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I have been using your goats milk soap bars for about 4-6 weeks and this is the first winter that I don't have to hide my hands. My hands are smooth and soft with no cuts. It is amazing. I am so happy and I have you to thank for producing these amazing soap bars. I would go to have my monthly manicure and I would be so embarrassed about my hands - well not anymore !!! I have perfectly smooth skin on my hands. Thank you so much for the goat milk soap bars. Please continue with your wonderful products.

Linda Evans

Added Jan 1, 2016

Good Morning PJ,
I wanted to send a HUGE thank you to you and your family!! I have eczema and have tried a lot of products that just haven't helped. You had me at the first bar of soap!! The order process is so easy and the quick turnaround is outstanding. I love love love your soaps and as long as you're in business I'll be shopping. Lastly, the personalization of all the signatures on the receipt is PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks again,


Added Dec 1, 2015

Our visit to your farm was most enjoyable. Both your two legged and 4 legged kids were very sweet. The candy was delicious.And the soaps smelled good enough to eat also. Made me think of putting them around my home as air freshners. But alas I used them for bathing. My skin is very dry but not now, after just one use. I can definitely feel the difference in your soap and store bought soap. Creamy and soft. Plus no bad chemicals. Which gave me piece of mind.


Added Nov 3, 2015

I just got my early-Christmas-shopping order and now I get to sort it all out. My friends will be lucky if they actually do get any of it. I also got a bar of scented dog shampoo. I had been using an all-natural liquid dog shampoo made by a local company. I liked it, but it's very expensive and I had to use a lot of it. Well, this GMS dog shampoo not only costs less, it lathers easily, rinses out cleanly and Buster, my pug mix, is cleaner and softer than ever before. I'm so glad I decided to try this shampoo. I also got a sample of fudge. It was excellent. Very smooth and creamy and despite it being shipped with a full box of soap, had no scent or taste of soap whatsoever. Kudos, Jonas family!


Added Oct 29, 2015

I got your soap in record time! Ordered on a Friday and had it by the following Monday. It's all lovely. Very creamy and smells wonderful. I've been using the Almond and Black Raspberry. I had some kind of bumpy rash on my throat. It didn't itch, but it was annoying. The doctor had no clue. It's now gone. Completely. After having it for a year. I know it's the soap. I also want to thank you for the very nice notes on my invoice and the small bar of Calendula you enclosed for my friend with Lupus. She got it yesterday and tried it that evening. She said it soothed the rash and it looked calmer almost immediately. She says she will definitely use the Purity bar regularly to see if it helps lessen the breakouts. So, thank you. Thank you. And you have a customer for life in me.


Added Oct 14, 2015

Wow! LOVE your products! I'm a soon to be chemotherapy patient and have been looking and spending a lot of money high and low to find unscented, no soybean oil since I'm ER+, softening and moisturizing soap and lotion products. I got your castille soap unscented and the bar lasts long and softens and moisturizes nicely. The lotion tub, unscented mango butter based, is great as well. A little goes a long way and it's not greasy. LOVE how minimal the ingredients are because as a chemo patient, I have to be as simple and wholesome as I can. And how you have mango butter based products which have no soybean oil which isn't good for us ER+ breast cancer patients!


Added Sep 30, 2015

I love the Nag Champa. It smells warm and delicious, appropriate for men or women. Nag Champa has sandalwood notes, but I would guess also has vanilla and musk or jasmine. It is an Indian fragrance that I just love! All the benefits of GMS plus a smell that makes me feel indulgent and blessed!

Wendy Rixstine

Added Sep 1, 2015

Just wanted to let you know how well your soap is helping me. I have given them a week to work. I have problem skin and break out from about anything. Your soap have really calmed down the break outs. Itching has also calmed down a lot. I will be ordering more soon. I'm so glad I saw you and your family on Fox 4 news in Kansas City.

All smiles,

venessa mccloud

Added Aug 31, 2015

Thank you all for making such fabulous soap. We live in the desert and since it is so dry we often have to use a lot of lotion. since we started using your soap our skin hasn't been as dry and itchy and we are using far less lotion.
The other VERY BIG PLUS is being able to use a product MADE IN THE USA! So grateful for your company!

Thank you.....Peggy & Bob

p.s. The employee signatures on the invoice always make us smile!

Peggy Graham

Added Aug 6, 2015

Just a note to say how pleased I was with such quick, personable service, and the sweet little note on the invoice. It made it really special doing business with your family.

Thank you Indigo. I will enjoy my soaps.

I look forward to doing business with you again.



Added Aug 3, 2015