to get my hands on the soap-literally-lol!! The hardest part was deciding which of the 7 soaps to try first-I chose OMH & it is heavenly!!! I am soooo happy & I will be using your soap as long as you continue to bless us with it ☺

debbie p

Added Mar 28, 2017

I came across this website searching for raw goat milk soap. I saw the reviews and thought I'd give it a try. I ordered the Purity and Charcoal soaps. My order came fast. I must say that I enjoyed using the Purity soap. My skin felt very soft. I haven't tried the Charcoal soap yet. I will leave a review for that next. But your products are quality and the presentation is awesome. Glad I found your website. Will be ordering more. Keep up the good work family!!


Added Mar 9, 2017

Buying on line for the first time is hard when you've never previously used the product. I must say I was pleasantly surprised that a bar soap would really get my hair clean yet not dry out my scalp. I purchased the Purity Tea Tree Shampoo Soap and I will be a repeat customer. Also, the Purity Regular Soap is great on the skin. Would be nice if some of these Goat Milk Soaps came in an oval rounded corners shape for ease of handling. But do love your products.


Added Mar 1, 2017

You guys are THE fastest order shippers EVER!!! We LOVE your products. My 18 yo daughter tells everyone about your soap! She has been using it exclusively for over a year now. So many people ask her about her skin. They are amazed at her age and how she rarely has skin issues even though they are very common at that age. She swears by your natural soap and the tea tree oil combination. She started making her own toner with witch hazel, tea tree oil, and vitamin C. Between that and your soap, she has had very few skin problems. Her face cleared up tremendously after she started using your tea tree oil soap and got rid of all the other junk she was using with chemicals in them. Thank you


Added Feb 28, 2017

Words cannot explain how my skin felt after only one use of the Tea Tree Goat Milk Soap. I have Psoriasis and my skin can get very dry even after showering and moisturizing. I immediately felt a difference while showering with the GMS. I love this soap & I thank you guys so much! I'm a customer for life!

Shanikwa Lewis

Added Feb 26, 2017

I have suffered from Rosacea for over 2 1/2 years and I have tried everything from prescription drugs, lotions, soaps, and DIY experiments :( all with no help. I would break out with little puss pimples? they'd burn and would make my face RED and inflamed. Seriously it had stopped my life. I dreaded going out or meeting ppl because these puss pimples took days to dry out and left little scars .. I mean really it was embarrassing. I have never had any kind of acne or skin problems even as a teenager :( so to one day go from beautiful skin to RED inflamed problematic skin was life changing!! My last DIY brought me to try Organic Goat Milk on my face like a mask. Well to my surprise it helped with the redness and inflammation! The redness cleared up withing days so decided to research organic goat milk soap..came across your site and decided to purchase a sample pack of your soaps and started with the Tea Tree Soap AMAZING RESULTS.. within 2 day my skin has almost cleared up and back to normal.. I'm on day 6 and my skin is glowy and looking healthy. my coworkers noticed right away! I feel like my self again! I'm telling everybody about my experience and giving little samples away to my children and family! YOU PRODUCT HAS BROUGHT BACK BEAUTIFUL SKIN! I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH! I will be ordering again soon! xoxo GlowGlow :) wish i could upload a pic of before and after.. Amazing results!! keep up the Goat Soap!!

Liz G

Added Feb 24, 2017

I never thought that I was sensitive to commercial soap, but years ago I started developing a rash. I thought it was a heat rash as it started in the summer. Soon it was year round. Just small little bumps that sometimes itched, but never went away. Then I tried GMS soap, and the bumps completely disappeared!! I'm never going back. Thanks Goat Milk Stuff!

Laural Hildebrand

Added Feb 23, 2017

We has a chance to do the kidding experience and what a wonderful time that we had. The family is awesome and their children know their goats and made are time their fun and a great learning experience. We did not see a birth, however we milked a goat, bottle feed babies and spent time just cuddling the babies. This is something that I would indeed do again. I almost forgot we bought their awesome products in the store. If you have made a visit to the farm you should.

Thank you amazing family for the great time.

Tammy Trecatin

Added Feb 23, 2017