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Homestead Happenings 1/19/20

Homestead Happenings 1/19/20

Fletcher in a wheelchair
So last week we ended with all of us getting sick. Well, it definitely hit me the hardest, but Fletcher was down for a while too. You all might remember on dad's Instagram the picture that's above. Well, dad never really explained what happened to him on his Instagram, so I know we have a lot of people wondering. Everything is all right now, and I want to thank you all for your prayers! 
Fletcher had been by himself and was feeling fine, and then decided he didn't. So he texted everybody and said he was going back to the resort. Well at the bus stop while he was waiting, he puked, and so a nice lady gave him a Gatorade, and he drank that and puked again. So after he had puked one more time, someone called the paramedics.
And they came and helped Fletcher, I don't really know exactly what happened, because I was in bed. But he got back to the resort and slept in mom and dad's room. At that point, Dad, Mom, and I were the only other people sick, everyone else had already gotten better, or they hadn't gotten sick. Greyden, Mason, and Grandma were still holding up.
Unfortunately, that didn't last. Greyden got sick the very next day. And he was dehydrated. He was really dehydrated. Colter went back to the campgrounds to check on him because he still hadn't woken up. And when he got to the campgrounds, Greyden was awake, but he couldn't even move he was so dehydrated. So Colter helped him up, got some water in him, and took him to the resort, where Greyden got in bed with Fletcher and drank a ton of water (and coconut water because it has electrolytes). Greyden was sick for about 3 days, but he got better around the same time as I did.
Valari and Vesta
On some of the last few days that I was sick, Valley finally had her kids! I don't know exactly which day they were born, but we named them Valari & Vesta. Aren't they adorable?!
Cape May Cafe
Thursday was the first day I was feeling better, and we went to Cape May Cafe for dinner, and I ate tons of seafood! Unfortunately, Fletcher still wasn't feeling well, and so he couldn't come. Neither did Mom, who absolutely loves seafood, and Brett who enjoys seafood. So it turned out to be just Mason, Grandma, Poppy, Uncle Pete, Emery, our cousin Rachel, Greyden, and I.
Julia and Jackson
Friday, I was finally feeling well enough to go into the parks! Julia another one of my mom's cousins came to see us, and she brought her son Jackson, and her grandson Grayson!
Water Park
The next day I woke up with a splitting earache! And that was the day we had decided to go into the waterpark. I decided to go since I'd spent plenty of time in the room, and I didn't want to miss out on any more fun things. It wasn't the best day of the vacation. But it certainly wasn't the worst! 
That's all the super fun stuff that happened that week!! Yay! :D 
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