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Our local fair trade store, The Faith Store (Lebanon, TN), carries your soaps. Until recently, I just smelled them and put them back on the shelf. Then I saw a Facebook post about "packing hacks" and it listed another brand of shampoo in a bar. The ingredients of that bar didn't sound great, so I checked Goad Milk Stuff and decided to try it. Since our store did not have the shampoo bar, I decided to try it. Man, am I hooked!! Love the rosemary and mint shampoo bar. I just ordered the tree tea shampoo. I'm glad I can get the soap locally. And next time, I'm sure The Faith Store will add shampoo to their order! Thank you for making great quality soaps & shampoos. #NewAddiction
And I've NEVER ordered from a company with a faster turn-around time! Thanks for prompt, excellent service.

Cheryl Lewis

Added Aug 4, 2016

I can't tell you how happy I am you brought the soap logs back. That to me is the most convenient to buy the soap. I'm hoping what ever the problem was with other customers, they get a clue and figure out how to cut and cure them otherwise don't order them and not screw it up for the rest of us!! :) Thanks so much!! Kandi

Kandi Brown

Added Aug 1, 2016

I have been using the various sensitive skin soaps for over a couple of years now because of different skin allergies. These soaps have helped clear my skin, taken away the itchies (chamomile), and have left my skin so soft and smooth at the grand old age of 61. Foolishly I tried another brand briefly to save some money. What a mistake. I must have been allergic to different scents the other brand put in their soap. Lesson learned. I am back here to stay.

Lynn Majewski

Added Jul 9, 2016

We have been buying GMS products for a couple of years now. I thought it would be neat to visit there so we did yesterday. We were met by Jade at the register and were very much impressed with her being able to run things in the shop and as young as she is running the cash register. Brett was our tour guide and was very friendly and excited about her job and did a good job at it at that. We had a good time and would recommend it to anyone.

Steve and Gayle Pohl

Added Jul 9, 2016

The best word that comes to mind is WOW!!! I came across this company in a round about way and am so glad I discovered this gem! I loved looking at the website and reading all about the products. I placed my order and was so excited when it arrived! Packing was amazing-how they got all my stuff in the size box they did was AMAZING! I LOVE the fact that two of the children checked the order and wrote personalized notes on it! (Enjoy! Colter) All the products have been wonderful and I can't wait to order again! THANK YOU!


Added Jul 8, 2016

I'm delighted my order of soaps and lotion sticks have arrived so quickly. However, I am even more delighted with my receipt. There was a lovely handwritten note from Colter telling me that as I'd saved money on delivery, he'd added an extra surprise of two soap bars! It is customer service like this that keeps me coming back to this company...oh and the amazing products you sell. My eczema prone skin says thank you :D


Added Jul 2, 2016

I love love love your products. My skin is super sensitive and your soaps are the only soaps which I can use without fear. I also have eczema and this soap soothes my skin so nicely.
The scents are amazing and not overpowering either. I love the fact that I am helping a family farm and wonderful family instead of a large corporation. I received my order quickly and it was correct. I will continue to purchase all my soap here. I am going to try some of the new products too. I love you guys.

Angela Askew

Added Jun 27, 2016

I have been using this soap for 2 weeks now. I am washing my hands with it, bathing with it, I even tried washing my hair with it. It made my hair feel very clean & soft. It is very high quality soap. It makes your skin feel very clean & moisturized all in one step! I love this soap & I highly recommend it !! I tried the Cucumber Melon, Rosemary Mint, Lemongrass & Black Raspberry. I love them all but my favorite is Black Raspberry. I have tried several other Goat Milk Soaps, but these soaps are simply the best I have ever used. I have replaced all liquid soaps in our house with these bars & will continue to use them. I also purchased a few of the wash cloths that the kids make.
They are very nice to use with the soap & the kids get to keep the profits from them. I like that !


Added Jun 23, 2016

I love this company and what they are all about. What a beautiful family. The personalization of your product is so special. The Purity Soap is the best. I use it only hands after gardening and it's magic. I don't even have to use a hand brush. Since using your Purity soap on my face, I don't have any blackheads and it doesn't dry my skin at all. My grandchildren have watched all the videos of your family and you have become an example of how hard work pays off. God Bless all of you!
Sincerely, Carol Ernst

Carol Ernst

Added May 4, 2016

Diabetic dry itchy skin and this soap is long lasting, smells yummy,and leaves my skin feeling clean and as soft as if I'd just put on lotion. So impressed that I am now going to try the laundry soap and just bought more to give as gifts...prices are very reasonable and I love the Family Farm aspect of this business.

nannette couch

Added Mar 18, 2016