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The most wonderful soaps in the world. I really mean that. My skin squeaks clean but isn't dry or taut at all. I think what I like best is that the soap rinses off so quickly, it's not slimy and hard to rinse off. No residue. And I love the beautiful scents. Lilac is my favorite. If you ever stop making lilac I'll freak out!

Deborah Long

Added Dec 21, 2016

I stumbled upon goats milk soap at a local festival here in Texas. It smelled wonderful and the lady was nice so I bough a bar. I had fantastic results as i have 2 patches of psoriasis that are stubborn, but I am just as stubborn because I do not want to take medication for it because of the side effects. I had great results but he bar only lasted me 2 weeks and i did everything she told me. But 2 weeks and the bar was gone. So i was on the search....came across you. And i have to say 1 month later and still using the one the quarter that i cut off my bar! I also purchased some soap for my dogs and I have to say this stuff is amazing! I cut the bar into 5ths and 3 pit bulls later they are clean and soft. Fantastic products you have!


Added Dec 11, 2016

Dear PJ,
I love your products and have been giving them as gifts for several years. I have tried other goat milk soaps but I have decided yours are by far the best and will not purchase others anymore. I am giving the Organic Castile and the lotion stick to a friend who is being treated for cancer. She has been having problems with itching and wounds and I am hopeful that your wonderful products will give her some relief. Thank you and your family for all you do and have a blessed and happy Christmas! Sharon


Added Dec 8, 2016

I have tried a few different soaps and love them all ! My favorite is oatmeal milk and honey :) smells delicious and feels great on my skin ...I just received the perfume (oatmeal milk honey ) and I love that too ! Got many compliments at work and the smell lingers all day ...I'm hooked and I've found the soap and perfume , I'll use forever ...I also love the personalized invoices ..so cute ! Your family is lovely ! Maybe one day the perfume will come in different sizes ..I'm want a bigger one !

sandra lares

Added Dec 8, 2016

P.J and Indigo,
I received my soap yesterday. Thanks Indigo for packing my order. You write pretty.
PJ, I love my soaps. I used the Vanilla last night after opening my package when I came in from work.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. So beautiful and smell delicious. Creamy lather. Thank you for an excellent product.

Cleo Anderson

Added Dec 6, 2016

PJ & Co always leave sweet comments on the receipt in the package, which is surprisingly the least exciting thing about getting a GMS package! Every product I've tried has been wonderful, and it feels great knowing I'm supporting good people (and good goats!).

Katherine Higgins

Added Dec 2, 2016

I found you,by scrolling the internet,actually looking for a help to clear my sisters skin.She had eczema very bad,purity has helped to heal her skin.We are so thankful,we found you.Praise god & Blessings on your family.

Pat Blevins

Added Nov 26, 2016

Long time bar soap user. Am trying your laundry soap for the first time based on all the great reviews. Hope I love it as much as your bar soaps. I will NEVER use any other kind of bar soap again. Yours is the best!!


Added Nov 25, 2016

The Tea Tree Oil Soap is wonderful. I had tinea versicolor for over 20 years-- it would itch like crazy during the hot months. One Xmas about 6 years ago my daughter got me some of the goats milk soap and tea tree oil soap was included. I tried it and noticed my tinea was gone. I still use it, but during the hot months. It is good stuff.


Added Nov 25, 2016

Been a happy, satisfied customer for years and am always handing out your soap bars. Yours is the best out there and in the beginning tried many others. Your soap, your values and your family have hit on a winning combination and I thank you for sticking to your formula and not diluting or watering it down with success.


Added Nov 24, 2016