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I love love love your products. My skin is super sensitive and your soaps are the only soaps which I can use without fear. I also have eczema and this soap soothes my skin so nicely.
The scents are amazing and not overpowering either. I love the fact that I am helping a family farm and wonderful family instead of a large corporation. I received my order quickly and it was correct. I will continue to purchase all my soap here. I am going to try some of the new products too. I love you guys.

Angela Askew

Added Jun 27, 2016

I have been using this soap for 2 weeks now. I am washing my hands with it, bathing with it, I even tried washing my hair with it. It made my hair feel very clean & soft. It is very high quality soap. It makes your skin feel very clean & moisturized all in one step! I love this soap & I highly recommend it !! I tried the Cucumber Melon, Rosemary Mint, Lemongrass & Black Raspberry. I love them all but my favorite is Black Raspberry. I have tried several other Goat Milk Soaps, but these soaps are simply the best I have ever used. I have replaced all liquid soaps in our house with these bars & will continue to use them. I also purchased a few of the wash cloths that the kids make.
They are very nice to use with the soap & the kids get to keep the profits from them. I like that !


Added Jun 23, 2016

I love this company and what they are all about. What a beautiful family. The personalization of your product is so special. The Purity Soap is the best. I use it only hands after gardening and it's magic. I don't even have to use a hand brush. Since using your Purity soap on my face, I don't have any blackheads and it doesn't dry my skin at all. My grandchildren have watched all the videos of your family and you have become an example of how hard work pays off. God Bless all of you!
Sincerely, Carol Ernst

Carol Ernst

Added May 4, 2016

Diabetic dry itchy skin and this soap is long lasting, smells yummy,and leaves my skin feeling clean and as soft as if I'd just put on lotion. So impressed that I am now going to try the laundry soap and just bought more to give as gifts...prices are very reasonable and I love the Family Farm aspect of this business.

nannette couch

Added Mar 18, 2016

I just got your newsletter that your Cranberry Spice soap is now going to be a regular scent!! HOORAY!!!! This is my FAVORITE scent and I try to buy a good supply when it becomes available in October. It's great knowing that I can get it at any time once your supply is ready to go!! I LOVE your soap!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Jackie Leyba

Added Feb 2, 2016

I purchased a few bars (oatmeal milk and honey, nautical, and organic) and a knitted washcloth. Oh my goodness, taking a shower with this extremely soft washcloth (and yes, even though it is cloud soft, it still washes a body clean), and using the oatmeal milk and honey has been heavenly.
I am definitely spoiled with the soaps and washcloth.
In the past, I had been using another brand of goat milk soap for two years. I expected less or the same results from your bars. To my surprise, I am wrong. The results have my skin and my daughter's skin so smooth and healthy looking.
I cannot say THANK YOU enough!


Added Jan 10, 2016

I have been using your goats milk soap bars for about 4-6 weeks and this is the first winter that I don't have to hide my hands. My hands are smooth and soft with no cuts. It is amazing. I am so happy and I have you to thank for producing these amazing soap bars. I would go to have my monthly manicure and I would be so embarrassed about my hands - well not anymore !!! I have perfectly smooth skin on my hands. Thank you so much for the goat milk soap bars. Please continue with your wonderful products.

Linda Evans

Added Jan 1, 2016

Good Morning PJ,
I wanted to send a HUGE thank you to you and your family!! I have eczema and have tried a lot of products that just haven't helped. You had me at the first bar of soap!! The order process is so easy and the quick turnaround is outstanding. I love love love your soaps and as long as you're in business I'll be shopping. Lastly, the personalization of all the signatures on the receipt is PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks again,


Added Dec 1, 2015

Our visit to your farm was most enjoyable. Both your two legged and 4 legged kids were very sweet. The candy was delicious.And the soaps smelled good enough to eat also. Made me think of putting them around my home as air freshners. But alas I used them for bathing. My skin is very dry but not now, after just one use. I can definitely feel the difference in your soap and store bought soap. Creamy and soft. Plus no bad chemicals. Which gave me piece of mind.


Added Nov 3, 2015

I just got my early-Christmas-shopping order and now I get to sort it all out. My friends will be lucky if they actually do get any of it. I also got a bar of scented dog shampoo. I had been using an all-natural liquid dog shampoo made by a local company. I liked it, but it's very expensive and I had to use a lot of it. Well, this GMS dog shampoo not only costs less, it lathers easily, rinses out cleanly and Buster, my pug mix, is cleaner and softer than ever before. I'm so glad I decided to try this shampoo. I also got a sample of fudge. It was excellent. Very smooth and creamy and despite it being shipped with a full box of soap, had no scent or taste of soap whatsoever. Kudos, Jonas family!


Added Oct 29, 2015