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Homestead Happenings 10/13/19

Homestead Happenings 10/13/19

This week has been much quieter than last week!


Revelation is our only goat who has kidded this week. Meet Stark!

Mom with Sausage Guy

Mom, Dad, Colter, and Mason went up to Chicago to look at a bunch of machines that help make Cheese and package it. They met Sausage guy while they were there too!

 Indigo at Robotics

Hewitt, Jade, and I joined a robotics club! Our first practice was last night. We were supposed to meet our teammates (the three of us are on different teams). But only one of mine showed up, (I think because of Fall break) but she was awesome! We've never done anything like this, so it's new and exciting! 

Landon with Flora

I got to take Landon out with the goats, and I had a camera with me. So I decided to get a few pictures. He is getting so big!


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