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Homestead Happenings 1/12/20

Homestead Happenings 1/12/20

This week I have lots of photos! None from the farm, it's just us on vacation.
Landon being a Carry on
While we were in the airport following Landon, he found a little sign and went to stand next to it. I think he got a little panicked (just look at his face) that we were going to check him because he didn't fit in the square labeled carry-ons! Don't worry, we would never do that, but it was fun to see him walk up to the sign and pose with it!
Lynn, Mom, and Dad
The first day we were at Disney, my mom's cousin Lynn, and her daughter Noel came to visit us! We were to busy having fun, and so we didn't get a picture of Noel with us.
Landon water
Landon absolutely loved the fountain that was right outside our resort! He loved the feel of the water on his fingers. There were a lot of days where Landon spent a good amount of time doing just this!
Landon drawing
Landon also found out that he likes to color! This picture makes me a little sad because you can see just how big he's gotten! Also, anytime I see this picture I hear Landon say (no, he can't talk yet) "he started it!" just like any child would say.
Walking with Landon
Before I got sick, I spent a lot of time walking with Landon. Most of the time he wouldn't let you hold his hand (independent 1-year-old) but he let both Jade and I hold his hand that day!
Landon with Diaper on his head
Landon isn't quite sure what happened here, all he wanted to do was get in the water! 
Landon playing with bubbles
Landon also had tons of fun playing with bubbles! He spent a good ten minutes here, just following bubbles, and popping them. He didn't really understand that if you stood in a specific place you could pop a bunch of them. Instead, he would go around chasing a specific bubble, until it popped on the ground, or one of us would pick him up before he got trampled by the crowds.
Uncle Pete and Aunt Shannon's house
Usually, we don't leave Disney when we go there. But we love our Uncle Pete and Aunt Shannon, and they just recently bought a house in Florida, and we had to see it! And congratulations to Uncle Pete for getting a job at Disney!! 
Landon reading with Nonna
Landon got to spend a lot of time with everybody, but he especially liked to spend time with Nonna! 
Aunts and Uncles with Landon
There are only so many things a baby can do at Disney World, one of them is going to DinoLand and playing in the playground there. So, of course, we took Landon, and he had SO much fun! He loved going down the slides, but we had to be very careful that another little kid didn't slide right into him. So we had one person at the bottom of the slide, and one person would take Landon up to the top, and send him down first. And then they would slide down after him to make sure now one came from the back. 
Colter in Hoop de doo
We went to the Hoop de Doo Review, which is one of my favorite places in Disney World! And Colter got picked for "Bravery"!! If you'd like to watch Colter's performance, Mom facebook lived it. Here's the link.
It was a great week, but unfortunately, as soon as we got back to the resort rooms after the Hoop de Doo, I went to bed because I wasn't feeling well. It was like 6:30, and everybody else was going to go have fun and play cards, but I went to bed.
The next day when I woke up, I had a fever and felt awful.  That was the first day out of 4 that I stayed in bed completely. I watched a lot of TV, and watched as all of my siblings fell to the flu with me. I was sick for 6 days, and in bed for 4 and a half of those. So I missed quite a lot of Disney.
That's about all for this week, but next week I have about the same amount of stuff, only fewer photos.


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