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Goat Milk Stuff Farm Tour

When are farm tours available?

Tours are offered March through December, Monday through Saturday at 10am and 1pm. If those hours are impossible for scheduling your visit, please Contact Us and we will work with you.

Who is the farm tour for?

Our farm tours are for people who want to see where their soaps, candies and cheeses are made, want to meet the goats, and want to get a glimpse at our farm life. If you just want to spend time with the goats, we offer a special Baby Goat Experience as well. You can get the best of both worlds by scheduling a tour and following it up with the Baby Goat Experience.

You will not learn how to make soap or any other items during this tour. If you wish to own your own goats or start your own goat milk soap business, please Contact Us so we can discuss tour options that will better meet your needs.

Do I need to schedule a tour?

We prefer that you schedule a tour so that we can make sure that Brett (our usual tour guide) is available. If you show up without scheduling ahead of time, we will do our best to offer a tour, but will be unable to if there is nobody available to guide you.

How do I schedule a tour?

Please visit this page to schedule a tour. If none of those times will work for you, Contact Us and we will try to find another time that works.

How much does a tour cost?

The tour costs $12 per person and each paid person will get a bar of soap to take home with them. Children 5 and under must be accompanied by a parent and are free (but they do not receive anything). Groups of 15+ children have a couple of different pricing options (see below).

What do I get to see on the tour?

  • Where the soap is made. We will tell you how the soap is made and you can look through the window into the soapmaking room. Our insurance will not allow people into this room. Soap may or may not be actually being made during your tour.
  • Where the soap is unmolded and cut. You can walk through this area and see how the boys unmold and cut the soap. There is always lots of soap to be seen on the curing racks.
  • Where the soap is bagged. How we bag the soap is explained. If there is soap available for bagging, just ask and we'll let you bag a few bars.
  • Where the soap and stuff is shipped. We'll explain how we package orders and ship them worldwide.
  • The Candy Kitchen. You'll get to see (and possibly smell) where all of our yummy caramels and candies are made.
  • The Cheese Kitchen. We'll show you where our milk is pasteurized and how we turn it into cheese.
  • The Goat Barn. You'll see the stalls where the goats live.
  • The Milk Barn. We'll show you where and how we milk the goats and what we do with the milk. Goats are not available for milking at this time.
  • The Goats. You'll get to meet at least one or two goats!
  • The Garden. Eating healthy foods is important to us (that's why we got the goats in the first place - for their healthy milk). The garden is a huge part of our lifestyle.
  • The Chickens and Rabbits. Our chickens and rabbits help keep our gardens healthy and a great way to recycle all of our food scraps and garden waste. Backyard chicken eggs are an amazing addition to a healthy diet.
  • The Family. One of the Jonas children will be your tour guide so you'll get to meet some (if not all) of The Jonas family as you tour Goat Milk Stuff!

Will I get to sample any products?

Yes! After the tour is done, you will enter our kitchen building where you can wash your hands with our liquid soap and then enjoy some samples of our food products. Tasting will vary depending on what has been freshly made and is available.

Do I need to sign a waiver to take the tour?

Yes, you will be asked to sign a Farm Tour Liability Waiver before being allowed on the tour. This waiver also requires your signature that you will not sell goat milk soap in competition with Goat Milk Stuff. If you are selling goat milk soap or wish to sell goat milk soap, you must notify us of the fact. PJ offers separate consulting and tours for people who are interested in soapmaking.

Can I take photographs?

You may not take photographs inside the soaproom or kitchen building. You can take as many as you would like outside and in the barns.

How long does the tour last?

The tour lasts from 30 to 60 minutes, but can vary greatly depending on how many questions are asked.

May I bring food or drinks on the tour?

Please note that no food or beverages may be brought into the soap room or kitchen building, and nothing but bottled water is permitted in the barn and surrounding area. Feeding the goats anything other than grain from their vending machine is not allowed under any circumstances.

Can I bring my dog or other pets?

Dogs and other animals are not allowed on the GMS Farm Tour, nor are they allowed in any buildings or down by the barns.

Can I see the goats without taking a tour?

Yes, there is a section of fence where you can see (and feed) the miniature goats. When you arrive at the farm, ask any of the Jonases and they would be happy to point that out to you. To see the baby goats, you have to take a tour. We also have a special Baby Goat Experience you can schedule if you'd like to just spend time with the baby goats instead taking the tour.

Are there any physical requirements?

The soaproom and kitchen building are accessible to everyone and a sidewalk connects them to the barn. But guests are required to walk to the barn and may not drive there. Our parking lots are currently gravel so care should be taken with those who have difficulty walking.

Do I need to wear anything special?

We are a working farm, so please dress appropriately. Sturdy shoes are required in order to visit the goats and tour the outside locations. Flip-flops and sandals are not allowed.

Can I purchase items while at your farm?

Of course! You can shop in our farm store and purchase as much "Stuff" as you would like.

Can I schedule a tour for a large group of students?

Yes, but we require at least one adult chaperone for every 5-8 children depending on their age and abilities. Chaperones will cost $12 each and get a bar of soap to take home. Groups of 15+ children have three options:
  • $12 per child and each child receives a full bar of soap.
  • $5 per child and each child receives a travel bar of soap.
  • $3 per child and the child does not get to take anything home.

Please contact us for the waiver forms so that you can get them to the parents or guardians to sign ahead of time.

What if I have a group, but it is less than 15 students?

There is a minimum group price of $45 for a group of students. You still have two options:
  • $45 or $5 per child (whichever is greater). Each child receives a travel bar of soap or a lip balm.
  • $45 or $3 per child (whichever is greater). Each child does not get to take anything home.

Feedback from the tours

"Jim and PJ, Thank you all so much for a truly wonderful time today! It was a gift meeting your family! This was, by far, the best field trip we have taken. We are all looking forward to the next time already." Stephana


"Enjoyed the tour so very much. What a wonderful family. You are teaching your children so many of life's skills right there on the farm. Enjoyed visiting with the children and left so impressed by all of you." Esther


"I wanted to say that me and my husband enjoyed the tour given, I believe, by Emery. He was great and my husband said he was impressed and thought you all have a good set up and process in the soaproom. Also enjoyed seeing the 2 baby goats, the chickens amid rabbits etc. As well as your garden. It inspired us more so to want to start a garden. I posted on my Facebook page about the tour and recommended your site for any of my Facebook friends that have or know anyone with sensitive skin cause it has helped mine a lot. Thanks again for making such good soap and running a good family business. Keep up the good work." Georgina and Jason


"My hubby, sister and great-nephew and I visited your store and took the tour this morning. It was wonderful. Your family is awesome. Never met such polite, courteous and just down right cute kids ever. Love your soap and other products. Will definitely be back when more soap is needed. Thanks for such an awesome morning." Pat


"We took a tour today of your business and I just want to say that we loved it! My husband owns his own business and I think it's great when family can work together so well. We plan on homeschooling too so it's great that you all homeschool and can incorporate business lessons. Also, I noticed the Bible verse on the board in the milking room-that was awesome! Thanks so much!" Kaly


"We arrived early for our tour but was geeted by Indigo as we walked in and was made to feel right on time. Our tour guide was Brett. She knew the business well and allowed us to take as much time as we needed asking all of our curious questions. The farm is very clean and well organized! We loved petting the goats who were extra friendly but our favorite part was taste testing near the end. Very fun and informative. Loved meeting the Jonas family and will continue to buy their products. Highly recommended! Thanks Jonas family! Hope to see the new babies early spring :)"


"A very awesome family. Everyone is friendly. The facility is excellent. We would go back over and over again. It's just that great"


"Delightful visit to the goat farm today! Fletcher gave us a wonderful tour, we got to meet both PJ and Jim, and thoroughly enjoyed visiting with the very capable and delightful Indigo, who took good care of us in the gift shop. We love their soap, and love so much about how this family works. I definitely recommend trying their soap, visiting the farm, or both, if you haven't done so already!"


"Great tour! Everyone, including the goats were very friendly!! Had a great time!"


"I truly enjoyed the tour at GMS. They had a lot of information that was truly helpful and fun in regards to the best way to keep my skin clean and safe I would recommend a tour at this facility. You will have a lot of fun and learn a lot."


"We really enjoyed our time on the farm. All of the staff was very welcoming. It was interesting to see how all of the soaps were made. It's amazing to see how resourceful the Jonas's are on their farm. Raising rabbits & chickens right beside the garden. Never knew rabbit droppings could be used as fertilizer. It was a great time for all in our family."


"Our party of five was extremely impressed with the entire operation and realize the extreme amount of work that all do to make it a success. Hats off to all."


"My children and I came on a tour with our homeschool group, and loved it! I did not know that goats milk soap was so good for our skin. Now that I know the many benefits, I'm really excited to try the soaps we picked out! I've already recommended a tour to a couple of friends, and will recommend it to my other homeschool group. My children especially loved petting the goats and cat, and seeing the chickens! Thank you for a wonderful field trip--both fun and educational!"


"Inspirational! Love to see it when ingenuity meets a homeschool family!"


"My daughter and I really enjoyed our tour of your farm. The only thing that would have made it better was if the weather would have cooperated , but hey it's April. Rain is to be expected."